#50 Resonance: The Energetic Solution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Look for an energetic solution to all of life, and all of life’s problems that seem to haunt you. There is no other outlook that will aid you in discovering your real purpose for life now upon that earth than the seeking of your own resonance as it relates to energy around you. As I have earlier spoken of seeking resonance in the energy that now swirls upon that earth, so do I now speak again, in more detail, so that you understand my meaning and the concept of resonance as it refers to your growth.

Energy is everything. Everything is energy. This I have spoken of often. Your own energy is particular to you and you alone, yet are there similar strains of it to be found elsewhere in your universe. This is resonance. Yet, must you learn to recognize them, appreciate them, and understand that this is where you need to put your attention, following the resonance that appeals to you and will promote your growth.

I do not advocate rushing into anything. This you know. I have spoke often now of contemplation and taking time to seek deeper meaning in everything you undertake. I realize this may seem to be difficult, or even impractical, now during this time of energetic reality that pushes and entices you to join in its flow. But, you are not going to just jump in to the turmoil of it. This too we have talked about. It is not the time to be foolhardy or daring simply because the energy is pulling at you. Now you have learned a few things, new things, about life, about energy, and about your self. You have gotten beyond the critical verge, the edge, and stepped into a new reality with the guidance you have been offered. You are on a new kind of journey.

This journey, in order to be fully experienced, must be take with a new wise knowing, and a new sense of self as energy, residing in energy. You are perhaps more at risk than ever before to do something wrong or unworthy of you and your new place. But, if you slow down and feel the energy, accept the knowledge of your own energy, and seek only to interact with your resonant energy, then will you find your way correctly.

Seek to understand first your own energy. Test its resonance in the world around you. Become as a beacon, a light, shining around, and discover where your light intercepts other light of similar resonance. Not all light, energy that you intercept will be right for you. Not all energy will resonate. This you may already know in concept, but have you tested it yet? Have you allowed yourself the truth of this knowing? Do you resonate with the people in your life? Do you accept the answer you get when you ask this question?

You will not find happiness, or complementation, or fulfillment, or meaning in that life until you face the truth of your own energy and the resonant quality of it in others. Seek this in the energy around you now. The energy is alive, vibrant, and full of potential. Your own spirit too is full of these qualities, but you must allow it the freedom to seek resonance in what life offers in order to become fully present, alive, useful, and capable of interacting meaningfully and with complete confidence. Your job now is to acquiesce, not to the energy, but to your own spirit energy, and seek reciprocal energy that resonates with your own. This is your greatest challenge now. To put aside your old notions of who you are, what you think, what you need, and where you should be in your life, and open up to your energy in its purest state is what is now expected of you if you are to tap into the resonant energy that exists all around you.

Sit quietly each day as you have trained yourself now. Find your center and your balance, but also now find your energy vibration. Find your deepest self, and allow it to guide you so that your next steps in life, your next choices, your next moves become guided by this energy, from this place inside you. Send out this beacon of spirit energy into the world, shine it upon your choices, and await resonance, vibrating back to you at the same resonance, the same frequency, and you will know you are making a correct move. You will feel perfectly calm and balanced, yet will you also feel fulfilled and warmed by the prospect of sharing in this new resonant energy that matches your own.

Your discovery of your own resonance is your first job. Once you have this firmly established, acknowledged truthfully, and because you have done your inner work, and stabilized you energy, then can you begin to seek your resonance in the energy that is life around you. Work first on yourself, seeking this energetic solution. Take your time, so that you know who you truly are, and what you are truly capable of before you attempt to engage outside energy.

Once you are ready, the outside energy you discover and seek to engage may be in any form, friends, jobs, enjoyment, new engagements or activities, but the key is going to be to recognize spirit connection, resonance. Take your time. You have already decided to take a journey of sorts, whether you are fully committed or not you are in the flow of energy, and it is available to you. Engage it when you feel ready, test it carefully, and if you do not feel right, if the resonance is not perfect, then pull back and give yourself a pat on the back for your bravery in testing and not getting sucked in. Stay firmly centered in your spirit energy and this will help maintain your stability, your sobriety, and your care of the self at all times.

As I said previously, this is not a time to abandon the self to the energy. It is a time to carefully seek resonance in energy, and then, when you find your match go for it, and you will flow nicely with much growth to be expected. Even if you get caught up in something that appeals to you, but ultimately reveals itself as being the wrong energy strain, so can you remove yourself from it with all of this knowledge, and all of this truth that you are paying attention to now, from this new place that you have worked yourself forward to. You have placed yourself in a good position. Time to test the waters? Only you will know for sure. See what happens!