#78 Universal Love and Compassion

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of humanity today?

Learn compassionate love, all encompassing love, even as you desire love for the self, and even as you learn to truly love the self. This is the only way to truly evolve and understand the concept of journey, with love and detachment, so that those in your care may be properly sent off, and those in your dispute may also be lovingly sent off.

Do not dismiss love as an option in all manner of relationship. For universal love and compassion are the cornerstones of life, life on earth, and all life after that journey has ended. Do you wish to be withholding in this manner? Do you wish to not solve one of the greatest mysteries of mankind’s life on earth? That is, how to truly love, all-freely, with true compassion. Even as you watch the struggles and vicissitudes of life around you must you allow the universal light aspect of compassionate love to be felt in your own energy field, and in your own heart system, in order to truly evolve to a place of calm generous spirit and love of all mankind, both near and far, no matter what issues arise to dissuade you from this universal understanding of life’s journey, your own, and everyone else’s.

Look closely now upon the turmoils in the world and understand the concept of universal love and compassion as the only system that will solve the disputes now upon that earth. This system has the ability to open hearts, open doors, and open a pathway to new understandings of human nature and the reasons for human existence. But this concept is universally dismissed as being naive, and impractical, and too soft an approach for the likes of murderers, warriors, and those who fight life the most.

But the energy of life, the energy of spirit existence, does not dismiss this concept, nor does it refuse it when it encounters it. Even within the hardness of hearts, held enclosed by the disputes of man, is there knowing that one crack of the facade of hatred will allow spirit energy to escape and become known.

Universal love and compassion are meant to ride the energy that now encompasses that earth. The energy of spirit awareness is all that is necessary to stir up this truth in all of you. Have I not spoken often of your own powerful energy, and how, if interacting with other energy, does it have the chance to change the world? Well, it will be more powerful as your intent spurs it on if it is laced through and through with powerful doses of all-compassionate love. This love comes from the universe, through you, and your job is to spread it further on the waves of your intent for good and evil to cease their warring and lay down their arms and become as one, intent upon solving the problems of that earth with a new approach.

This is not only a huge and seemingly totally insufficient approach, but it is necessary for existence upon that earth to continue. For the way that now runs the energy there, is the way of destruction, and that will not stop until there is a laying down of arms and a taking up of spirit awareness to redirect the focus of world intent. Domination and power remain the driving force in the hearts of men, desire and greed pocketed in their every thought, action, and deed, and these fallacies of true life are but hindrances to evolution.

I do advocate a quick turn around, a renewal of focus from fighting, arguing, and more brutal forms of domination in order to slow down the progress of destruction. I mean this, not only on a universal level, but the personal. For what matters, that one dominates another? There is no true purpose in such action, but only the delay of evolutionary progress. I suggest backing down now, from all disputes. Look clearly upon each other as the same person, as having the same struggle, to figure out life and the reason for being. Use the mirror of self-reflection to guide you to understanding your opponent, and to aid you in your own struggles. Back down from interferences, from all manner of negativity, and from all confrontations. Simply stand still a moment, and take in the essence of each other, find yourself inside that other person, and send waves of energetic love, pure and generous, to that person, whether they be spouse or lover, mother or father, child or children, business partner or coworker, or simply someone you encounter throughout your day.

Feel your own feelings of struggle. Do not doubt that similar feelings abound in that other, for all are you human. Even the person most foreign to you, on the opposite side of the world, has similar feelings. All are born in the same manner, entering into life with a contract to fulfill, challenged to gain awareness, and expected to take up the challenge to finally meet the consequences of life head on, with clarity and desire for growth of spirit energy. All must discover this aspect.

Love others for the journey they are on. Love others for the challenges they must face. Love others for the mistakes they make, the deeds they enact, and the terrible consequences of their actions. But love them most because they are all like you. Love them because you know that you too deserve this love and compassion on your journey in return, you too have need of universal compassionate love pouring towards you to aid you on your journey. Do not deny others what you too so truly need, for that is denying the self the ability to truly evolve, to give, and accept from the universe, and to become open to the possibility of change.

Life is all about change. Are you going to fight? Are you going to embrace it and make it your companion as you go forth, or are you going to stubbornly refuse to grow with it? Life is about growth. Change signals that it is time to grow. Times of growth allow for experiences of spirit awakening, a little bit more at each challenge. Each time of change, and at each opportunity is there also the possibility to open the heart and receive universal compassion, and then is it time to spread that freely upon the earth, for there is unlimited access, and unlimited amounts of love available for use upon that world.

Our soul groups offer this bounty. Your desire for connection to us all is linked to this inner knowing of universal love and compassion, and your desire for connection beyond the veils shows your inner spirit knowing of such love. Your spirit wishes for reconnection with the source of inner power that will reunite you with not only your own abilities to love truly compassionately, but also the connection to greater universal love through your eager spirit energy.

Begin to test my proposal. Find in your own life the instances of knowing when to back down from your anger, your frustration, and your exhaustion at the struggles of those nearest you. Back down into your centered calm that we have focused so much on maintaining, and from this place of no judgment allow your heart center to feed you the line of connection to universal love. Breathe it in through your heart, allow it to swirl into you, and then gently and compassionately send it forth to those you love. Wish to release upon them the knowledge of spirit and spirit energy, so that you may free each other from holding the other accountable, with blame and anger, caught by the desires of ego and the big baby. Cut the old lines of connection now, replacing them with this new line so directly attached to all love, and all compassion, the universal system that awaits your remembering of it. For in your past, have you had such knowledge and felt such connection. Now is it time to remember it again. Allow the familiarity of it to enter your own system of energy and become once again part of your functioning life upon that earth.

Begin small, with the self and those nearest you. But do begin to be aware of life as energy on this level as well as the physical level. This energy of universal compassion and love exists waiting your reconnection. As you find your center, so can you tap into it, and find that your way upon earth will become more focused on spreading this good energy, less on the self, and more on the world at large. This is the energy that allows for connection to universal truth, to spirit awareness, spirit guides, and the ability to access such knowledge as this that you are freely given, and freely accepting because this is universal love and compassion for all mankind in action. Understand and acknowledge this and you will begin to understand how your own life is leading you where you need to go.

So, become more fully aware of this outside you. Where are you being pointed? What has recently occurred that has placed you just where you need to be? What are you being offered? The veils are dropping all around you, but do you clearly see what is behind them? Or are you too focused on the self, the ego, the big baby? Are you truly ready to accept this strange and wonderful connection? I hope so, because the time of awareness is now. And the time of alertness and connection to all of this I speak of is now. Accept your place, accept your own journey, and then send out your connection to truth on an energetic wave of compassion and love that will interconnect, through you, everyone you meet with this universal energy. You are all meant to be part of this progress, this evolutionary growth of spirit that is now being so widely encouraged and cultivated.

Begin to find your own place in this greater plan for evolution, and see where you should be now in your life. This is a significant time for growth in this manner. You have been invited to participate and become an example but, even more so, a connection to all truth as you enact in your own life the calm centered balance of a seeker, living life with compassion, gentleness, and energetically connected.