#77 Heart-centered Breathing

Dear Jeanne,
Where are you going to take us today?

Into the world of knowledge, the encyclopedia of knowing, making it available to you for your scrutiny and your study. I offer the acknowledgement of other realities, and the ability to discover, within your own time and place, the means to accessing those other worlds. Your time upon that earth is meant to be both a time of learning and a time of discovery. So, for today, I wish to emphasize your need to dig deeply into the encyclopedia of all knowing, and to trust fully what you learn as you encounter the sometimes bizarre and wild suppositions proposed there. If you constantly keep in mind my favorite mantra, everything is possible, then do you remain open to experience of these strange and weird phenomena, that I pose as being available.

The book of all knowledge, the encyclopedic guide to a life fully lived, is at your fingertips. Place it in your hands now, and learn from it, but most of all, utilize it, use the knowledge you learn from it to further your trust in all that is truly possible, and open your mind, and your sprit, to the experiences in life that point out what possibility really means.

I have spoken often of the need to learn to trust your experiences, your dreams, your intuition, and that allusive, yet very real phenomenon called, your own knowing. This knowing goes beyond simple intuition, and simple clairvoyance, and guesswork. It is at the core of you, at the quiet spirit core, and is your connection to everything else, the greater world, to all energy, to all knowing. Your own personal packet of knowing is universally connected, and you have access to this universal knowing, this great encyclopedia of fact, of spirit connection, and evolution, deep inside you.

In your calm centering, in your inner silence, do you find this knowing. You hear it speak clearly when you need it. That doesn’t mean you always listen and take the advice of it, but all of you have had experience of it. Do you choose to be scared of it? Are you afraid of the truth? Do not turn away from this true knowing, for it is only urging you to connect to it, use it in your life, and follow its good guidance. This knowing is not centered in your head, or in your brain, or your thoughts, but is a separate intelligence, far removed from the intellect, as you know it. Your head has nothing to do with this knowing. You do not need your brain to access it, but you do need your trust in your own spirit potential, and your own sense of the ability to have access to this knowing voice deep inside you.

I am aiding you in discovering this trust at each message I give. You are learning by my guidance to discover many new things, and you are finding the connection to your own spirit knowing as you read my words. This builds your trust, first in the guidance I offer as you use it and see results in your own world, but more importantly as you begin to trust yourself now more fully. Your experiences of truth lead you more deeply into your own knowing. As you trust this guidance from me, your spirit wakes up a little bit more every day and acknowledges the truth of learning, and enjoys being trusted, and given a place of importance in your life.

Seek connection to this spirit inside you often throughout your day. Allow its good knowing to guide you. Test what it tells you and see where it leads you. As you begin to trust the messages from this part of the self, will you begin to understand what I mean when I say that all have the ability to access all knowing, the great book of knowledge, but more importantly, for right now, do you all have the potential, as a result of that inner spirit, to connect with guidance offered by me and others. Your abilities are being honed at each experience you take in, and trust, and learn from.

You make yourself available and you make yourself aware at each new encounter with your own spirit, and this enhances your growth. When I suggest that you embody your own knowing, I suggest that this is where you must begin the process of all connection. This is the seed inside you, that I have recently spoken of, that needs nurturance and attention so that it may grow under your own caring, so that you will be the observer and recipient of its growth.

There has been much turmoil of late, much energetic activity, and there is much to come. Many are being confronted with big decisions, major challenges, and incredible opportunities. It is important to not get too swept up in the turmoil of activities and the energy that seeks to disrupt you, and push you from your path. The way to maneuver through this time of energetic turmoil and disruptive behavior is to remain calmly centered and balanced, keeping anchored to your spirit knowing that I speak of today, to keep you aware, alert, and cognizant of all that you must be constantly and keenly connected to. Your trust in yourself as guide is being tested, not by you, but by all that is outside of you now. And this is what you must learn now to listen to and to follow, for your inner guide, your spirit, speaks only truth, and that truth is connected to the greater truth. If you can begin to make this connection, now, during this time of turmoil, will you succeed in making great progress on your journey. To avoid the distractions of that energy, to stay strongly centered and focused, and to avoid the outside disturbances all around you, to remain focused on quiet and calm listening, of your inner spirit knowing, is a great feat, a great accomplishment.

I urge calm, quiet, self-indulgent times of meditation in order to access this knowing. Seek inner silence. Learn to empty the mind of all brain activity with quiet, calm, heart centering and heart breathing. This type of breathing exercise will allow you access to your quiet inner knowing. As you practice it, will you discover that it will aid, not only in this, but also in instantaneous calming during times of stress, or emotional upheaval, or distraction from outside you, including mental distraction caused by that busy mind you carry around with you inside your head. Such a burden!

This is what you do in order to center yourself in your heart. Simply adjust your breathing to your heart center. Instead of breathing through your nose, imagine you are breathing in through your heart. Start gently, breathe in through your tender heart chakra, slowly, and as fully as possible, allow the breath to swirl gently there in the center of your chest, and then release it by pulling it up and out your nose, then breathe in again gently through your heart in a circular pattern.

This I have taught before. Jan knows this as the self-caring breath, heart centered, and sometimes heart breaking, for it may cause your chakra to crack and creak as you allow it to open and become your focus. Allow the breathing to gently open your attention of your heart as a breathing mechanism. You can breathe in anywhere on your body and make it come alive.

In times of stress, remind yourself, “Oh yes, heart breathing; that is what I have to do, heart breathing.” Save this special breath for your self to use often, in both quiet times and stressful times. It will enable you to remove your head more often, so that you can access your inner silence, and your inner knowing. As you breathe, allow your attention to focus on the breath, as it goes in to your heart, gently swirls around, and then travels up your throat, and gently out your nostrils, and loops around again to your eager heart.

Practice this often. Learn to love and care about yourself, with this breath as guide, and you will begin to access your spirit knowing. You will find your connection to your own knowing. You will begin to trust and find that your connection goes far beyond the self, and far beyond just that simple reality that you experience. You will find connection to those of us who eagerly await you. Find your connection to spirit self and you will find connection to spirit guidance. Have no doubts, and you will do well!