#63 The First, Second, and Third Awarenesses

Dear Jeanne,
We are all being tested in many ways right now. Your descriptions of energy pulling and distracting seem accurate. Can you offer us some insight and guidance for today?

Remind yourself often of your path, your goals, your new orientation, and the gifts you are given. This clarity of direction will aid you as you travel your journey, both the day-to-day journey and the long-term journey. A goal may, at times, seem far off, hazy in the distance, but if you clear away all the distractions, and tune out the noises that seek to disturb you, you will regain crystal clear vision again and the long distant goal will pull closer and become your focus again.

Remain steady on your path now. This is the best advice I can give during this time of energy turmoil. You see, what is happening is that there is an energy war going on right now. There is a strife, a vying for energy, and it is being grabbed and taken from all sides and by all kinds of needy entities, and the power of those needy ones is great. Distraction is a common factor in life. Have no doubt that it will remain solidly planted in your lifetime, popping up continually to consume your energy. Your training must also pop up equally strong and needy to direct your attention continually back to your path, your focus, and to what is truly spirit-oriented and right.

Your training now is at a place of strength, so that your reminder to remain calm and balanced is now a habitual mantra, and your systems, mental, physical, and spiritual all engage in it automatically now, or almost so. Your time under my guidance is now apparent as you find yourself more aware than ever before of your own fallibilities and your new capabilities to reassert yourself almost immediately back on track.

To be pulled at, to have to acknowledge weakness, compassion, humanistic qualities, and the reality of life is always going to be partnering you on your journey. Accept that you are human and do not fault yourself for being so. It is who you are, along with being pure energy and spirit. It is the balance that one must engage in order to fully live that life there upon that earth. But, your spirit is more aware now of other aspects of reality, and these aspects must balance you and keep you focused. They are all handy and available as you navigate your life. You have abilities, awarenesses, and clarities that previously were hidden, dormant, or unknown to you. Now are you well equipped.

So, do not forget these things that you have available to you now as you meet your challenges and feel the energies that abound now. There are many struggling with their own neediness, even as you struggle with your own. This is your first awareness, that all must experience and tackle the issues that arise as they proceed on their journeys. Your second awareness is that yes, you must offer aid, guidance, and positive encouragement to those in your nearness as it suits your energetic makeup, but you must not become an enabler. Become a helper, but do not take the other’s journey. This is often difficult to assess, but keep your clarity about your own journey, and how much energy you need for that before assessing how to aid another, and determine how much you are willing to give and take in order to continually be responsible for yourself and those in your care.

Your third awareness is of the energy outside of you that has seemingly nothing to do with your path, your world, or your focus of spirit, yet it seeps in to distract and challenge, seemingly coming out of nowhere to grab your attention and pull you far off track, or so it may seem. Alert yourself immediately to such challenges. Question them as I have suggested in the past, and seek to understand the reasons why you are being offered such a challenge at this time. Use your awareness, your understanding of energy, and your clarity about your spirit orientation to guide you. Also keep in mind that the energy now abounding upon that energetic plane, earth, is of a turbulence and power that is unprecedented. Use it properly to carry to you forward upon your journey, harness it for your growth and evolution, yet constantly be aware of its power to bury you.

Keep focused forward, keep feeling your resonance, and remain cognizant, at all times, of the lessons and the guidance we have been studying lately. My own knowing speaks clearly of troubled times ahead, but that does not mean that growth and spirit evolution will be affected. During times of trouble is there often great spirit focus and spirit growth. Positive outlook, positive resonance, and positive attraction are all necessary during such times.

Challenges may appear negative at first, but in the long run will be viewed as positive if they are carried out with growth in mind. As always, I advocate centering and balancing, doing this daily, to start your day and throughout your day, calling to mind your direction, your focus, your goals, and placing yourself firmly on that path that you have selected for yourself. Again and again throughout your day, even if you do not see clearly, so can you feel intuitively and with your spirit, knowing that you are on the right path. Even in blindness and deafness is there knowing of correct path, for the spirit will lead correctly if allowed to.

Do not become caught up in causes that are not truly resonant or absolutely necessary and pertinent to your growth now. Yes, I know there are many, many causes upon that earth that need attention. But your focused conservation of energy at this time is far better to hone before you expend it all and have little left to build upon. As I have proposed often, work on building your individual energy and the knowledge of how it works, keeping yourself energetically fit and capable in order to have the greatest impact. Your path must be of the individual first in order to join your strength with others and be available in the future for true universal energetic alliances.

Strengthen first your individual knowing, your individual clarity and awareness before you expend and expand outward. In knowing yourself first will you have better balance as you go outward, better able to remain firmly fixed upon your own path, yet also able to give, as your spirit truly desires, in the future.

Retain your balance at all times as you test the energy, as you meet your challenges, and as you are confronted by life. Maintain your awareness of self, of self now upon that journey, of self as energy involved in energetic flow and energetic pull, and maintain your steadiness as you traverse your day and your life.

Remember to ask for help and guidance. And then use your awareness to recognize how it comes to you. It may not be in the shape or form you expect, but it will come. Have no doubt about that!

So, my fine traveling companions, thank you for your trust in me as guide, and your good growing and your trust, most of all, in yourself as you make this journey of spirit. I am thrilled to be your companion on this amazing journey we are taking together. Don’t lose sight of this, no matter what may come at you. We are on an amazing journey together, so let’s keep going.