#54 Explore Your Energy Body

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

I have planted many ideas lately that need to be solidly practiced and made important in order for progress to be made in life on earth and in evolutionary growth. I speak of the practices of recapitulation, seeking resonance, learning how to go into deep modes of relaxation and contemplation, and the practice of detachment. All of these things are essential means of allowing growth to happen, but growth takes work. With these practices firmly established in your daily routine will they eventually become the new habits I have encouraged you to develop and your growth will be assured.

I know that I have pushed you to accept your challenges, take on the gifts that have presented themselves to you, and generally see your world differently now. I have also encouraged much self-reflection and time taken to contemplate your next move even as I have encouraged daring on your part. But, resonance has always been the key that I have stressed, and that is what you must continue to seek in your interactions, your relationships, and your life in general. For resonance is the guiding energy and this you must understand in order to grow. Understand what this means in your own life, in your own spirit life, your inner you.

Seek to find what your own energy is, how it feels, how it vibrates, and how it reacts in times of change. Does it go quiet? Does it speak clearly to you? Do you feel it as excitement with a clarity of purpose that is undeniable? Do you but sense it lightly, feeling it is still an underdeveloped skill? Or, are you just not quite allowing yourself to acknowledge its truth yet, because you aren’t quite ready for it?

All of these questions will aid you in discovering just how important and individual your own energy body is. Your energy body is you. It is your shape, your configuration, your every thing, yet it exists independent of your physical body, even though it resides in it. It is capable of transcending that physical body, of venturing beyond it, and of having its own experiences independent of your physical self. This is the body that dreams, that knows, that feels, that is learning to grow. This is the part of you that desires to become your foremost body, your active and guiding force. This is the body that will feel resonance. This is your resonance.

As you understand energy and how it works in the universe, bring that knowing of energy into your self. If everything is energy, so are you. This I have proposed to you many times. You are vibrant energy, and as such so are you capable of much that you only imagine is possible, but in reality is actually possible. Your trust in yourself as pure energy, as an energy body above all else, will allow you access to this aspect of your self. I encourage you all to begin to explore this aspect of yourselves now.

We have spoken before of how your energy, how you elect to use it, affects everyone and everything in your nearness. This you have probably already understood and seen activated simply by your attitudes or tempers, and how these human attributes affect those in your family, even your pets. As you have learned to calm yourself and maintain your balance have you not seen a change, not only in yourself, but in those around you? Has not your calmness noticeably affected others? As you maintain your attention on your own calmness you are definitely affecting everything in your energetic vicinity. This is how energy works.

As your own energy becomes increasingly stable, and increasingly focused on calm and balance, so will you see even greater affect in your self, but also in those around you. You have such power! Did you not know this? You have within you the power to affect your immediate world simply by your activation of your own inner energy being.

Begin now to focus more on this calm energy that is at your very core. Begin to feel, but also begin to consciously use it to affect your world. Use it to discover your way, utilizing resonance in order to test it. See what happens as you use it. It is powerful, whether it is used subtly, gently, or if you decide to pour all of your attention into it.

Experiment with it. See what happens as you stay more often in your balance and your calm, as you discover your energy body, feeling its vibration, and allowing it to guide you in your life. You may feel that life takes on an aspect of wonder, almost a dreamy quality, as you navigate through life differently, as clarity of vision and truth become your focus now, and the negatives in your life drop away from your knowing. Instead, may you find that your challenges are seen clearly for what they are, and your way may be made easier as you discover that your reluctance to trust your own energy guidance has held you back.

This is good practice now in the energy flow that resides upon that earth and wishes to aid you in your growth. Match it with your own energy flow, finding your way, meeting your resonant energy in its vast field, and allowing yourself to be guided by this truthfully resonant energy. As difficulties arise in your life bring yourself back to your calm center. Always center yourself first before you act. Remain focused on this inner calm and evaluate your reality from this place. Your actions must be guided from this place, this center that is your true energy place. Will you listen to the truth that emanates from this place of calm knowing? That is the question. And that is your ultimate challenge.

Will you act on your knowing, your truth? Or will you allow your inner child, or your greedy adult, to make the decisions in your life? Who’s in charge? Do not begin a fight, but do begin to take control of your power source, and learn to utilize it so that your life will become less frantic, less full of fear, and more full of positive knowing.

You all have within you this energy and this truth of knowing. It is innate, but it has been left alone for a long time and you have been rediscovering it now, bringing it out of hiding, awakening it from its deep slumber, and learning to know it again and trust it. Your recapitulation, your acts of detachment, and your progress discovering your energy body and your resonance, all together, have been helping you to progress. Your awakening is well underway.

Continue to practice your techniques of growth. Continue to utilize you energy for good in your life, containing it in your calm center for your own use, but knowing also that in so doing are you having affect upon the greater world. Changes are now upon that earth as many more become aware of this energy source within themselves. Many elect to use it for personal gain, and that is fine if they must go that path, but others who are done with that aspect of life are finding that they can use it for personal growth of spirit, and this will have great impact as this energy of spirit sweeps across the nation and aids in awakening the many spirits still slumbering in oblivion. Your own path must come from within. Your own way must become clear to you as you learn about your own energy and your own needs, both in that earthly realm and in your own spirit realm. For all must live upon that earth and experience it fully in order to eventually detach from it and enter the energy body realm.

Are there not signs around you that greed is not the path to take? Are there not signs that humankind has overloaded the planet and taken too much? Are there not signs of overindulgence on many levels of that life upon that earth? Are you not tired of the structures now in place that decide your future simply because you allow them to, out of habit, or laziness, or simply because you no longer care?

Well, you have within your own self the power to change, not only your circumstances but everything about you, simply by your actions, your decisions, and utilizing your inner knowing. But, do you dare? I continue to confront you with this question. Do you dare to change? Do you dare to trust your inner knowing as your guide? Do you dare to leave behind all the structures that hold you captive and go on the adventure of your lifetime?

Find your energy body, and as you sit there in your own knowing begin to enact change, one little thing at a time, especially utilizing your energy, your calm, to begin those changes. This is where you must act from, from your calm. Not from some loud decision-maker that is your ego or your inner child, but from your place of inner energy. This is how to begin to utilize all of the gifts of change that you have been given over the past few months.

Are you ready to change, to heal, to grow, and to experience your own energy body? Are you ready to explore your inner world, utilizing your techniques of recapitulation, detachment, and clarity of knowing in order to proceed on your path of spirit? I challenge you to stay in your resonance now and do the work of spirit so that your next step in life may come from your truth, and best of all, you will know it, and you will feel it reverberate as you recognize this aspect of yourself. And you will begin to understand what it means to experience your truth and in this manner gain acceptance of it as your guide.

I challenge you all to begin testing your knowing now, for you will not trust until you have concrete examples of your knowing in your own life. Believe nothing. Test everything. The truth is in your own experiences, and that is how you will know that you are on the right path and that you can trust your spirit being, your own energy, and your own knowing. All of this is good! Go now and test!