#48 Encrustment

Dear Jeanne,
I keep hearing the word encrustment. Is that what you want to talk about today? What do you mean by it?

You will not have success accessing the energy and dipping your wholeness into the flow as long as you remain trapped in your encrustment of old. To enter the energy flow must you achieve a semblance of fluidity. In order to tap into your resonant energy flow that is now swirling upon that earth must you meet it with equal flow. Otherwise, your attempts to fully engage in its power will falter.

I know this is a time of great confrontation and change. I know that many are being dared, not only because of my encouragement, but because of the reality of life, to make great shifts in their lives. In order to do so smoothly and be available to access the energy that will carry you forward must you make a concerted effort to disengage from old ways, snap yourself free of your old shells of protection and denial, and step forward, freed of those old encrustments, so that your entry into life can happen differently now.

To stay bound, whether it be to a mental construct, a physical construct, a societal construct, or a construct originally placed upon you in your unknowing, does not matter. What does matter is that you have become supremely aware of such a construct, and now are you becoming aware of the need to dismantle it. For you have begun to learn and to experience a greater dimension beyond the normal constructs, a new view of life, and a deeper view of spirit, and the possibilities that life in its many layers holds for you. You have discovered that life is much more than you have been taught. Aside from what you’ve learned as a child and through your youth and into adulthood have you also taken upon your shoulders many other burdens, or constructs, that have ruled your life and kept you encapsulated in old ways that are no longer applicable to your new life and your new intentions.

Encrustments can be broken, peeled away, and discarded, that is the beauty of them. They are not really that difficult to remove once you decide to take them off you. Your ability to make the decision has been honed now, and it is just your reluctance that holds you back, from cracking, on the inside, the shell that holds you from your true self, your true energy, and your true abilities.

As the energy invites, so do I know you desire its company in your life. I know you are eager to engage it, and I also know how difficult it is to leave old ways and old comforts. Did I not have to do such a thing myself when I left that earth? I resided quite fiercely in a worn, depleted body, yet did I fight to remain in it, even though it had done all it could for me. I did not want to leave it, though it could no longer help me, nor could it offer any growth. To throw aside that encrustment and escape into pure energy was my own supreme challenge.

You are not at such a place yet, I hope, but you are surely at a place of growth, and that is what you must look forward to. Reluctance is but an old technique, an old habit. That too I learned, for in my release did I find energy, more than enough to take me forward. The energy now awaiting your own energy is of this sort, energy that is helpful, guiding, and prepared for your growth.

Give up your fears, your reluctance, your old habits of holding yourself in, and exude now release, and accept the possibility of energetic growth. Do what you personally need to do to chip and crack away at your encasement, even as the seeds in the ground and the buds on the trees do also need to crack through the encasement that holds them protected. But now is the protection no longer necessary. The only thing that can happen now is growth. It is inevitable.

So, as you have contemplated your situation, and begun to feel the energy around you over the past few days, have you not also wished to release yourself from your physical and mental woes, the constructs of old habits that hold you so tight and inhibit your growth? Do you not wish to find the key to your own release? It resides only inside you, and you alone. But, you are being offered guidance, and good advice to lead you forward to new life on many levels. But, it is up to you. The daring and the bravery both must come from you, to truly burst forth from your encasement and fully experience the energy of growth and evolution.

The buds upon the trees and bushes know that they cannot halt their growth. They know the inevitability of life’s energy and the force of nature that will bring them forth into wholeness, into their new form, their future selves. They do not have the power to resist such energy, nor do they wish to, for they flow in the energy of life at its most basic and beautiful. You too have access to this life force of nature. You too are a creature, a bud, an aspect of nature that is fully capable of going with the flow of energy.

Continue to feel this energy. Find your ability inside you to release yourself from your encasement, and become as the tiny bud, the seed, eager to burst forth and find what new form you are capable of. This is all about growth you know. Life is about growth. Why do you hesitate? It is inevitable. Now is as good a time as ever, and by that I mean, that it is truly the best time ever to go with the flow, and grow.