#51 Take Off Your Old Winter Coat

Dear Jeanne,
What would you like to discuss today?

Unencumber yourselves of what you believe you must do and focus instead on the leanings of the heart, of the spirit, and the need of this aspect of yourself to seek calm in order for growth. Growth will not happen as speedily as it should if you remain bound to old ways, in spite of the fact that you stand now in the flow of energy that is fully capable of aiding in your growth. Do you not feel the stream running past your legs and bubbling over your feet? Do you not feel the cool water soothing your weary bones? Do you not also feel the energy of it urging you to walk now in its flow and discover what lies ahead waiting for you?

Let your bare feet lead you. Let your raw spirit be your guide. Disregard the old burdens upon your shoulders, for they are but your old musty winter garments that you no longer need. Time now to lay those upon the shore, spread them in the sun if you desire, but know that you will not come by this way again and they are no longer necessary in the future you are going into. Feel the freedom of unencumbering yourself of those soggy old garments. Are your shoulders not lightened, and your head too, as you remove from you the things of old that have kept you bound?

Regret nothing, for you have nothing to regret. You live and play the game of life, and every step, every move, every throw of the dice is part of learning to play the game. The game now goes into the water, the babbling brook where the energy of this tiny rivulet leads to a larger body of water soon to be encountered and this you must be ready for. Consider that this time now, of dabbling in the resonant energy, the stream you have stepped into, is a time of preparation. And what must you do when you prepare for something new? Discard the old, of course!

Circumvent not your duties and your responsibilities, that is not what I advocate at all. Do not disrespect, or become callous, or leave others, who you have duties to, unprepared for the change in you. But do prepare everything, including the people in your lives, for the changes in you that will affect all of them. Stay in your truth at all times, speak it, do not deny it, but also behold your duties to others, and your consideration of them and where they also now stand, as you begin to make your changes. Your changes will affect others, have no doubt about this, but you know how to present yourself now, from your center, from your balance, and your calm, and when you speak from this place will your voice speak only truthfully, with care, and with insight, that those in your life will understand is the real you.

Do not unburden upon others either. For this is not right, nor is it how problems should be addressed. You are responsible for all of your burdens, even if they involve relationships with others, for you are equally responsible for engaging in a relationship as the other is. You are totally liable for all of your mistakes and all of your interactions and all of your relational dilemmas. Take responsibility for every action you have ever taken, and be pure now in your understanding of life, and that we are all guilty of every sin and every unkindness and every belief that we hold against others. Allow the waters of your stream, your rivulet, to cleanse you of the burdens of the horrors of your past, your mistakes, your grave disregard of others, your need to hold them responsible for that which you willingly partook in. Absolve yourself and them, and begin to allow the grimy dust of the past to slough off in the flowing waters so that you may step forward now fully knowing that you are nothing, you are empty, your ego deflated and unnecessary, and that only your clean feet and your true spirit are necessary for your journey ahead.

You may need to stand there a while as you unburden, but this is a good place to stand. The flow of energy will take, and give to you, as you do your work. It will wash away your sins, your ego-inflated self, and it will fill you with new energy. It takes and it offers. It cleanses, so that your truth may shine, and your clarity become as crystal clear as the waters once your burdens have washed away. Stand as long as you need in this spot now, and determine your job of unburdening yourself of your encumbrances. Do you see what you must do? One item at a time now, remove it from your spirit and drop it into the rivulet and watch it slowly disappear as it is, bit by bit, disassembled by the flow and taken apart as you observe and partake in seeing it for what it truly is. Once that burden is disassembled and gone, like grains of sand, put down your next burden of truth and watch it too dissipate in the energy and flow from you. These burdens contain your truths, but they are your old truths, not your new truths, but they must be fully discovered before you can move on into your new truths, otherwise they will remain as burdens, and you will never be able to leave them behind, though you may desire to.

Your burdens are your truths, but your unburdening will also reveal your truth, your emptiness, which is your greater truth, for it is your spirit unburdened and set free to learn the game of life with new knowledge and new rules now. And the game of life will expand into a much larger playing board as you discover that it does not exist inside a box, set with rules dictated by others, but that it exists in your own reality with new rules set by you, for you are free to play your game of life as you wish now, once you have learned the lessons of the old game of life and no longer need to keep learning them over and over again.

So, step out of your old winter coat, empty your pockets, discover what you must, feel its old worn fabric and love how it has protected you and kept you warm and brought you thus far in your life. Bid it fondly goodbye now, and put it aside without fear or regret, for you will not need that old coat again. It has done its job, and done it well indeed. Thank it for its service and its care of you, but also set it free from you too, so that it may rest now and allow the sun’s warmth to fill it and take it into its own new life, wherever that may be. Your past is your past, so let it rest there after you have understood it fully and taken full responsibility for your part in it, knowing that you did what you had to do in order to get where you are now, and all of it was good for your growth. Look where you are now! On the verge of new life! What could be better than that!

So, my dears, my good traveling companions, be brave and caring of yourselves and all who are around you. Stay in your truth at all times and you will do well.

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