#92 Look Towards the Horizon

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Look towards the horizon now where all that awaits your gaze is sitting in stillness. Look forward at all times. Do not get drawn in by the undertow, or capsized by the strong currents in the river of life. Watch always your placement of foot as you take your steps now into new life. Be free, but be cautious. Be reasonable yet also be able to go with the flow of life as it is presented to you. Do not harbor fear, for it does but hold you back. Fight it off as you keep your gaze always forward and your feet steady upon your path. I do not, at this time, recommend too much daring, just a little will do as you get a feel for what change can mean in your life. Are you electing change? Then must you go for it with conscious thoughtfulness and with your knowingness firmly planted and working at all times. Do not seek abandon. That is not what I mean by change. Change must be meaningful, or you will lose yourself in the undertow of energy that seeks out those who are not proceeding as mature and reasonable adults. Know your direction at all times. If you feel lost, then stop a moment, and find your calm center, and listen for inner direction. This is all you need to guide you. Your direction is laid out, now you just need to recognize it. Good luck!