#59 The Reality of Your Challenge

Dear Jeanne,
We are all certainly feeling both the energy you speak of and the challenges that this energy presents. It feels like we have many decisions to make, whether intensely personal, or coming from outside us. What guidance can you offer us today as we struggle to find our way and gain clarity?

As always, I stress beginning your day in harmony, in your calm and centered balance. From this place of humming inner harmony, in tune with your own intent, will you have a stable and certain ground from which to allow your day to spring. From this calm stability will your awareness be more readily present and available. If calmness cannot be maintained, then I advise that you work on that aspect of the self, until you have mastered it, for it is to be utilized constantly as you go about your day. Remind yourself often to go into your calm, go into your balance, and react to your world only from this center.

That is your first challenge if you are to interact properly with the vibrant energy that now flows upon that earth. Once this calm inner balance is stable and maintainable, then will you be ready to tackle your other issues and challenges. But, the ability to continually focus inward, and remove the tension from your physical and mental being through inner calm, will allow you to more clearly see and resolve those outside challenges that present themselves to you.

Learn to use the energy that is now available to you from this place of calm. Your challenges will become seen as just the next step on your journey and, as I spoke of the other day, take them as challenges to yourself to also test and utilize the new abilities and techniques you have been learning under my guidance. I have been offering you many practical and useful techniques that you can utilize in your daily reality. Now, as your challenges present themselves, are you being urged to begin practicing them.

The first step is always center in your calmness, before you do anything else. Then, look around you from this removed place in your center, and check out the reality of your challenge. Why are you being challenged in this manner? What is the challenge trying to tell you? What are you supposed to learn from it, personally, as relates to your own journey? Is this challenge really as big as you imagine? Is your decision going to be based on the intent of your spirit? Or is your ego getting in the way, making the decision for you, and clouding your perceptions? Are you looking at a challenge that does not truly exist? Can you make it disappear simply by taking your attention off it? Have you placed that challenge there?

Many challenges are created by our egos, believing that we need something, attending to the wants of itself. Often these kinds of challenges do not need to exist, though they steal much of our energy, and we may attach to them for long periods of time, distracted from our real focus and our calm spirit intent. Most often our challenges are of this sort, placed there by old habits, by the ego desiring something that we are not truly aligned with, or by the frightened child inside that desires attention be paid to its inability to mature.

Study your challenges from your deep spirit center. Evaluate them from this inner reality and discover what they truly are, and from where they are generated. Are they important enough to spend your energy on? Are they growth-oriented challenges, or are they merely distractions? Challenge yourself to be truthful, and then take the path of spirit in order to meet your challenges, or simply dismiss them, and give your spirit back the energy you had placed on unnecessary challenges.

I have always advocated simplicity in life so that your energy may be focused on spirit intent. Simplicity will reduce complications in your life, and in return will it also reduce the challenges that are produced by overdoing and externalizing your energy. Focus on your true meaning for living. If you are spirit first and foremost, what then is your focus going to be in your life? Is it truly necessary to grow beyond what your spirit knows is perfectly reasonable and right for you to do? Are you considering expanding the possibilities in your life, offering you many new opportunities? Are you challenging yourself to take on additional concerns that, in reality, will only burden you and take away from your spirit focus?

Simplify, simplify, simplify your life and be granted the energy to remain in spirit focus and available for your own center throughout your day. When the ego quiets down, when the needy baby goes to sleep, what then do you hear, what then do you know? Your truth, your spirit, directing you to remain calm and focused on your own spirit energy, so that your life may be guided from this place of calm, rather than from the outside self in daily battle with challenges better left untouched and unengaged.

Many things to think about have been created as distraction, but how can you decipher what is a real challenge, and what is a challenge created by the distracters in your life, whether from inside the self or outside the self? Well, the answer lies within the spirit center, and as you go into your calm and your balance, and remain there in quiet, may you be granted the insight you need and desire in order to truly see and know where your true direction lies.

My greatest advice is, always, to simplify life rather than complicate it more than necessary. Keep your decisions based on spirit and you will do well. Is this good for my spirit time, my spirit energy, my spirit calm? If I elect to make this decision, will I still have time for my spirit, and will I be able to find the time for those important moments of calm with my inner self?

If your desire is to have a spirit-centered life, then must you keep this in mind as you challenge yourself. If your challenges are coming from the universe, from infinity, rather than the ego world, them must you also look at them clearly from your spirit center, and understand that life is leading you in a new direction. But, know that you have many tools now to utilize, and aid you, as you go forward, tackling your issues, and meeting your true challenges, now from your inner center.

Infinity guides you always, sometimes with great challenges, sometimes with subtle hints. Your awareness is keener now, and you are able to notice the signs in your life, and you are ready to go forward in spirit calm now. Trust your abilities, trust your knowing that everything is possible, and trust yourself as your own true guide. These things you know, for you have come far with me on this journey of the inner spirit, and you have found new direction, and new focus, as a result of learning to trust, not only my guidance, but your own inner knowing. So, do not be frightened by challenges. You know what to do.