#49 Learn What Energy is Capable Of

Dear Jeanne,
I feel like you want to talk about the energy again and how we should approach it. Is this your focus today?

Yes, but I also speak with a warning against abandoning yourselves to it, to the power of the energy. You would not throw yourself into a swirling vortex, would you? You would not leap into a swirling, choppy river offering only certain death, would you? Well, consider the energy around you as powerful and violent if you do not approach it with care and with concern for your wellbeing. It can capture you unaware, and drag you into its fury if you are not careful. But, it also has the power to take you far on your journey if you take your time and prepare yourself well. Acknowledge its power, at all times remain aware of it, and consider each step you take, each act upon your journey with this in mind.

I requested that you look for resonance in the energy, your personal resonance, so that your movement into the flow would be right for you. This I continue to advise. Be thoughtful, be calm, and be always attentive to what is pulling at you, or pushing you, so that your choices in life may be wise ones.

I have concern that many may simply abandon themselves to the energy, and that is not a good idea. I propose, that the best method will also need much work, and will require that you proceed slowly, with deep contemplation, so that your steps are correct, and your endeavors fruitful. I realize that it may take some experimentation; that you may have to experience what the energy is capable of doing to you first, before you understand my concerns. You may notice that you continue to be caught in old habits, or you are slow to get out of a difficulty you find yourself in. This may be not only your own inability to change, but also the energy teasing you and keeping you caught, in essence holding you under its power, until you realize where you are and what you have been consumed by. Clarity will eventually come, and when it does, when your head has cleared, look at your recent mistakes with hindsight and intelligence, and learn what the energy is capable of, so that you will recognize it when you are on the verge of repeating a similar loss of self-power.

Back to the idea of finding your resonance, even in this powerful energy that now surrounds you. There is no going back now. This you must keep in mind. The energy is around you and you are in it. Have no doubt about this. But, as always, the choice is yours, of whether you wish to engage it for your growth, or lay back a little longer. You will be affected by it no matter which choice you make. But, as I began this message by being concerned about abandoning yourself to the energy, I wish to return to talking about your responsibility to remain as a mature, deeply contemplative individual as you proceed on your journey.

As you look for resonance in your life now is it advisable to do so from your place of calm and not from your place of eagerness. Eagerness is good, but calm is better. Eagerness will inevitably result in a few mistakes, but calm will lead you correctly to make the right steps. Be concerned about your direction, and look always for resonance of spirit as you proceed, this is how you will have success.

Leave aside now more of your old habits so that you have fewer barbs for the energy to catch upon and your entry into it will be smoother. You want to remain clearheaded at all times, calm, and deeply thoughtful about every move you make, reading the signs, and feeling your own resonant energy to guide you correctly.

I do not advocate rushing into anything, but I do advocate being daring. These are two different concepts. One, the rushing ahead, is laced with abandon, and reckless, unplanned action. Daring is an attribute that is a highly prized quality that, if utilized well, will aid you as you go forward in your life, knowing by your calm centeredness when it is appropriate to be daring and when it is foolhardy to be so.

So, today, please study your own life, your own situation and see if you are working from a place of thoughtful centeredness, or are you being a bit lazy and not staying focused, allowing yourself to be dragged along without being in control. Open your eyes, but also open your spirit a little bit more, and allow it to guide you to recognize the resonant energy that will speak directly to you and lead you properly. You want your journey to be flowing don’t you? Well, as always, it’s up to you, but I can point out a few things that might help you along the way. That’s all; I’m just helping you along the way.