#81 Go into Practice Now as a True Seeker

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Use now your knowledge of connection more often. Practice utilizing energy and intent to achieve not only that which you need in that life, but in order to practice what you need in your spiritual life, the life of the inner you, the self who seeks all that lies beyond the veils. Life is but a brief moment of struggle to remember everything you are supposed to learn from. Your struggle to remember your dreams is but one example. You are not even cognizant of all else you struggle to remember, so caught up are you in that daily life you lead.

Awareness now must become more apparently your daily focus. Do not get so lost in life that you forget that you are comprised of energy, and that awareness of this first fact is how you will learn what you must learn in that life in order to move on, to grow, and to evolve. Seek now a better balance of all that we have spoken of over these many months. Place now your new knowing in front of you and pick what you need from it, apply it to your own life, and begin the process of gathering your wholeness.

Practice your centering and your breathing daily. Assemble your thoughts and your scattered energy, and pull everything in to your center. From this place of balance decide your day. Decide on remaining keenly aware, alert to your spirit resonance, and maneuver your way through your day with this intent of purpose. Remain centered at all times.

Put aside wasteful distractions. Your energy does not need to be so spent in such activity. Pull it back into your calmness, and utilize this energy to give you keenness of vision regarding first yourself, then those who need your aid and your input. Look not for outside distractions at this time. Better to spend your time wisely, as there is much to be done in this time of energetic push that you now experience.

Disregard the call to regress, the call to revert to old behaviors. Reject all interference in the new path you are on. Stay focused with your intent directed toward growth, awareness, and the proper use of your energy. You have been training for a long time now to be a spirit seeker. Time to stop all the training and go into practice now as a true seeker who is aware and ready to explore truth and the potential that exists.

Use your energy wisely and you will not only do well, but you will also begin to discover what it means to be energy. Are you not yet certain what that means? Are you not sure what it feels like? Have you not yet experienced your own energy? If you practice your centering and find your own true inner self, then have you begun, and that is all you need to continue to do in order to block out the distractions of the world, the mind, and the body. Focus now more often on this inner centering. Find where it leads you, and where you can go with it if you allow yourself this luxury. To go to your own energy, and to experience it as life itself, is an amazing adventure. Once you feel that, you will be eager to discover it again.

Do not look outside the self for entertainment or distraction. Go innerly as often as possible to finally get a clear understanding of yourself as spirit, as energy, and as life. Why not try it and see where you go? You may be very surprised. Your own energy body awaits your discovery of it, and believe me, it is totally different from the experiences of the physical body, for it is totally FREE.

Do not neglect your earthly duties. You know I do not advocate total removal from life on earth. But, I do advise taking plenty of time to explore the inner self. A beautiful gift awaits you. You just have to be brave enough to find it, open it, and have the experience of it. It has been inside you all these many years. Have you not noticed? Seek it now more often. Turn off the TV, put down the book, stay home tonight, and go find your essence, your energy, your life force, and allow yourself to have the experience of it. You will not be disappointed. You know how to do it now. It just takes focus, with spirit intent, because you really want to know yourself fully. Ask for it, ask for the gift of self and you will eventually find it, just where it should be, in your centered calm, in your balance, and in your spirit energy.

Go now into your days upon that earth with all the new knowledge you have gained. Use your new focus to guide you, even as you ask for guidance. Your own inner knowing is really all you need. You’ll discover this soon, and you’ll be amazed! Go now, my friends. I leave you to find your way, using your inner radar, your spirit resonance as your guide. Test it, and practice, practice, practice until you know it absolutely.