#75 Put on Your Sturdy Hiking Boots

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance to offer us all today?

Unearth now your traveling shoes, your hearty solid-soled hiking boots and make ready for the time of culmination. In sturdy wear are you best prepared, comfortable, and secure in your knowing, shored up by the proper attire. Your way now will become clearer as you traverse the terrain that is your life. But, preparation is key to success, and the knowledge that rugged paths and consternate weather are to be expected will aid you as you prepare. Guard yourself against too many difficulties by preparing well.

If you are to set out on a long hike, exposing yourself to all of nature, carrying your home and your health upon your back, must you be practical and use plenty of common sense, but also keen awareness, and also have a few quick tips ready, should the need to be resourceful arise suddenly. Prepare yourself for life in this manner. In reality, is life no different from a hike into the peaks of your own journey, through your existence on earth. Your path may wind high into the mountains, down into the valleys, across the woods and fields, and through streams, over seas and rivers and all manner of terrain. Inclement weather will arise, insects will bite, food may be scarce, and water must be protected and coveted. You are responsible for your safety and your speed of travel when you depend solely upon your own two feet, your back as carrier, and your foresight and insight as guide.

Take on your life now in this manner as you go forth on your path into the wilderness that is your life upon that earth. Expect adventure and thrills and you will have it. Sit at home and take off your shoes as you sit by the TV and you will have nothing but fat laziness as your companion. Do not be so afraid of life. Do not be so scared of adventure. Do not hide any longer in the safety of your comforts and your old habits, but instead take up your backpack and go on the adventure that awaits, that knocks at your door, and that tugs at your heartstrings.

Now is the time to take up the staff of a journeyer. Now is the time to taste the good free air, breathing in the fragrances of true life, and allowing it to fill your lungs with desire for true growth of spirit. I am not advocating running from your life. You know I speak metaphorically, but you also know that I mean what I say. And now is the time to get up off the couch of life, you potatoes, and become instead as a seedling that is planted inside you, waiting for you to nurture it and give it new life.

Find your resonance, find the direction your spirit seeks to grow in and allow your roots to plant, and your green leaves to seek sunlight, as you dare to venture forth out of darkness into new life. Your seeds await your tending. Take them into the pocket of your knowing, sprinkle them liberally with love, and plenty of awareness, and carry them forward with you on your journey. Each step of the way, remind yourself to tend them. Check how they are doing, feed them, and speak to them, those seeds of your soul, and allow them to direct your progress, even as you direct theirs.

For you are well prepared for a journey into the wilds of your spirit potential. You have everything you need within you. Your seeds are well planted, offering you always focus on spirit growth as you go, allowing you to look forward each day to observing and feeling the progress of your growth. Now is the time to gather your belongings of spirit travel, and begin your journey. Each day will you become stronger as you traverse the path before you. Your strength will increase, your spirit excitement invigorate you, and your experiences prove to you that now is truly the right time for action and change.

The truth is in the experiences you will have. Become self-sustaining in your deepest spiritual self, and you will begin to know your own deepest strengths. Become aware of your talents, and your maturity, as you progress. But most of all, become aware, fully alert, looking at life around you differently now, so that you don’t miss the succulent berries along the way, and the moist drops of dew to wet your lips, and the shady spots of refuge to rest your head. Life awaits you differently now. Spirit life, as your guide, awaits your participation. Aren’t you ready now? Even if you feel but only partially prepared, go a little way along your new path, and see what happens, what comes along to guide and protect you, what presents itself as true and correct help along the way.

We have spent now many, many weeks discussing your own spirit power, the strength of its desire to lead you. Know that it will be a wonderful leader. Know that it will take you where you need to go, to fulfill all that you must fulfill in that life. It will present you with much that you must determine, must choose, and must ponder. But in your resonance, which you now properly understand, can you choose with a greater awareness than ever before.

Do not be so afraid of life! It offers but possibility for growth and for adventure. And your spirit knows this, desires this, and urges you to pay attention to its urgings. For life is meant to be lived, with full spirit awareness, spirit driven, and spirit intent as your guides.

Go take up your backpack. Take with you your new tools of awareness and the budding seeds of your spirit potential. Put on your sturdy hiking boots, first knocking off the dried mud of old journeys, and put your feet into the comfortable knowing of your own ability to guide, and dare yourself to take an adventure. Go forward now. Do not look back, for nothing lies there, except the things that you have already experienced. Look at them clearly when they catch up to you. For they will. They will seek to distract you from your forward focus, running up behind you on the path, tapping you on the shoulder, and asking for your attention. Do not be fooled, or full of pity for them, but be firm in your intentions. Tell them they are to retreat from your presence now. Look them clearly in the eyes, know what they once meant to you, take the clarity of this knowledge as lessons of life into your knowing, and turn your back upon them, with full freedom from their inclinations to draw you away from your new life.

Focus forward. Deal with issues that arrive, succinctly, and with full knowing that the past is past, the future awaits, and now is the place of all meaning as you learn your lessons of spirit, of awareness of knowing, and clarity of vision.

Give yourself these gifts now, so that your journey may begin. You are well prepared and properly trained. This I know, and expect you to dare to test and trust. And one more thing, go forward now with wide open trust that everything is possible, and believe me, it really is!