#57 Seek the Secret Spirit Self

Dear Jeanne,
We have seen and felt the power of the energy you have been speaking of. Many people are daring to go with the flow of it, stepping in to their resonance, excited, but also nervous about their bold moves. We are all trusting your guidance. Will you help us all who read your messages to grow a little further today? And trust our next steps?

Yes, I can. Remain always centered, in your place of calm, no matter where you seek to tread. Your path will remain perfect for you, as long as you stay in your calm, and respect your answering resonant energy, calling to you and offering you its mirror in order to remain focused on your journey. I advise, that you continue to question each step you take, and not only question in your head, but also feel the answer in your body, and your spirit as you pose the question.

Am I where I should be? Is this the right move for me to make? Do I feel totally relaxed and certain that I am in a state of resonance? Do I feel perfectly calm and relaxed in this situation, with this decision, with this person, or even with myself? Am I being truthful to myself? Am I allowing by inner self to be my guide now? Am I allowing my secret self to come out, and be unafraid, and become the real me? Am I focusing on spirit growth? Am I finding my way now, focused on the proper use of my energy for the good of my spirit and all humanity?

These questions are all good things to offer yourself as you begin to dare, and begin to move into new territory in your life and also in your inner self, your spirit. Your growth in all aspects of life now should remain focused on inner growth, the growth of the true you, perhaps long hidden, kept secret for only you to know. But now is it time for the secret spirit self to become the real self. Guidance from this aspect of the self will lead you properly.

This is what I have been teaching you, you know. To trust your own guidance, to connect to your own spirit being. I am but a helper, as is Jan who is my messenger, bringing you these new insights so that you may connect with your true inner spirit. Your very own spirit guide resides in you, and this you are learning to connect to.

Yes, there are many of us available to help, and this aspect of reality is exceedingly valuable for you to realize. For, as you discover that connection is possible so are you also able to better understand the connection to your own spirit, and have knowledge that all that your spirit knows is fact. Your experience now of guidance, through my words and your own guides, allows you to have access to the knowledge that everything is possible. But, this must not happen simply because I say so. You must allow yourself to test and have experience of such connection in your own life. You must be open to examples of guidance, and have real and tangible experiences that you alone recognize as meaningful and truly resonant with your request for guidance. Everything is possible. Everything is possible. Everything is possible. Keep this mantra always in mind, especially as you doubt, as you are confronted with experiences you can’t explain, or you can’t believe. Know that everything that happens in your life is meant for you to learn and grow from. So, what are you supposed to learn today?

Perhaps you will discover that you actually feel, physically, your own energy resonating, reverberating, and coursing through you in answer to your own desire for clarity in direction. Perhaps your path will suddenly open wide, and you will have feelings of awe and shock, and perhaps, fear, because suddenly, you know what you must do. The old you may sneak in and seek to keep you still and unmoving, while the spirit in you knows you are going to move forward in to that wide open world, knows that you are going to be daring. And in this moment of interaction between the two parts of yourself will you have to call on your helpers, but also your own knowing that you are trusting your journey now, trusting your strength in knowing that every choice you make toward growth is extremely valuable, and that you now seek a more meaningful life. But most of all will you know that you can trust yourself, your inner guide. You cannot go wrong if you stay in your calm and feel that resonant energy directing you properly, like a beam of light trained on the direction that is right. Know that you are fully capable, strong, and ready. Know that you will be fine, that you have opened up to the universe now, and that your way is guided and your time will be well spent as you dare to become spirit first.

Everyone has decisions to make, and everyone has challenges ahead of them. This is how life is supposed to be, leading you always forward. No matter what the challenges that proposed themselves to me, in my own life there upon that earth, I found my way forward because something inside me would not allow me to stay muffled under the heaviness of an unspirited life. Spirit driven, but also spirit guided, was I in that life there. My main guide was my husband, Chuck Ketchel, who many of you know. He not only inspired me, but he pushed me, and got me going in this new life I now have. He knew always the way to go next, oftentimes uncertain himself, but always focused on what was the right next move to make, instinctively seeking what felt right, and what resonated with our very compatible spirits. I now am able to return the favor to him, and to those of you who have found your way to my words. This you must see is how spirit and resonance work. Even the fact, and this is a fact, that you are reading my words, is proof of your own spirit guiding you to this place. Somehow, all of you found your way here, and that is definitely significant. So, trust that aspect of yourself that got you here in the first place to continue to guide you properly.

This growth and this guidance is all about you, about you being able to connect to your own spirit, your own knowing, and developing your own connection to your self, above all, as guide.

Remain focused on your balance at all times. Bring yourself back constantly to your place of calm as you step into the energetic flow that surrounds you. It will not overwhelm you if you remain centered, and whole, and spirit focused. It will not draw you apart, or confuse you, for you are in control of your life differently now. Your control has shifted from the outer you to the inner you, and that is where your center, your balance, and your calm reside, and from where your resonance illuminates, and where your energy speaks. Listen to it and feel it. Take your time, allowing it to guide you and you will do well!

There is much ahead of you, be prepared for swiftness of change. Be prepared for the speed of the energy to move you far in a very short span of time. This will happen because the time is right, and the energy is appropriate for this. Your decisions will be impacted by this energetic force that I have spoken of, now, these many months. So lastly, I offer you this knowledge, that whatever you decide to do in your life now, whatever step you take, prepare yourself for a move of a lifetime as events and growth will escalate, and push you forward with unparalleled force toward a whole new understanding of what is meant by energy. Yes, this is a warning. But, it is also a foresight that you will be happy to have. Oh yes, Jeanne said this would happen. Jeanne said that the energy would carry me far and fast. Yes, I see she was right!

So, I invite you all to enjoy the ride on that energy that you have been feeling and studying and daring to engage. I commend you for your efforts. Now, go engage it. Stay in your calm, seek your resonance at all times, and see what happens. You will be fine, my fine traveling friends. You will all be fine.