#104 Acquiesce to the Inner Self

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us all today?

Do not hesitate to embrace your own inner knowing. Though you may doubt its validity, do not doubt the truth of its voice. Though you may not wish to consider it, do not disregard it. Though you may consider it mere childish and wishful yearning, do not dismiss it, for the inner voice is the voice of truth, of reason, and of knowledge long held and long hidden, though your spirit has yearned for its expression.

Allow it now expression. Allow the experiences in your life to guide you to understanding its truth, spoken only to you, and tested on a daily basis as you follow the signs that seek to guide you. Your inner knowing does not seek to fool you, or to disarm you, but simply to allow you to flow more easily in your life.

Allow your life to flow more naturally now as you guide yourself along your path with your inner knowing as your compass and your innocence as first mate. Your ship will naturally follow the currents, and under the power of the energy upon the earth will its course be set and its journey effortless. You will meet controversy, and difficulty, and challenge, and hard times along the way, for that is life, but you will flow more easily if you allow yourself to flow with inner knowing as your guide.

Embrace your inner knowing and you will fully embrace your journey. Ignore it and your struggles will continue to hinder your progress. The best word for today is acquiesce, to the inner self, the inner knowing, and the inner guide. Allow this aspect of the self to fully emerge now. Trust it, embrace it, and see what happens as you flow with its guidance.