#108 Uncanniness of Life

So, what’s the word, Jeanne?
Uncanny, Janny! Uncanny is the way of the world and of the energy. You may believe you have everything figured out, going along nicely, in control, and then, FLIP! You are out of your boat, tossed overboard, or capsized by a wave, or a swell that came out of nowhere and caught you off guard. Be aware of the uncanniness of life, the ability of life to toss you off your vessel, to bring you down out of the clouds, and strike you with a new reality without a moment’s notice.

Realize that this uncanniness is very necessary. That the unpredictabilities of life are important markers, and how you react will show your growth, or show you that you are remaining caught in old ways. In order to grow must there be tests and change. Otherwise is life but a boring paddle on a quiet pond, a stagnant pond with little life. Look now out of the clouds, and maintain your readiness to react, and act, according to what you have now learned. When abruptness and change present themselves to you, realize that this is life. Swim back to your vessel, climb back on board, and grab the wheel, and right your ship. Take control and maneuver your way forward with firm conviction to stay on course even though you may be bruised and sopping wet, and even though the seas may be tremendous, dangerous, and rough to navigate. Do not allow that which comes at you out of nowhere to unseat you. Do not become overwhelmed by the uncanny events in your life. Do not become so enticed by outside influences that you lose your steadiness at the wheel. Yes, you may be blown overboard, but the new you must instinctively swim back to your vessel and, at all costs, regain control.

Life seeks to move you along. It will not allow you too great a respite, just enough, and then will it say, Come on, let’s get going, let’s have some action, some change, and some growth. Let’s put your learnings, and your new knowledge, and your new habits to the test. Let’s live. Let’s abide by the new rules of life. And, ultimately, let’s grow.

I offer good advice, my fine traveling companions, but, ultimately, your life and your growth depend upon you, your actions, your reactions, and your ability to practice all that you learn, so that when the uncanny winds come out of nowhere your instinct is honed to perfection, and you know, without a doubt, what to do, to not only save yourself, but return to your vessel, firmly in command, and navigate through the rough waters of change wrought by the uncanniness of life. Good luck in the energy of the day, and in the uncanny waves of life.

#107 Seek Truth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

There is energy now upon that earth that seeks to uncover truths. There is time now to scrutinize and study your own truths as they are revealed to you. What is being shown to you today? What does the energy seek to uncover specifically for you?

Even as the world around you does swirl in frantic daily activity, even as your time of clarity may be brief, seek truth as you go about your day. Seek to find deeper meaning in the confrontations that arise throughout your day. Do not fall upon your knees as in the past, weighted down by old habits and behaviors, but stay upright, bold, and firmly seeking truth and knowledge that are necessary aspects of your growth.

Follow your new abilities to navigate, stay in command, and steer your course for yourself now, finding your way through the channels, avoiding the rocks in the water, and the other vessels that might seek too closely to your nearness. Remain aware of your position at all times so that you do not sway from your course, or get drawn by unnecessary desires. Remain firmly planted at the wheel of your vessel, and steer yourself clear of debris. Your way is charted, your truth revealed, your narrow channel there before you. Your job today is to find it, navigate it, clear the decks, and keep going. Seek Truth!

#106 Stop Building Dams

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Enact now change and the energy will support you. Be your own guide, the captain of your ship, and the sole owner of your vessel. Become the ultimate director of your journey, your fate, and your destiny. NOW is the time to finally be the real you.

I push this upon you with increasing force because the time is right, the flow of energy is right, and it is time for you, all of you, to finally accept responsibility and become the one in control. Alert the big baby that toddler time is over, that diaper changing is over, that pacifiers are being thrown away. Bed down now that recalcitrant inner ego child, the one who seeks control, who overthrows your wise decision making, and mutinizes your ship. It is now time to bunk the big baby and take over the progress of your life, fully in control, with maturity and adult knowing fully in command. Allow your spirit to tap into the energy it feels. Allow it to guide you as you navigate the waters of your life.

I use water metaphors to emphasize flow, flow of energy, and flow of life, and also to allow you to understand that life is like water in how it continues on, unstoppable, no matter what barriers are put up, constructed, to keep back the flow. Eventually is there need to allow water to escape, or all barriers will be forced down. Think of a dam and how powerful must be that dam to hold back the force of water. Your own life force is as strong as that water and seeks escape, or it will force you into life situations whether you are ready or not.

