#52 Your Bubbling Stream

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

The way to experience the magic in your life is to trust everything you are given. Your way now is clear, your path open, your rivulet flowing, bubbling, alive, and energetically available. Do not lose yourself in the old, but stay focused on the new. Open your eyes and begin to see that there remains in your life much that is quite amazing and ready to assist you as you go forward now into new life.

As you unburden yourself, using the techniques and the guidance that I have heretofore instructed you to take advantage of, realize that your way has been cleared so that you may make this passage into new life unencumbered. Your preparation and the guidance given have afforded you open doors and smooth paths so that your focus may be on your growth now. Do you not see this? Are you caught thinking that you remain stuck in the cobwebs of old sticky situations? Well, that is not accurate, for you have been given the means to snip your way out of those old webs. Do you not see the scissors in your hand? Do you not know how to use them? Of course you do! But you must take the initiative to act, to lift your hand, and use the gift of those shears to unlock yourself from your old ideas of yourself, and allow your view to open, your path to clear, and your way to be obvious.

Remember where you now stand. Your bubbling stream is offering you redemption, absolution, and cleansing of the grit of your old ways. Take advantage of this gift, this gift that will lead to your wholeness and the discovery of your own energy source. Lie down in your stream. The waters are cool and gently flowing. You will not drown, or be tossed about like in the rough ocean. You will be nursed and coddled and cleansed, for you are in your resonance now, and that makes all the difference.

Do not be afraid to let yourself enjoy a few moments of complete abandon as you allow the water to tickle and sweep you up in its embrace. Lie on your back, lie on your stomach, tip your face into its pureness, and enjoy this gift of nature that seeks to heal you. Bathe in the spirit energy that flows all around you and allow your innocence to come out and play. When I say abandon yourself to it, I entice you to let down your old guards, your fears, your terrible rules that hold you from enjoying your innocence, and allow your spirit to relax in the flow of energy that resonates so well with your own. It is there to work with you now, to guide you, and to show you the direction you must take in order to continue your progress now into new life.

When I speak of new life I entice you to remain clear-eyed, accepting of the signs in your life. Are you not being offered guidance, gifts, and clarity as to how you should proceed now? Are you being offered something that you can’t refuse? Why are you so afraid to accept the gifts being offered? They are meant for you, to aid you in your life, so that you may continue to grow and to prosper as a spiritual being.

Find now, as always, your spirit center. Remain in your calm and your balance, and your clarity will come to you so that you will know how to proceed in your life. Stop worrying so much! All of you must let that old soggy garment go to the dump! Don’t even bother looking at it, just toss it onto the pile and walk away from it! Don’t you trust me? Haven’t you already experienced the reality of my guidance in your life? I believe you have, all of you, or you would not be so far along. But, I know that trust is one of the most difficult attributes to cultivate, for it entails becoming vulnerable and innocent and exposing your raw unprotected self to the dangers of life. But, how else will you learn if you do not test your hunches, and have real experiences to back you up? That is how you will learn to trust, by giving your self the gift of finding out what life has in store for you, by truly living it.

You will not truly live life, or have the experiences necessary to cultivate trust if you stay at home, locked in your old ways, afraid of the world, afraid of even yourself in that world. Allow your real self to experience a little of that resonant energy now. Allow it to bask in the gentle flow of it. Test the waters, my dears, and see what gifts await you in its flow. Your gifts await you. Trust that they are there for you. Accept them and see what happens next!

I love you all. Be brave and you will be well. After all, it’s just life that awaits, and what can be bad about that? It will come and find you anyway. Why not meet it head on, with a new attitude, ready to accept it? Your experiences will be different, for your enjoyment of life will change, and your trust will grow so that each new step may take you further into your life of spirit, and that is GOOD!