#105 Take Over the Steering of Your Ship

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message or word of guidance for us today?

Time to undertake now this journey you are on with concerted effort, diligence, and enthusiasm. Are you not riding your ship upon the waves of change? Are you not in the middle of life itself? Are you not finding yourself alone at the helm, where you should be? Well, accept the fact that you are in charge of your life, and there is no choice in that matter. Do you not live in your body, your vehicle upon that earth? Do you not inhabit it alone, with your spirit awakening inside you? Admit that you are there, upon that journey, upon those high seas, and those calm waters, and those raging turbulent swells for a reason.

Take over the steering of your ship. Direct yourself upon the course that is set, and allow yourself to truly live. Stop all the procrastinating, all the doubting, all the fearing, all the blaming, and all the crying. Accept fully now your journey, your place in life, and the course you are now on. Move now to make it work for you by enacting, not only change, but determination and conviction, with firm decision making, setting your sights on your highest good as your goal.

Be good citizens, not only of the world, but of your inner world, of yourself, and of your spirit. Become today the true self you wish to be, the self you are working so hard to be, and the self you imagine you will one day be. Be it now! Be all that you wish by enacting the necessary change, by accepting the known truth, by forcing yourself to take the first step in a new direction.

The energy of today, and I, Jeanne Marie Ketchel, who do offer you guidance, urge this upon you. Find your course, set your sails, plant your hands firmly upon the ship’s steering wheel, and firmly guide yourself now to the place you need and desire most. Do not look beyond yourself during this time of firm commitment to growth. Keep your focus and stay your course with your intent strongly pushing you forward on your journey. This is good for today. The energy desires firm commitment to growth. It desires steadiness and focus. It desires determination, but most of all it desires your spirit intent as the captain of your ship. Go with this energy for growth!