#58 Act Upon the Revelations that Life Offers

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Arrangements made now will be long lasting. Connections of resonance will provide long-term companionship and be of long duration. Relationships begun, as a result of obvious honest trusting and knowing, will be far reaching and have great potential. All of these issues are possible if personal spirit resonance is paid heed to, and choices made remain in the proper energetic flow. To be honest, I can only predict based on the energy, but what you decide to do with it is up to you.

Our time on earth is relatively short in the grander scheme of life as ever being. But the choices we make while there have great potential to either impede or speed our growth. If taking evolutionary steps, then one’s own choices should reflect such growth, growth of spirit, and the desire to know and understand life on a greater scale. However, if one becomes bogged down in life as being earth bound, then is one set up to repeatedly relive it until the spirit awareness kicks in. This can be for many lifetimes. Or there is the ability, always available, that an awakening may occur at any moment, but as always, it is up to each of you to act upon the revelations that life offers you for growth and spirit evolution.

How does one know, for sure, when the path that appears is the proper path to take? How does one make the choice? Resonance, of course! This we have spent much time on over the past few months. You have been learning to recognize your own spirit, your own energy, and feeling where it resonates and finds a home. Even if one finds a home, a resonate path, and a perfect match of spirit, is there still the process of taking action, and this then is the challenge. To test, to step, to back away, and observe, and take your time is expected, and often will yield the proper perspective when decisions are to be made. But ultimately, the greatest challenge is whether or not you are prepared and willing to follow your spirit.

To take the path of spirit is perhaps more challenging than any other you have ever had to take. Yet, if you follow it, will you discover purity of purpose, and deep answering resonance as you make your way along this path. My advice is always to go slowly, steadily, in your balance. Know what you are electing to do, and go forward in your life fully aware that you are following your spirit and your spirit alone, and trusting your life to your spirit’s guidance. This is a major step to take. But, it is also the only step to take if you seek now the next step in evolutionary growth.

I elected to remain no longer earth bound, but instead to become cognizant of spirit, of my own, and of others. This allowed me the opportunity to complete unfinished business without the burden of returning to life on earth yet again. I have completed my tasks there, no longer am required to return in the form of human body, spirit entrapped and struggling for recognition and desiring of acknowledgement. Now, I reside in a state of energetic spirit being.

The guidance I offer today is that I request all of you to, slowly and methodically, begin to test your knowing, your sense of spirit, directing your energy where you feel your resonance most strongly. The only way to know if what you feel is correct is to test it, as a scientist does, looking for proof and expecting results. Be keenly aware, alert to signs in your life that will be directing you, answering you, and leading you forward on the proper path. Perhaps this will become easier as you receive and accept something in your life that you previously had dismissed. Is there not something staring you in the face that you have failed to acknowledge? Are you stubbornly refusing to hear, or to understand something? Or have you just been afraid?

Everyone is afraid. That is only human. But also, within the frightened human is there a greater strength, a positive, engaging, and daring knowledge that is just waiting to be allowed expression. Learn to accept this fact, this spirit inside, and begin to allow it to speak up now and offer guidance. What is it saying to you? In your place of calm, in your steady balance, in your quiet will you be able to hear it clearly. Then, all you have to do is follow its guidance. Not really hard, because you will know it is correct for you to do so, but very hard because you will also know that it is going to take you on a very different journey than you have thus far engaged in. As you take that new journey will you begin to see how others on that same journey will begin popping up and letting you know you are not alone, and in feeling resonance in your new environment will you understand, more fully, what this journey of spirit energy is all about.

Allow yourself to accept the gifts you are given, the gifts of spirit, of guidance, and of your own knowing, and you will do well. Find your resonance, your spirit, and you will also do well.