#82 Be a Good Spirit Warrior

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for all of us today?

Absolute certainty of the stability of the self must be established in order for continued growth to occur. Do not even anticipate evolution if you are not prepared to fight your way through that life you now live. I use the term, fight, as a warrior would, not a warrior going to war armed with clubs and swords, bombs and guns, but a warrior of the soul, a spirit warrior preparing and daring to go on an adventure into the self. This is all that really matters in that life, you know, the preparation of the self for a true life, a life that can be fully accessed and fully lived.

How can you proceed if you do not allow the self to know the truth about the past, the recent past of youth and childhood? How can you unburden if you do not know what you are carrying around with you? When I say put your burdens down, I do not instruct you to run from them, but to sort through them, and investigate every nook and cranny and inch of who you really are, with honesty, integrity, and fully accepting of all that comprises who you are, both your good traits, and your bad traits.

If you do this kind of work in that life that you now live then can you venture onward. So, I advise you to go forth into your unknown self, dressed as a warrior, fully prepared to explore and go adventuring into the inner you. Ask yourself questions as you go. Do not run from the answers, but accept them for the truth of them. Take them into your knowing, and further allow them to sink in, until you understand the truth of them. Look at every aspect of the self from many angles. Do not leave anything uncovered. Do not hide anything about the self tucked into corners of your burdens. Do not allow the ego to attempt to fool the inner self. This would be foolhardy and merely interrupt the flow of your progress. To be a good warrior of the self must you make a commitment to truly desire an understanding of who you are, why you do the things you do, and dare yourself to learn about the deeper you and know the truths that await your discovery. Everyone must do this. No one is perfect. No one is ever done with this process. No matter how much work you do on the self is there always more, because you are alive, you live in that world that is your learning ground. Your schooling takes place daily at every decision you make, every move, every breath. You are constantly being presented with choices, and it is up to you to choose wisely, to question, to confront the self at every turn. Do I need to be doing this? Why am I choosing this step? What if I dare myself to choose this instead? What will it mean if I decide to do something totally different for a change? And, most of all, always ask the self the most important question that the inner self desires to hear: Does this resonate with my inner spirit?

To be an inner warrior, to work constantly on the self will lead you to a lighter, freer life. Eventually, will your new habits of inner growth be automatic, and your abilities to remain innerly focused quite adaptable in every situation in your life. As you grow innerly so will the outward you reflect this growth. There will be a noticeable change in you. Others will be affected by the changed you, and you will find yourself in new company as you attract likeminded people to you. Your energy will have greater affect outside of you as it continually has great affect inside you.

Your stability in real life, the life you live at all times upon that earth, must be maintained. It is quite possible to do both, have a rich inner life of discovery while you have a rich outer life of discovery too. Balance requires a constant shifting in order to stay in balance, and this requires awareness of your situation at all times. Be aware. Be alert. Guard your energy so that you do not give away too much, but do not either take it all for yourself, but maintain always your diligent behavior in all aspects of life. If you cannot maintain your balance then look at your life, slow down, decide where your energy should go and shouldn’t go. Decide what is most important to you. This might be all that you need to enact change. Decide what the focus of your outer life should be, must be, in order for you to navigate properly, remaining in balance so that your inner life may have sufficient energy, sustenance, and nurture, in order to grow and evolve. You will discover that as your inner life is given such attention the problems in your outer life will have less significance. They will not longer be huge looming worries and distractions. As your inner self is given permission to have experiences of nurture, so will this strong sense of inner spirit resonance spread outward and manifest in your world of daily living. You will see change. You will feel detachment from your distractions. You will develop balance, and you will, most of all, discover your full capabilities, and a new direction in life.

So, invest in and investigate your inner you. Solve your problems one at a time. Accept your truths. Do not hide from yourself any longer. Uncover your deepest issues and gain clarity in your life. It is time now, to make the right choices. The energy now upon that earth is ready to aid you in your growth. Otherwise, it will smother you in your old stuff, and that would be a disaster. Why not accept the help of the universe, of the fruitful energy that abounds, and all who seek to guide you?

We await, but as always, must you make the choice and do the work to get here, to this place of truth, and of connection. I offer guidance, as do many, but it is up to you to decide what you will do with it. Remember, stability, balance, centering, at all times, will lead you to the right place in life, the right knowing of self, and the possibility to be involved in life like you never imagined. Good Luck. We await your choices. Choose wisely. Choose well. Choose what is right for you today. Feel your resonance at all times. Remember this.