#60 Know Your Spirit

Dear Jeanne,
You’ve been focusing on helping us understand how to make correct decisions, challenging us to remain spirit-guided. What guidance do you have for us now?

Recognizing your own true spirit comes easily as you relinquish your hold on old ideas, old teachings, and old habits. In order to connect with your spirit consciousness must you first strip the self of all outwardly imposed ideas of spirit. Spirit exists inside you; it is unique and as individual as you are. No one else can hold or contain it, no one else can, or deserves, to guide it properly, except you. Do not give your spirit to anyone to hold, or to nurture, or to feed, for how could another truly know you and your spirit? Yes, guidance is available, and in many ways, but at all times are you responsible, for your spirit knowing what is resonant and what is not. Even in, and especially in, this interaction with me. Beware of cults, and religions seeking your energy for self-gratification or for the possibility of holding you to tenets that require you to give your spirit, and your ability to deeply know and explore your own spirit, to another.

Spirit consciousness must always stay individually oriented and focused. You are allowed to have strong inner spirit. You are allowed to trust your own inner spirit above all else, for this is the only thing that will lead you to truth, to truth of the self, truth of pure spirit, and, eventually, connection with the ultimate capability of your own spirit as it merges with all spirit energy. This we all seek to achieve, it is the ultimate goal of growth in infinity, to continually be guided by spirit and seeking connection with true and pure spirit energy.

Do you mean God?

Many call it God. Man on earth calls it God, but infinite energy is the culmination of all pure energy that is good, and resonant, and seeking continued cleansing and purifying, carrying with it knowledge of how to achieve this in a process of learning, much as you are now undergoing. It requires trusting of the spirit in each of us, testing and proving that we are on the right path, knowing intuitively that we must do what we are doing because it is the right thing to do, the perfect path for our spirit energy to take.

I do not wish to scare or take away from anyone their beliefs or their comforts regarding their spiritual path. All paths are valid if your spirit truly resonates and hums in the recognition of knowing that such a path is truly correct. But, I do urge all to seek always their individual, and often deeply hidden, inner spirit in order to truly feel and know resonance.

This resonance may respond to the world outside of you in many different ways. It may seek further inner life, growing exponentially in a richly rewarding manner that only you will have access to and enjoy. That is perfectly fine and dandy, for it is for you alone to learn about and to evolve with. Some spirits may feel resonance outwardly, desiring change in the world, seeking outwardly to assign energy to causes or tasks that resonate with that individual spirit type. Many will have a combination of both, of true inner awareness that resonates outward, in a balance that aids both the inner resonance and the outer resonant cause. All of these examples and aspects of spirit resonance are equally valid and meaningful.

But, I urge all who are as yet uncertain of resonance outwardly to stay innerly focused for the time being, quietly and calmly centering on the inner spirit, learning about it, seeking to fully know it and find it in its fullness. This is not a selfish act, but a truly selfless act, for in the long run will your discovery of your inner spirit more fully allow your wholeness to merge and your outer self to grow from this experience. The merging of your inner and outer self is the first goal. Then, as you experience this merging and understand it can you allow a role reversal to take place. When this happens your spirit self will become as your outer self and now become your guide, your exposed self, and extremely capable of recognizing resonance.

At this point will you begin to understand what I mean when I speak of energy, of spirit energy. As you feel your own grow, will you find that the idea of true pure energy is not so far-fetched, and your idea of God may switch from being man-focused to being pure energy-focused. This is what all spirits seek, you know, to be connected to that purity. But, as the word infinity implies, is it infinite, and the possibility for continued growth and purity always exists. Our spirit energy is ever existing, always has, always will. We have all had many adventures in our pasts, and many in our futures, all based on our energetic beingness.

But, perhaps I stray too far from where we left off the last time we connected. I present these ideas so that you will have a broader picture of what energy is, and also so that you will understand that you, each person, each individual, is responsible for nurturing your own spirit by getting to know it firstly, and then by allowing it to guide you with its resonance, becoming as the beacon of light I have mentioned before, a light searching and searching for true resonance and then shining its beam where it finds it. In that beam of light will there be clarity and the ability to see and feel a reciprocal resonance that hums the same tune as your own. And here will you find growth and the possibility for change to spirit orientation.

You know already when your spirit is comfortable simply by how you feel in the wrong company and how you feel in the right company. You know the feeling of rightness of resonance. Think about your life for a moment, span its past and note where your spirit has truly felt resonance. What moments stick out the most? Why were these significant, even if they were only brief? Even brief glimpses of resonance teach us something, and longer ones may show us a process of growth that we may not have acknowledged before.

Do you energetically flow in spirit orientation in certain situations, and in others do you feel friction in your spirit center? Where do you wish to be, in resonance or friction? These are the signs that are pointing you properly and allowing you glimpses into understanding how your resonance works. You will feel resonance. Your entire spirit and your physical body will both feel it. This is how you know you are in the right place, when your inner and your outer selves are in harmony, feeling true resonance with that decision, that person, that place, that institution that you are wondering about.

So, your decisions must resonate. As you feel resonance must you most likely also feel an emotional response, perhaps calm certainty, perhaps excitement, full of knowing that yes, this is so right. Be aware of small disagreements with your spirit that are warning you that total resonance does not exist. If you hear a warning, pay attention! Even the tiniest warning should not be ignored. However, that is your choice. Many warnings have been disregarded and journeys taken, that in the long run have been necessary. I’m sure all of you have such experience as this.

Remember always that your greatest asset and your greatest tool is your free choice. Never relinquish this to another. Never become bound by doctrine or laws that take away your freedom of choice and free will. Even in the most dire of circumstances is there a choice, do not ever think you do not have this option. Your spirit would never desert you, but you might desert your spirit. Remain always cognizant of this spirit option and listen to its guidance at all times, no matter what condition you have gotten yourself into or life has stranded you in. Your spirit will survive and you will too, for your spirit is eternal.

I feel I am touching on too many topics today, but it is important for you to fully understand what spirit energy is, how it functions, and how it requires your individual participation in the process of evolution. For how can your personal energy, your own spirit become active if you do not pay attention to it, learn to recognize it and nurture it? Nurture your spirit energy, understand how it speaks to you, and do not disregard its truths as they come to you, and you will do well on this journey you are now on.

I hope this is helpful in the next stage of your life. May you find what you need, may your awareness continually guide you, and your resonance lead you properly along your true path. You are all doing well, my fine friends. Au revoir!