#56 Seeking Inner Silence

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Jan, your course of action is good and helpful to many people. This we seek to continue, for our impact upon that planet must be felt in order for life to become more than just common complacency, and drudgery, and dark behaviors that so many feel stuck in and bound by. Our work offers so much for growth and knowledge of human spirit potential, and this we must stay always focused on, even though life may intrude and darkness may seek to disrupt this work of energetic spirit focus.

Do not fall prey to that which seeks to invade our quiet calm and balance. Allow it to flow past as water in a stream flows past the rocks and eddies, past the solid ground, and the foundations of its banks.

Allow time for contemplation, meditation, and the many acts of healing that will bring calmness and openness. Allow the self to engage in meditative endeavors of spirit, seeking quiet time and stillness of energy so that access to spirit may become easier and more acceptable to the body. Often the body and the busyness of the mind are all that stand in the way and inhibit growth of spirit. Make contact with your own calm spirit by practicing moments of calm throughout your day. Allow a simple process of muscle relaxation to be your focus in order to still the mind. Allow the mind to become but distant rumblings as you focus your attention on letting go, physically, in order to access spirit and energetic calm.

Your mind is too cluttered for far too much of the day. Yes, at times must this be so, but as you train your mind to go totally blank and empty more often will you find that most of its chatter and clutter are unnecessary fillers, better emptied, so that total silence can become your more common state of mind.

Allow your energy, your calm balance, that you have worked on for so long now, to seep into your mind now too, and soften the edges of your chatter down to a whisper, distant and vague. Take your attention off the words and images, the faces, and problems of your world; blur them down to a watery image, a flowing, bubbling stream of energy, and let them float out of you so that your emptiness may be achieved.

In this state of empty mind will you find a new calm and a new balance that will allow for a deeper connect to your inner spirit, your inner guide, and your desire for outer connection. Unwind yourself, unbind yourself, lose your connection to the world that is your daily structure for a few moments and seek instead total quiet, total absence of thought as you feel the energy of your own spirit flow freely through you, through your body, and through your head, cleansing you with its warm flow.

Are you lying in your resonance? Are you feeling your energy as a calmly flowing stream of air, or water, or light? Are you basking in this place of calm, allowing it to take you away from all that bothers you, and all that seeks to steal your energy? Allow yourself to seek this place of inner silence now. Allow for this often. It is one way to experience, not only your own spirit energy, but begin to notice those of us who seek connection. Practice this energy flow a little at a time, increasing your ability to stay there as you build your stamina to stay in energetic balance with your own spirit as your guide. Allow your energy to flow through you as you achieve this state of total calm. Allow your energy to become all of you, as you become total energy.

This lightness of energy, your own energy unencumbered by weight of body, and additional weight of mind, will become more and more familiar to you as you practice this act of detachment, as you become more familiar with this process of meditation and as your desire for this emptiness increases.

Your spirit is pure energy, and as such it has the ability to heal, not only you, but also, in conjunction with other healing energy, the world around you. I have spoken of this often before and I know you have understood my meaning when I have spoken of all having the ability to affect the world simply with energy. This you now are becoming more capable of actually doing. I know you have experienced it in your own life, seen how your own recognition of your energy field has had affect. Now, with greater ability available to you, with your increased understanding of your own energy within your own body, will you discover the true power of your energy potential.

Your body is your vehicle, your energy is your fuel, and your energy body is capable of much more than you have perhaps imagined, as it can live independently of that vehicle, even as fuel resides independently of a car, or truck, or plane, or boat. Fuel is energy, independent, and of itself capable of sweeping in and enlivening an otherwise empty structure that without it is useless. Your energy is flowing and alive. Allow it to be felt in these moments of quiet emptiness that I ask you to cultivate. Begin to feel it as separate from the weight of your body, and begin to explore your own inner silence when you are in your pure energy state. You will find that you are quite light, and beautiful, and joyous, and loving. You will find that your energy body is as real as your physical body, and you will understand even better what I mean when I speak of healing yourself first, then others by your example, and eventually will you have experience of energetic convergence on a planetary level.

Begin to practice seeking inner silence in order to more fully experience your own energy. Ask for help as you do this and we will assist you in your progress. Your need for assistance will be met, and you will be safe. Allow yourself the knowledge that your energy body is already in you, already active, already on a wonderful adventure, but your awareness of this has been dulled by the heaviness of life around you, the dullness that exists in the atmosphere of life on earth, and the worries that hold you bound. Your energy body is very familiar with its pure free state, and its ability to float in silence. So, do not fear that something else is entering you to take you away on a journey. It is but your own energy that you are learning to recognize and notice again after all this time, and it is full of joy for your daring, and grateful for your ability to trust it, the real you.

See where this takes you. A little bit at a time, seek to find your energy flow and allow it to gently take you to the experience of it. It will not give you more than you can handle, a little taste at a time, until you are ready to feel it more fully. And then you will understand how this energy works, and having experienced it once you will desire it more often. And in this process will you begin to understand the true meaning of your life and how you must use this knowledge of energy for growth and true human potential.

Find your calm, and when you have a few quiet moments relax into your inner silence with confidence, knowing that you are safe, you are only meeting your own energy body, your true self, and you will be gently and lovingly treated to an experience that will change your life. This I can attest to! If you have fears, ask for help to calm you down and maintain your balance. Breathe in your own gentle breath of calm, and be mindful not to push or force anything. This state of energy will only come with gentle letting go, and trust in your own spirit to allow you to have this experience of its flow and to gently return you to your normal place once again. Allow your imagination to guide you one step at a time and you will be able to achieve your goal. Everything is possible. Keep this always in mind.

Good Luck! May your energy be your guide.