#76 Look into the Mirror

Dear Jeanne,
There are many people eagerly awaiting your messages of guidance. Do you have anything to offer today?

You may see all around you the struggles of others. But do not judge those who live upon that earth and have issues of common sense and adjustment to make, for even you have these same issues within you. No person is free of struggle. It is the way of life, and the challenges may be great or few, yet are they all challenges of significance. I do not see how perfection can be achieved, without longstanding questioning of the inner self, and the direct access to who you really are. Your questions of the self must be honest and true, without comparison to others. For there is no bar by which to measure progress against that of others, but only within the self.

Take focus off others. Use your knowledge of the struggles of others to pinpoint your own, and turn your beacon of searching inward, taking it off the scrutiny of others and scrutinize yourself more deeply now. Others are merely examples to you of your own deepest issues. They are not meant to draw your attention outward to them, but to point you back at yourself. All in your nearness are but mirrors of your own inner conflict. Do not blame or judge others for the struggles they must endure, but ask what does that action mean to me? Why am I being shown this level of dysfunction in another’s life? What must I learn from observing this person’s struggle? For I, too, am just like them. I, too, have within me the seeds of such actions. I, too, am full of imperfections. Look into the mirror that is presented to you by others, and find the real you hiding there.

Are you not willing to seek your own depths? Are you not willing to find your own darkness, and probe it for truths of the self? Are you truly willing to investigate who you really are, so that you may flow more readily into balance of spirit and earth reality?

Seek always balance, but do not neglect to know the self. Look into the mirror more often, not the shiny one on the wall, but the gritty real one that talks and shouts, smokes, drinks, fornicates, lies and cheats, and does other thoughtless acts of abandon to highlight the darkness of the soul. All activity is valuable, whether good or bad, whether spirit driven, or ego-desire driven. All activity, whether deeply thought out and acted according to the laws of goodness, or flippantly acted upon, with little or no thought, is meant to teach and guide. Every action taken upon that earth offers a new opportunity to learn, to understand the greater meaning of life, and the ability to evolve another step.

As you look upon those in your life who struggle, look back upon yourself and find where you too struggle in a similar fashion. What gift does that person offer you by exposing these trials to your view? What must you find in yourself that mimics similar actions? Many problems and issues are but issues of control and the means of keeping away the necessary in life.

Know that all are afraid. Yet all do not react to fear in the same manner. Many seek oblivion, a means of controlling perception so that the fears are blurry and dulled. Many seek the opposite, and hold tight to rules and laws that must be followed or fear may crack through and disrupt the normal calm. But, in both cases are the controls but facades themselves. Fear is persistent, remaining curled up at the door, awaiting access at the first sign of a slipup. To always remain so vigilant, constantly listening for the scratching at the door, running for the means to combat it and hold it away yet a little while longer is a tremendous strain on, not only the physical body, but the spirit energy as well.

To be so vigilant is a supreme waste of energy. It is but an effort to hold back the truth that must be confronted, or it would not be there waiting for you. All fears are but issues that must be addressed in order for growth to happen; otherwise they would not be present. What good are useless challenges? Infinity and the universe would not waste time on meaningless triviality. Only challenges of growth and evolution are worth the effort, and only such challenges are presented to you. They will be presented as many times and as for as long as it takes for you to notice them, understand them, accept them, and leave them in the dust as you proceed forward, unburdened of them.

Your path is littered with the challenges you have already undertaken. Whether large of small have you already had plenty. But, the deepest issues remain the ones most difficult to see, most obviously presented in others, yet still allusive. For they seek to teach you very meaningful lessons, yet must you work hard to learn them, or they will not be fully understood. Trust the universe in what it presents to you. You will most likely not understand the meaning of your biggest challenges until you turn the mirror inwards and allow it to penetrate deeply into your core where your own hidden agendas of control and fear lie, propping you up so that you can continue to make poor choices until you accept your imperfections.

With clarity of self will fears and blocks be removed, but not instantaneously as many prefer, but only with deep soul diving and probing of the depths of your actions. The mirror is presented to you daily, and your task, as you hike along the path that is your life, is to take your walking stick and use it to help you sift through your inner debris, and discover your true reason for seeking out fear and abandon to control your life. With removal of those controls will you discover much.

Many do not understand that always “being in control” is as bad as always “letting go.” These aspects are facts of the big baby syndrome. And the big baby remains at the root of most issues and repetitive challenges. I have now urged you on many occasions to become the adult, the parent to your own big baby. Do not parent the big baby in others, but do so for yourself. As one lives life, does one take in all that is in view, and the best way to have affect on others is to work on the relationship with this ever-present aspect of the self, first. Actions do speak louder than words where learning about how to truly live life correctly is concerned. Utilize the knowledge you have gained about the big baby syndrome to understand this mirror affect I speak of today.

Your big baby loves to look in the mirror, but it is up to you, the adult, to firmly grasp the mirror and turn it inward. Allow light to seep in under the crack of the door that holds out your fears and is your control, and see what you see sitting there waiting for you to discover and challenges you to accept about the self. How do you expect to fully evolve if you do not solve your deepest issues? Do you like having the wolf always at your door? Do you like always having to be in such rigid control? Do you not wish to release yourself of such burdensome self-practice, and allow your spirit a new freedom, and an opportunity to be better known? You hide your truth and your spirit from you in your actions, your habits of old. You do not give yourself the true gift of life if you hold fast to those old habits, those old methods of protection, those worn out activities that have become mundane, and probably boring now, to you and others.

Do not drag your big baby around visiting any longer. Do not leave your dirty diapers lying around so that others have to deal with your droppings. Do not waste your time now crying upon the shoulders of others who must also tackle their own issues of babyhood. Take instead a good look at yourself in the mirror. What have you been up to? What have you really been doing with your life? Does your big baby control you and keep you from your truth?

Big babies have a habit of engaging in very adult activities while the adult in you nods off to sleep. Well, wake up you lazy adult! Time to get off the old couch and become fit and lean and energetic now. Tackle your own issues. Leave others to tackle theirs. As you grow, so will they, for your energy will be different, your stability obvious, and your maturity in better balance.

Find your sense of pride in yourself. Where is your knowing of all your true abilities? Why are you not allowing all of those truths to come out and enjoy life? Why do you keep them hidden? They are necessary for your passage into living a spiritual life, both now on earth, and later in your passing into new realms. I seek to aid you in gaining access to them. Am I not offering you a mirror too, the mirror that reflects this aspect of yourself, your true spirit yearning to awaken? Look in that mirror and see what you have been missing. It is all within. I keep saying this; that you have within you everything you need. Do you not understand that it is not in your head or your ego, but in your bare-naked truth, your innocence so buried?

Well, I give you the mirror that will enable you to have x-ray vision into the self. Your opportunity to discover everything is available. If you accept this mirror so do I expect you to use it, to use it wisely, and to use it well. Your spirit desires discovery, and you have the means to finding it. Are you going to squander it yet again with your issues of fear and control?

I await your decision.