#66 Perk Up a Little Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

I speak today not of calamity and devastation, but of focus on growth, expansion, and the ultimate renewal of spirit focus so that you may continue onward along your newfound path. Do not harbor feelings of negativity, but focus now on positive growth and the bright future ahead. You have now within you plenty of knowledge regarding the energy currents now circulating upon that earth. You have knowledge of inclinations to become caught if you are not aware. You know that your journey and the decisions and choices you make are yours alone to ponder and choose. You know that life itself opens doors, the universe supports, and guidance is available, but you also know that it is fully up to you to engage all of this that is available to you, and all else that awaits.

Your place now should become clearer, your direction pointed out, and your whole self firmly planted upon that path. Keep your awareness attuned. Keep your self open to the signs that are available. Keep your tenderness and your compassion at the ready for yourself and others. Stay in balance and you will safely maneuver through rough waters and bad weather. Keep focused and of positive mindset and you will find that your tendencies to fall away from your path, to wander blindly, and to stumble will diminish. Your intent alone is not enough. You must use the new skills you have learned as well to remain focused and in the right frame of wholeness.

Seek what you must to fulfill your lifetime there, but do not overdo any aspect of delving into that reality. Do not over work, over eat, over drink, over binge on anything, including your spiritual endeavors, for in so doing do you go not only out of alignment and balance, but your entire system will suffer and your firm footing in reality will be uprooted. Remember, I always maintain that equal footing in earthly reality and spirit-seeking reality is necessary. For life holds much for your exploration, but you will not have fulfilling experience of either if you do not continually maintain the necessary balance that I speak of so often.

So, continue to have experiences that aid you in your evolutionary growth. Continue to seek experiences of spirit, but also return to your earthly reality and be responsible, mature, and caring of others, and the earth around you. Maintain your earthly presence and engage in the aspects of life that suit your spirit too in this way, following your resonance, while you complete that life as it should be lived. Staying in your resonance will guide you so that you do not overdo any aspect of that life. But, understand that this takes training, experiences, and readjusting of the self on a daily basis.

Review your day, review your activities, and discover if you are truly resonating with your spirit. Or are you still drawn by your inner child, your ego, your greed, your fancy, or your wild self? Check out daily who is really in control and then make adjustments the next day. You are totally in control, so take command of your self, with your spirit knowing at the helm, and you will discover that slowly, with experience, and minor adjustments here and there, can you change and eventually discover that your life is flowing smoothly and easily.

Perk up a little today. Give yourself a firm pat on the back for the recent tough times you have gone through. Remind yourself that life is your learning ground and you are fully committed to this educational pursuit of spirit and resonance. Continue to find your way with your spirit nose sniffing out the direction to take, and your resonance knowing when it is truly correct.

Find your calm, find your place again today, and start from now, fresh and eager to see life, and yourself, as ready for whatever is to come, open, nonjudgmental, and excited to be alive. Give yourself permission to take on life more fully now. You are ready. I know that, don’t you? The times are right for progress even as the times are ripe for destruction. It just depends on which road you choose to travel. There is plenty of energy available for positive change, but there is an equal amount ready to smother those who cannot see this and take them away into darkness. This you have been forewarned about now for a long time. So, how are you going to choose today?

Remember, each day do these energies tussle upon that earth, with you and everyone else feeling it, feeling the tugs and pulls of both the negative dark energy, and the positive light energy. And every day are you given a new opportunity to choose and to change. That’s what life is all about you know, reading the energy and choosing how you are going to engage it with your own energy.

You have learned much about how energy works now. Stay focused, calm, in balance, reading the energy outside of you and feeling your own energy and choosing your way based on this. You can’t go wrong if you follow this, your spirit and your bliss, for this is your truth, and that is all that really matters. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy it too, all of life, all of your spirit awareness, and all that you now dare to undertake. Fully enjoy it all!