#93 The Agent of Change

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

Look now continually forward even as you are drawn by old ways and old habits. Stay focused on change and growth, not simply because I suggest it, but because of the underlying truth of the need for it. It is not enough to speak of change, that does not move you any place but keeps you standing still. To speak only, without action, is the work of the habitual stuckness. Seek now the agent of change in your own life. Where will you find it, and how will it be most helpful to you? As I said the other day, dare yourself a little, and then dare yourself a little more. This is the only way to enact the change that is so badly needed now. If each of you upon that earth make the decision and take the necessary action for change, then do you, each individually, become an agent of change. And you will have impact, first in your own life as you elect a new life, and then in the world at large, as your own movement will affect all that is around you, and this will have wider repercussions as it spreads. Your place now is already determined, but your sincere participation and firm action is necessary. Take firm action today in some fashion, whether large or small, and become your own agent of change. You will not regret this, for it will open new doors and bring you further along your path.

Seek always your calmness, and remain in balance, even as you dare yourself to boldly go forward. As I have suggested, your focus must remain outward in that world, and outward as well in your inner world. Your goals will collide eventually as your inner journey and your outer journey converge, eventually, as one. This you will welcome, and this will allow you to understand the greater meaning of life, a life of wholeness, a life of direction, and a life of spirit evolution. So, do not hesitate now. Continue on your forward journey with firmness, calmness, and balance, and top that off with daily changes now, and you will do well.