#61 Keep a Warm Blaze Going

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Do not get caught now by talk of energy that is not resonant with your own truth and your own inner knowing. I do not advocate getting swept up into something that will only drain you and potentially leave you depleted.

I warn that there is much out there in the world that would love to feast off your growing and vibrant energy. But at this time, and in this state of growth that you now embark on, is it most important that you maintain your energy for work on yourself. Though this may sound selfish, how can it be, when your true goal is in learning to understand how your own energy works in order to utilize it meaningfully in the manner that your life was truly meant for?

This is now a learning process that you have embarked on, and I advise that you stay focused on inner personal growth at this time. Feed your own energy being first, tend to it carefully, keep it calmly balanced and energetically self-focused. Then, if you truly have energy to spare, is it perfectly feasible to practice using it in a more universal fashion. But, you must be able to acknowledge your own limitations, set some rules so that you do not deplete, or empty too far, your own energy reserves. It is important to keep always the embers of your energy glowing, though it is far better to have quite a nice fire going at all times. If your inner fire goes cold because you have not attended to it properly will you have much work getting it started again.

Maintain your inner energy as you would tend a fire, feeding it just enough to keep a warm blaze going and you will do well stabilizing your energy. Look outside of you and decide where your energy is best utilized. There will be much wishing to draw upon you, especially as your resonance is felt more and more now. There will be a time of attraction and a time of interest in your new energetic resonance, but it also a time to sit back and observe and contemplate as well as revel in this feeling of your own energy. Do not give it all away. This is probably the best message I can give to you today. Do not give it all away. Feed continually the fire of your own energy. Keep it growing, and as you select how you will utilize it, keep always in mind that you must maintain more than enough for yourself. For what good will you be to anyone else who truly needs you, or the energetic flow of universal intent, if you do not maintain enough energy to remain functioning at a good energy level yourself. Do not run out of fuel.

So, focus on the self in this manner is important. Watch what comes at you now to draw on your new energy awareness. You may find that, as you are more aware of your energy now, as a separate aspect of your self, so will there be feasters who are also aware of this. Begin to recognize who and what they are, and learn to be protective of your vibrant energy. It will attract the right kind of resonant energy, but it will also attract the wrong kind. You do not want, or wish, to become but a feeding ground, rather than an ever-growing and glowing energy source that you alone control and understand perfectly.

Deflect that which is inappropriate, merely energy-draining attraction. Keep cognizant of how you are using your energy and how you can improve on using it. Yes, your energy resides in your physical body, and your body awareness is your biggest indicator of how you use your energy. Your body will often tell you, enough! But, sometimes your energy body will function completely outside of the physical body and you may not even realize what is happening until it is too late and your energy is gobbled up. So, stay cognizant of both your physical and your separate energy being. Keep them in alignment during your busy working day; replenish them both. Keep them in good condition, remaining aware of how you are choosing to spend your energy, and your physical energy too. Awareness of the self is key to how you will later function as a spirit entity. Awareness of understanding your energy and your spirit being now is extremely important for future growth.

So today, be aware of outside energy seeking to connect and possibly drain you of the energy you are discovering and feeling so intensely within yourself now. Retain it, don’t let it go, it’s far too soon for that. You must remain focused on studying it, how it works, what it is capable of, and how you alone experience it before you should allow it to be utilized by others. Be protective of it. After all, it is like a baby growing inside you, and you are just getting to know the feel of it, nurturing it, and growing it, while you understand the greater meaning of it. It is life inside you, your very own life, and your very own infant energy. Be careful with it!

Life upon that earth is going to get very interesting. See what happens. Stay energy focused, caring of the self, and cognizant of your place in the world now as you go innerly and become spirit focused, and a tender of your own energetic fuel, keeping your own fire kindled and glowing. Keep this inner balance going, even as you deal with life and all the issues that arise and, of course, must be met and dealt with. Never shirk your responsibilities in life, but do learn this new balance now too.