#79 The Rising Tide of Energy

Dear Jeanne,

I’ve been a little overwhelmed with your long messages to humanity lately and getting them out to the readers. I would appreciate something short and concise, if at all possible for today. Do you have something I can pass along that will aid everyone, but be succinct and to the point?

Remember this, in times of stress and worry, in times of conflict and resolution, in times of disturbance and disarray, hold yourselves accountable for every decision you make by always centering and remaining in a state of calm quiet contemplation so that every word that exits your lips is the right one. This energy now residing upon that earth calls intensely for focused decision making so that your progress may continue unabated. In all acts upon that earth at this time is there need to be supremely aware and focused on the rightness of all actions, thoughts, speech, and the reactions you have to the world around you. This is a time of great growth and expansion of human potential, but it is going to have the greatest long-term impact only if all activity is focused on evolution and making the right choices. Keep this in your focus as you go about not only this day, but this next phase in life upon that earth, through the months of June, July, and August. Do not become overwhelmed by what must be accomplished, but do make headway, concentrating at all times on doing your duties in life. But, do not allow yourself to be swept under the rising tide of energy that is sweeping across that world now. Maintain your steadiness upon your path so that you do not become swept off your feet by the undertow. Keep your head above water, your feet firmly stable upon the ground, and your mind focused on listening to your heart’s knowing. In this manner will you enable your spirit to guide you.

Yes, I know that this time upon that earth is challenging for all in some manner. This is the kind of energy that now vibrates in that realm, full of push and energetic possibility. If you remain aware and follow the guidance I offer to remain grounded in NOW, so will you do well. Good Luck! Find your inner calm, stay balanced, and remember to ask for assistance when you need it. Ask for clarity, ask for signs, ask for knowing of the next step to take, and then look for how you will be presented with the correct answer. Then, look with your inner knowing at this proposal, and find your spirit resonance in response to it, and you will know how to proceed.

Short enough for you?

Yes, Thank You!