#80 Feel Your Own Energy Vibration

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message of guidance for us today?

Vibratory energy seeks communion. Do not dismiss this possibility. The fact is, that beyond your scope of reality, your seeing and your knowing that is visible on a daily basis, is there pure energy seeking communion. This I have often spoken of, but have you sought it out? Have you reached out your hand for it and found resonant energy in response?

Do not dismiss my discussion of such possibility, for in your own life is it possible to remove the veils that bind and blind you, and feel, in your own physicality, such vibratory energy. This is not only the gift of the few, but is available to all, and this we seek to enable you to experience.

In all realms is energy the central force. You may not think this is so until you really contemplate what it means. You appear as physical. You see before you others who are also physical, and everything else in your world has firm feel and form that is real and tangible. Yet is all of that but also energy configured in dense vibratory movement that has slowed down to a dull heavy motion, almost at a total standstill. This slow dense vibration holds everything together so that you perceive it as solid because that is all you know. But many also know that everything is energy, and when you conceptualize differently then does everything around you suddenly have the possibility to change, simply because your own idea of it changes.

So, take yourself as an example. If you begin to imagine that your own energy is not heavy, dull, and dense energy, but instead light and rapidly vibrating energy, then do you begin to feel, actually feel, that you can change your very existence. Feel your own vibration right now, as light, fast, and energetic, and your whole being changes, lightens, glows, and you have now opened the door to possibility.

Now, take that feeling of energetic lightness and apply it to everything around you. Look at others around you. Are they not also like you, and also capable of understanding energy and reality in this manner too? Are not you and they the same, and equally structured in your physical and your energetic sense?

Take with you into your next few days the concept of energy as vibration, yourself, and everything else, as pure energy, and begin to understand the meaning of this and the doors of possibility that will open. With this concept actually activated in your own body, can you fathom what I mean when I say, that communion awaits, communion with energetic beings in other realms. Your next step will be to seek experience of such beings. But, you have to watch out because not all energy is of the good sort; there is much that seeks attachment that will not bode well for you. You must always seek resonant energy, soul-matching energy, and avoid that which pulls at your ego, your physical needs and desires, rather than your true spirit desires. But, that we will go into at another time.

For now, concentrate on understanding this concept of energy, that all are but vibratory energy, and you have the ability to feel your own vibration at will, simply by using your imagination and allowing yourself to venture into your own energy pattern, knowing full well that you are safe there, it is just your own spirit, your own true form of being that will outlast that physical form. You already have experienced it in dreaming, and when you sleep it slips right out of you and goes adventuring. Isn’t it time to experience it in a waking state? Don’t try too hard. In fact, it takes but a little imagination, a little calm centering, and a little attention placed on the self as vibratory energy, and before you know it, you will feel it, feel your own energy, even if only for a brief moment of lightness. Once you have a sense of it you can practice tuning it up higher and higher until you are able to feel it at will.

That achievement of energetic state will then allow you access to all else you desire. Our soul groups await your attention to this energetic vibratory knowledge, for it is how we will eventually desire connection with you. In such a state will you understand how we come to you, and how we operate, without form, simply as energy. Look for us in this way. Begin to have sense of us in this manner and you may become more aware of us, more often.

The veils that hide us from each other are but dense energetic formulations conceived as blockages to seeing and knowing, but really are they just old ideas that will tumble down once you begin to perceive energetic solution to understanding life. Begin to part the veils that hide your own energy from you. Seek your lightness. Seek the vibration of your spirit energy and you will find your way to everything.

Good Luck my fine traveling friends! We all have the same journey to take you know. It’s all a matter of learning to see and understand differently. Life is more than what is right before your eyes, or what you think, so much more than just that!