#65 The Energy of Storm and Challenge

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for all of us today?

The energy will continue to impact you, for it abounds, peaking and ebbing; and times of high energetic activity will continue, followed by lull for some time now. This pattern is set for the next few months, so get used to it, and be prepared for the tossing and turning that this condition precipitates, as well as the exhaustive lows as you are thrown from the heights of that energy down into the valleys of calm that reside between those high peaks.

You are well prepared now. Your balance is trained and in continued training, your calm inner knowing anchoring you as you proceed on your journey. Do not worry so much about my predictions, but instead concentrate on the stability of the self, for this is how you will ride out the storms to come. Forecasts of bad weather do not necessarily mean that you will be affected by each and every storm, but do know that you will be affected by the underlying energy in some fashion. Perhaps a few of the storms will blow over you, but understand that even as they do are you engaged in energetic activity that only such a storm carries, with the possibility of destruction if you are not aware of your own energetic maturity and control. Learn now from your experiences how your energy, your inner spirit energy, if calmly centered, can allow you to weather each and every storm, anchored to your stable knowing. Your balance is your grip on reality even as you are tossed about in the surge of energy entering your life and taking you far from your natural path.

Search for your island of calm at all times. Find upon its sandy beaches the necessary refuge from the storm. Place yourself lovingly upon its warm sand, and allow the earth beneath you to wrap its arms about you and hold you tenderly in its maternal embrace. You are all safe upon that earth. This you must always remember. You are there for this life now, and every aspect of it is meant for you. Even as mother earth embraces you on your journey so must you in return allow this interaction and embrace your journey, for it is meant to guide you along on your evolutionary path.

Continue your practices of calming meditation and the new habits I have taught. You are well versed and well practiced in your calming and balancing habits now. They are becoming more natural aspects of your character, engrained in your psyche, habitual practices that now should easily return you to focus, direction, and stability. As you enact these new habits with a mere command to, “Go into calm!” so will your ride upon those stormy seas become full of understanding as you experience each and every peak of energy as a learning ground. Question the reason for each surge of activity, each confrontation with challenge, and know it is meant for you to engage, not to ignore, or become swallowed up by, drowning in its fury, but fully alert, aware and knowing that it carries you forward into new growth.

Learn from everything that happens to you. Take up the challenges as they appear and stay always focused on your path. Do not get caught in fighting the energy, for you will lose that battle. Flow with it, calmly and soberly, anchored in your calm and your knowing that you will learn what you must from every aspect of life. This is your time of knowing regarding your own spirit resonance, of firm clarity that you desire to seek only energetic responses that match your own. You know that the energy of storm and challenge does not match your true spirit energy, it merely aids you in your growth, so do not succumb to its powerful pull, but stay centered in your own knowing as you ride out its stormy turbulence.

As the storm passes find yourself floating once again upon calmer waters. As you crawl up, or pull yourself with renewed vigor for having come through such a wild ride, upon your sandy beach, rejoice in your ability to withstand, but also survive, such force buffeting and pounding upon your inner spirit. Reflect upon your journey during such time, and question its significance, and find your way now more clearly, knowing that everything that happens from this day forth is meant to fulfill your lifetime upon that earth.

I do not mean to be so dark or gloomy today, but in spite of good energetic vibration and much positive energy is there swirling stormy weather also upon that earth that may come barreling in to your sphere, your life, seeking to disrupt your smoothly flowing life. Learn from these times, even as you learn from the calm times. Perhaps these times are your biggest teaching times, or your biggest awakenings. But, it is up to you, you know. How you choose to understand, how you choose to proceed, and how you choose to view your life, are all meaningful questions. Are you on a journey of spirit or not?

Even as I repeat to you to stay in your calm at all times, so must you allow this new habit to enter your systems, your mental, your physical, and your spiritual systems. Allow it to be your anchor so that you are guided properly, at all times, and in all ways. Open your eyes and see clearly now where you are and you will know what you must do next and where your journey is leading you. I love you all for your trust, your daring, and your bravery. Keep going!