#91 Construction

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

Construction is the meaningful word I give to you today as you continue your journeys upon that earth. Construct now your own true self. Do not dabble any longer. Do not hesitate or wait. Do not find fault with the self, or others, but simply flow now into new life. This is what the energy and the times are telling you now, that it is time to fully let go of the old and flow now fully into the new you.

Your old patterns and habits are now deconstructing, either on their own, or with the help of the universe. There is no ability to maintain that which has fallen into such disrepair, or has simply lost its power in your life. It is time now to construct anew. Time now to challenge the self to accept that change is necessary and begin to enact it in your own life, fully conscious of what you are doing, knowing that this is what you must do, you want to do, and you shall do for the self because it is right to do this for the self. It is right to seek a new place. For even as you seek newness, so does the world around you say that it is time for change. The entire world is in disrepair. Do you not see this all around you? Do you not see the reflection of this disrepair in your own life? Do you not understand that the habits of the past no longer work in that deconstructing world? Time to go fully and consciously forward into newness now. I challenge each and every one of you to make a move toward newness today. Do something, no matter how small, to change your life. Do it now, today, and then see what happens. You will not be disappointed. The universe awaits your energetic participation in the construction of a new world, the world at large, and your own worlds, both outer and inner. Do you accept my challenge for change? Okay! Go for it!