#55 The River of Energy

Dear Jeanne,
It has been a few days since we last connected. Do you have a new message for humanity today, and especially for those who have been receiving your messages and growing in many ways as a result?

Do not fall far from your path, but stay focused on the new course that your life is taking, for this will carry you far, though it may seem at times too difficult, or even unworthy of your full attention. But, now is the time to stay focused rather than be drawn and quartered into too many fragments of life that will only serve to distract you from your purpose in life. I do not advocate splitting yourself in this manner, but I do encourage pulling tightly in to focus, utilizing the skills you have thus far learned and adapted to your own way of life.

All of you are different, yet all of you are the same. You are all upon that earth seeking your path and seeking resonance in your life and in your spirit life. These characteristics are human and spirit attributes. To desire company and resonance on your journey are held by all, for how else will you know how you are progressing if you do not have some mirror to gauge your success?

Your life must remain your focus now. Your intent must be placed upon your own spirit desires, and your resonance must be sought along the path that is correct for your growth. After finding your resonance, that which we spoke of earlier in the month, now must you remain focused on it, gathering and mixing your energy with the energy of that familiar resonance. Do you find yourself in some place that mirrors your spirit? Do you find that you now have access to something that is feeding your spirit and the desires of the inner you who seeks resonance in life in order to grow and evolve?

You may find only a trickle of resonance, but that trickle, that rivulet, is the resonance that you must focus on and pay attention to. For even a tiny trickle, a small rivulet, has the ability to find its way to similar energy and soon join in tremendous flow that will carry that small rivulet bounding forth into unstoppable energy, available as a river is available, its power source strong, its currents vibrant and alive and full of possibility to carry you far on your journey.

I have spoken often of rivers, of the power of the energy of the river. I have advised that you remain a calm Riverwalker, alongside the river, in order to maintain your balance and become as one with your own inner spirit and maintain your ability to calmly navigate through life. But this time, I speak of the energy of the universe now, likening it to a river that is available for you, as long as you flow into it in your resonance, in your own stream of energy, and thus have you the possibility of entering it on your own terms and in your own manner, rather than to be caught in it unaware, carried off by currents that have nothing to do with you.

Your resonance is your key. Your seeking of your own rivulet has been your intent lately, and that must you continue to focus on in order to enter the river of energy that now abounds and seeks to share its abundance with those who have worked hard to understand their inner spirit and be guided by it to this energetic source.

Allow yourself to stay focused now as we enter a new week and become inundated with the problems of the world and of disturbances around us. Remaining focused and intent upon the calm of the centered self and the balance of the self in the resonant energy, in order to access this energy source, is paramount now. Remind yourself often to stay in the resonance that you have found for yourself, whether it be but a trickle, or a larger stream, or even if you have entered into the river of energy. Allow your focus to remain on feeling its resonance, and allowing yourself to be guided by this.

I too am focused on this energy, for it offers much growth and the ability to continually build new connections, helping and guiding many who seek the connection being offered by those of us who are ready to receive your energy in return. This time is thrilling, not only for those of you upon that earth who hear of such resonance and seek our guidance, but also for us who seek to connect with you as well. Be our guests today. As you focus on your resonance, we offer our guidance freely and easily. Empty yourself of all your burdens for a moment and feel the energy as it resonates through your very being, and know that you are being heard and mirrored in our world as well. We are all very close and desiring of connection. Trust this connection and you will find it even resonating in your own body, an answering reverberation, vibration, a slight chill, a knowing that you can, you do, and you will connect.

This is good. Stay in your resonance, continually seeking its flow, its calm, no matter what may be thrown at you in your life. Find that you are different now, you are in a different place, you see and feel differently now, and as a result, you are different. With this knowing can you more fully accept your path, feel your resonance, and accept the guidance being offered. It is there for you, this gift of resonance. Take it, it’s yours.

Go now, and see what happens as your day progresses and you do not lose sight of your energy, your path, your resonance. You will begin to see it mirrored everywhere, as your focus remains calmly centered there. You’ll see the magic in your own life and what it can do for you as you experience the energy I speak of today.