#62 Take Off the Blindfold

Dear Jeanne,
I feel your energy very intensely today. I know you desire to continue guiding us and offering your knowledge. What message do you have today?

Acquaint yourselves with the signs that are guiding you during this time of energetic force. Accustom yourself to becoming alert and aware and keenly focused on reading the guidance offered. I am not kidding when I say that there are many, many things being offered to those of you who reside upon that earth. Many hands aid you, offering guidance and direction, and even pulling you up out of despair or predicaments you may find yourself in. But, few take note, and few are aware that this offer exists.

Begin to study in your own life what has recently been made available to you. Begin to accept that all that you are given is meant for you to experience and learn from. Guidance abounds, but it is up to you to notice, and then to dare to accept it, and take advantage of what is offered to guide you on your path. A fork in the road, a path splitting, is an opportunity for growth and change and a necessary aspect of life. A journey would not be fulfilling if there were not plenty of decisions to be made and plenty of uncertainties to face.

Do not blindfold yourself any longer as you walk your path. Take off the blindfold that keeps you hidden from the reality of your life on earth and from the reality of gifts of guidance being presented to you. Your abilities now must become awareness focused so that you will be able to center yourself in this new life you so desire. Use your awareness to get you there. Use your knowledge of other realities, co-existing with earth time, to aid you as you go. Do not run, covering your eyes, from the knowledge that is offered, but instead open your eyes, and gaze upon it as upon a gift, and take this gift for your own.

Your life is meant to be growth-oriented, your path, your journey interesting, challenging, and always open so that you may travel forward and grow from your experiences. So, center yourself now upon that path, stop a moment and look around you. Take in your reality, see clearly where you are, right now, at this moment, and then decide what you must do to be in the right place in the next moment. Pause and remain focused on your spirit when you take in your surroundings, not your ego or your desires or your wants, but your spirit.

Who are you really? What is it that you must truly do with your life? Are you on the right path? Are you spirit-oriented now? Are you aware that life will not allow you to hide or remain blind? Life and the universe will attempt to show you what you need to know. But, it is up to you to see clearly, accept it, and go with it. Life will not cease to challenge you, at times in big meaningful ways, and at other times in small significant ways. Always is there guidance available.

Even this new clarity and this new awareness I speak of can often seem like a dream world. As you gain your awareness so do you gain awareness of parallel worlds and of your ability to exist in more than one at a time. Begin to enjoy this phenomenon. Your ability to seamlessly transfer your attention, your awareness, from one world to the other will strengthen as you practice. Your ability to flow will gather strength, and your ability to enjoy both worlds more fully will ensue.

Do not be frightened by this aspect of reality. As you feel yourself enter another world, another sense of reality, perhaps in meditation or perhaps in being out in the world, notice the feeling of it and stay there to enjoy it. Bring aspects of it back with you into your other world so that they begin to merge and you will find that your realities are more smoothly blended and your crossovers less drastic.

Eventually, will your realities be better blended, and your awareness will be alert in both worlds. Your life will begin to change as you realize that your spirit-oriented world of magic and guidance is in fact present all the time. Your reality is in fact spirit-oriented at all times. When you arrive at this knowing will you have come far on your journey of spirit, knowing that you took the right path, the right fork in the road.

As your blindness dissolves and your seeing increases, look forward to clarity that you can use to guide you through this time of intensity with the energy of the earth pulling and pushing and grabbing and trying to entice you to join it at all costs. But, you know now that this is not a good idea any longer. Now you stay in your center, in your calm, and observe this energy and the impact it has, but you stay strongly spirit focused and spirit driven. Your mature spirit has contained within it the responsibility for nurturing you on this journey into new life, and your mature spirit seeks to guide you correctly. So pay attention to it!

Do not do anything foolhardy. Do not do things the old way. Do not jump ahead without finding the truth first, whether or not that jump you want to take is right for you. It may be, but now must you make it with conscious spirit clarity, staying always focused on seeking your resonance and your spirit knowing. This is your new guide, your new decision maker, and the new you who will move now more swiftly into awareness of your own parallel worlds and your own realities, learning to flow with your life, taking the path of spirit.

All of this is good, but I request that you maintain your center over the next few days as the energy attempts to override your calm. Do not be tempted by it. It’s the wrong time to engage it, for it is not spirit focused, but of the opposite sort, seeking to distract and catch you off guard. Stay focused!

“I am flowing in my life, I am remaining centered, I am aware, I am knowing and seeing clearly now.” These are the proper words to speak now to remain centered and guided. Good luck in your endeavors. Let’s see what happens next. Don’t be surprised by anything. Just remain centered and say, “Oh, okay, so that’s how it’s going to go, okay, I can handle that.” And then flow with your life rather than fight it, for it is leading you properly, this I can guarantee! But, only if you remain calmly spirit centered and focused, otherwise you may screw it up! I dare you to take off your blindfold and take up the challenge I offer to be alert, aware, and spirit focused!