Stop building dams and allow your life force, your energy, the water of you to flow naturally, freely, and unencumbered now. Allow free flowing life to become your main focus and you will allow yourself to meet, to join, and to grow, exponentially, with the energy now upon that earth.

Open the dam gates slowly, but with conviction, and allow your energy to escape into the river of energy that flows briskly alongside your dammed up pond of stagnant energy. Allow yourself to finally experience life anew now, with energetic force, and potential as your catalyst, and your inner spirit as your guide.

As I have instructed, take over steering your own vessel. But, how can you get anywhere if your vessel is landlocked or far from water? You must place your vessel now into the flow, upon the river of life, and begin a new journey. Let your spirit guide you, but keep your adult self in command, even as your innocence grants you permission to take this journey. Leave your ego behind now, and tuck the big baby asleep, and grab your truth, your innocent awakening spirit, and go on a new journey. It’s time!

#105 Take Over the Steering of Your Ship

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message or word of guidance for us today?

Time to undertake now this journey you are on with concerted effort, diligence, and enthusiasm. Are you not riding your ship upon the waves of change? Are you not in the middle of life itself? Are you not finding yourself alone at the helm, where you should be? Well, accept the fact that you are in charge of your life, and there is no choice in that matter. Do you not live in your body, your vehicle upon that earth? Do you not inhabit it alone, with your spirit awakening inside you? Admit that you are there, upon that journey, upon those high seas, and those calm waters, and those raging turbulent swells for a reason.

Take over the steering of your ship. Direct yourself upon the course that is set, and allow yourself to truly live. Stop all the procrastinating, all the doubting, all the fearing, all the blaming, and all the crying. Accept fully now your journey, your place in life, and the course you are now on. Move now to make it work for you by enacting, not only change, but determination and conviction, with firm decision making, setting your sights on your highest good as your goal.

Be good citizens, not only of the world, but of your inner world, of yourself, and of your spirit. Become today the true self you wish to be, the self you are working so hard to be, and the self you imagine you will one day be. Be it now! Be all that you wish by enacting the necessary change, by accepting the known truth, by forcing yourself to take the first step in a new direction.

The energy of today, and I, Jeanne Marie Ketchel, who do offer you guidance, urge this upon you. Find your course, set your sails, plant your hands firmly upon the ship’s steering wheel, and firmly guide yourself now to the place you need and desire most. Do not look beyond yourself during this time of firm commitment to growth. Keep your focus and stay your course with your intent strongly pushing you forward on your journey. This is good for today. The energy desires firm commitment to growth. It desires steadiness and focus. It desires determination, but most of all it desires your spirit intent as the captain of your ship. Go with this energy for growth!

#104 Acquiesce to the Inner Self

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us all today?

Do not hesitate to embrace your own inner knowing. Though you may doubt its validity, do not doubt the truth of its voice. Though you may not wish to consider it, do not disregard it. Though you may consider it mere childish and wishful yearning, do not dismiss it, for the inner voice is the voice of truth, of reason, and of knowledge long held and long hidden, though your spirit has yearned for its expression.

Allow it now expression. Allow the experiences in your life to guide you to understanding its truth, spoken only to you, and tested on a daily basis as you follow the signs that seek to guide you. Your inner knowing does not seek to fool you, or to disarm you, but simply to allow you to flow more easily in your life.

Allow your life to flow more naturally now as you guide yourself along your path with your inner knowing as your compass and your innocence as first mate. Your ship will naturally follow the currents, and under the power of the energy upon the earth will its course be set and its journey effortless. You will meet controversy, and difficulty, and challenge, and hard times along the way, for that is life, but you will flow more easily if you allow yourself to flow with inner knowing as your guide.

Embrace your inner knowing and you will fully embrace your journey. Ignore it and your struggles will continue to hinder your progress. The best word for today is acquiesce, to the inner self, the inner knowing, and the inner guide. Allow this aspect of the self to fully emerge now. Trust it, embrace it, and see what happens as you flow with its guidance.