#94 Uncover Now Your Inner Potential

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for today?

Uncover now your inner potential. Do not leave it hidden and unused any longer. Now is the time to tap into this unlimited asset that many do not even understand. But that does not matter. Understanding will come at a later date, for now just allow it to guide you. See were it takes you, then follow it willingly and readily, for it will guide you correctly. You will need to practice detachment from the pulls of the world, and the ego, and the big baby inside you that seek to distract and keep you in a state of ungrowth. But your choice now is growth, so what are you waiting for? Your inner potential wants discovering, and wants usage, and desires that you learn this aspect of the self, your full spirit potential, your inner truth, and your inner knowing. Allow these aspects of the self to guide you and you will do well. Believe me, everything will be fine if you dare to follow your truth, though the road may, at times, seem rough. But in reality will the road be rough anyway, but it is up to you how you choose to ride that rocky road. Do you choose to go with spirit, unlimited, and eager, or do you choose to go with reluctance, and your big baby dragging along, fretful, and annoying. Come on, you travelers. Let’s go!