#53 The Egg of Knowing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us all today?

Stay in your calm peace and learn to recognize your resonance in the world around you. Train your beacon of light upon your world that is now, and learn to recognize the reverberations of your own spirit there so that you can proceed correctly. Your own knowing must be your guide, but your life outside of you holds the signs that you must learn to recognize as your guides and your spirit resonance.

I continue to advise careful study of your place now in that life on earth. I expect you to take into consideration all that you have been learning, making a list of the techniques that have value and pertinence in your life, and begin to apply them. When necessary ask for guidance, for clarification, and for a sign of undoubtable direction. For to have difficulty is part of life and part of learning, and there is no doubt that all will confront confusion and despair at some point. But, do not allow such display of confusion to disturb your progress. Instead, take it as a sign that you are being challenged to utilize your skills of navigation and the offers of help. You are being asked to test and trust your own knowing and that which is being offered to you. In time of decision is there often confusion, but with quiet contemplation is there also the possibility of clarity and inner knowing if you take enough time to shine your beacon of light, your resonance, upon the situation and discover what you must do to make the choice that your spirit desires.

If you feel distant from your spirit, can’t feel your energy, can’t find resonance anywhere yet, then are you simply at a place of continued learning about your inner self. This then is the time to take your attention off the outside world for a bit longer and go innerly, seeking your own resident spirit energy. Give yourself permission in this case, to absent yourself from the world around you as often as possible in order to gain clarity of self and an understanding of your own calm, your own balance, first, before you go deeper. To seek your spirit energy is to go very deep indeed, but this act of knowing of the self does require removal from the attachments and distractions that pull at you and require your attention, taking your energy.

Seek quiet times as often as possible no matter what stage of growth you are at. Take a quiet walk, sit and stare out the window, look at your hands, peer into your own eyes, simply lie down for a nap and feel you, your self, both inside and outside, as you engage in your time of quiet. Begin to know your quiet feelings, your calm state, or, if you are already advanced, proceed directly to this place of calm and immediately activate your inner energy vibration. By this I mean feel it. Feel your vibration; your energetic hum that is your resonance, your own active energy. Do this often throughout your day, taking even brief moments of calm: standing in line, sitting in the car, working, or even in the midst of activity. You can reassert your calm at any time once you have found it and firmly established it in your physical knowing and your spirit knowing.

This one technique of residing in calm is your biggest asset, so I urge you to perfect it. Today is as good a day as any to more succinctly assert its presence in your life. Think of your calm as a quiet egg, a large Easter egg, beautifully painted, held in your cupped palms, warm with your own energy, weighty with waiting, and patiently sitting. Hold this egg and know that inside is your own energy growing, your spirit energy forming and developing. Remember your beautiful bowl that you also one day imagined and cupped in your hands? Now is the time to bring that bowl forth again and create a soft bed for your egg of knowing to rest in. Place your egg upon its nest in your beautiful bowl and know that it is safe there.

Whenever you go to your calm, seeking your resonance, go also to your bowl and pick up your egg and warm it with your calm inner light, giving it warmth and energy. Eventually, your energy will resonate outward, and your vibration will reverberate, penetrating the shield of your egg, and you will give it your full attention until it hatches and reveals that it holds your resonance that you have been nurturing and caring for.

Once opened your energy will reside in your own hands, as light, as pure knowing, and this you must place in your center, where your calm resides, knowing that you have discovered your resonance, and you will recognize its reverberation, its vibration, as being your own. This is seeking your own resonance, recognizing it, nurturing it, studying it, and feeling it, but also know that it requires time to incubate and grow. It requires work and attention and yes, I know how busy your lives are, how many distractions there are, and how many things pull for your attention. But, I also know that you must all learn to take time for yourselves, no matter how busy you are, or you will not progress on your journey of spirit, though your desire may be great. A journey of spirit requires inner calm, and inner quiet, and patience, and self-study in order to truly know the self and the inner spirit.

In order to understand what your spirit is truly capable of must you nurture it and pay attention to it so that it becomes as a warm egg growing. Is this not a good sign for you on this day of resurrection? Are you not happy to know that you have within you possibility of growth and the potential to live your life in greater clarity and understanding of all that exists there for your potential growth? Are you not excited about learning about your own energy, that will heal, not only your seeking self, but also your physical and mental self? For you are but pure energy and that is the main thing to keep in mind. You are already energy, you just need to feel this in your self, in your body, in your mind, and in your spirit, your true source of energy. Give yourself these gifts I suggest in order to connect your desire for resonance with your reality. These images I present may help you visualize your calm, anchoring you, so that you can immediately go there, to your center, and sit with your egg in your palms for a few minutes before you place it back in your nesting bowl and go back to your busy day.

All of these calming techniques are good for you, my dears. Find the one that works best for you. Call upon it to help you when you need to make a decision, or confront a situation, or simply need a moment alone with your own energy. You are doing well. Great job! Resonant energy is resident energy, inside you, outside you, the totality of you. This is what you must seek to recognize! Your egg of knowing!