#95 Watch Your Energy Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Watch the energy today. Do not be fooled by that which is presented to you, either by the familiar or the unfamiliar. Do not fall, sabotaged by the big baby. Do not allow the wool to be pulled over your eyes. Do not become buried by the sands of time, the past that seeks to divert you from your path. I am full of warnings today because today is the day that warnings must be heeded or there will be devastating results. Be aware. That’s the best I can offer. The best advice is often to heed feelings and internal knowing, and today is the day when you must use this internal awareness and alertness to guide you. Heed the knowing of your deepest self and do not fall prey to the wishes of others or the big babies around you, including your own. Big babies must lie quietly asleep today. Be stable, steady, and focused on your path as the energy seeks to disrupt. This is what today brings. Maintain calm centeredness and you will do well.