#64 Take Knowledge from Devastation

Dear Jeanne,
Our country seems to be steeped in calamities and miseries with the Iraq war, droughts, tornadoes, floods, fires and now hurricanes. What does all this mean for those of us on this path of individual awakening and growth?

Focus, always, inward first before you expend your energy outward. Teach those in your care to chart their own paths from this awakening place of center and balance. The strong individual centered spirit is the greatest asset to the problems that abound upon that earth. The individuals drawn outward too soon do not contribute enough, but merely disturb the energy that should be focused intently, but this takes much knowledge of how energy works and good guidance to accomplish.

I do not mean to imply that intent of any sort does not have affect, for you know that I advocate using energy and intent all the time, but in the long run the more firmly grounded the individual is in understanding and knowing personal intent and journey the more powerful becomes the outwardly directed intent.

My own mission regards planet earth as quite far gone, as you now know it. My group’s mission has been focused on evolutionary spirit growth in order to release earth from the burden placed upon it by the number of souls overloading its space and over utilizing its bounty.

There is no longer bounty enough to sustain those who reside upon that planet in the manner that they now inhabit and utilize both the natural resources and the manmade ones. My soul group’s mission is in teaching and aiding the awakening of inner spirit in order to evolve so that fully awakened entities do not need to return to earth. As I have said, there is a backlog of souls clogging the passages and keeping the smooth flow of spirit beings from achieving growth beyond that plane.

Earth is being protected and watched carefully by other groups, and although I have often spoken of the devastation and waste now so apparent there, my focus has remained, wholeheartedly, on aiding you to understand energy, spirit awareness, and your own innate abilities to know and grow. Look inward and pay attention, even in these times of destruction and devastation, for your own spirit balance, so that from your stability you may have affect. For what good is a strong mountain if it is not arisen upon stable ground? A fault line beneath even the tallest mountain proposes a disastrous future some day. Your own grounding must be stable and solid, your knowing firmly established that you are energy first and foremost, and your direction clearly open and available to you, both your path upon that earth and your evolutionary path as well.

To understand your inner self, and to understand your outer self fully, will direct you properly to the job that suits you best in that life now upon that earth. To fully engage knowing of the self, to empty of all desires and needs, of the ego, the inner child, and the outer adult, but to stay focused on mature thinking, knowing, and desiring will lead you to your true path. Once this becomes clear so will your route reveal the true meaning of your life and what you should be doing with it for universal giving. It will become as natural as breathing.

Some of you will find yourselves working within the groups that have concern about the very soil of the earth, the water, the air, the plants, and trees, and every bug and creature that walks upon that earth. Many of you will choose to focus your intent on energetic use of prayer, and your direction will be compassionate and growth oriented in this manner. Many of you will stay locally focused, or even privately focused, for this matches your inner spirit, your inner guide. You will all know your place eventually, as you engage in learning how your spirit works with your physical present self.

Your ability to evolve will be contingent though upon your willingness to leave behind the past that you have carried now as a burden upon your shoulders. Your comfort has remained centered there as well, in spite of the devastation and heaviness of such a burden. Allow your comforts now to come from knowledge you have gained about your own abilities to guide your outer self and your inner self. Do not remain so heavily focused on your past now. Allow it to be picked over, take what you learn from it and move on, freed now of it. Your past may lie in devastation as though a tornado had interrupted your life, but that does not mean you should sit down on that heap of debris that once was your life and remain there forever. Life would be meaningless if you did that. Take your necessary knowledge from such devastation, learn what you must, and move on now, for the universe is moving and pushing quickly for growth and evolution.

Are you flooded with problems? Well, think of a flood as a time of washing out, of cleansing, of burying, and discover, when the flood has passed, what it is that is revealed to you. What do you now have access to, what is gone forever, and what is too deeply buried, or too badly ruined, to be useful now. Such is the guidance offered during such times. The flood reveals to you what is truly necessary in life by removing and destroying the things that do not really matter.

Take now the time, during this high energy period, to understand that devastation itself is not all that devastating if you understand that it takes, but, above all, gives clarity of life, clarity of purpose, and the knowledge that life, that energy, is the most important aspect of existence, and that you have inside you, well protected and available at all times.

Find this energy inside you now. Find your clarity and your knowing of direction, of path, of spirit, and remain always cognizant that your energy desires growth, desires movement, desires strengthening, and desires to be utilized to its full abilities. Do not deny your spirit access to all that it desires. Learn what you must from all of your experiences. Pass along this knowledge to those in your care and look forward to discovering the path that will bring you forward to a new level of awareness.

Do not lose or forget the lessons you learn. Do not become bogged down in them, stuck in the mud or buried under debris, but do take with you the truths you discover, have clear insights about, and go forward with the knowledge of these insights clearly planted in your mind so that your gaze does not sway from the direction that is so right for you to take.

As you become that stable mature spirit-oriented being so will you have all that you need to be the parents, the teachers, the guides that are necessary to aid in the growth of spirit now so desperately needed upon that earth. There is a great awakening taking place there now. This you are probably aware of, but it will not have fuller impact until those of you who are spirit-focused stabilize and become firmly rooted in your own individual awakening. Once this has happened in your own life, allowing your inner self to be truthfully and freely outspoken, will you then have energy to impact the world outside of you.

In calm centeredness can you begin to send out your good energetic resonance to the places where you know it will have impact. Direct it to those within your nearness and you will have affect. You will see this and understand the power that your own solidly stable and focused intent has. As you experience and discover this will you eventually have gained enough to broaden your energetic field and affect many outside your realm of family and friends, tenderly giving your energy where you feel it is most needed and most deserved. Do not waste it frivolously, for that will not be energetically life giving to anyone, especially you.

Seek resonance of spirit in those around you and in your quiet meditation time. For in this manner will your own stores of energy be replaced and revitalized, even as you extend outward in small amounts, if you are ready. Test your intent and see what happens. Your energy is life, growing inside you now, producing a great ball of love and compassion that you will, one day, release to the world, and you will know it is right and good and pure, and your life’s meaning will become ever clearer as you go through this process that you have now embarked upon.