#47 Energy Song

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today and all who are making decisions to step into the energy of change as you have dared us?

I want you to feel the energy. I want you to not only take my word for it that it exists, but I want you to experience it, first hand, so that you understand what I am speaking of when I speak of the power of this energy now upon that earth.

There is really no better way than to experience it in your calm place of balance. It is vibrant energy, able to be felt physically, as well as psychically. Your own personal energy, your spirit energy, is alive with it, and this you can tap into as you center yourself.

Take the time now to meditate in calmness. Isolate yourself as often as possible and give yourself permission to sit in the energy flow and feel it as it swirls around and through you. This is very possible, especially if you recall my earlier message regarding the energy of your spirit being like water, and your physical self also being as nothing but oxygen and molecules in action. You are but pure energy, so of course you can feel energy.

Become pure vibratory energy. In your calm center find you spirit vibration and bring it to a place of awareness so that you will feel the energy that is now around you as more vibrant still, more forceful, and felt as pressing lightly against your own energy, urging you, pushing you, and guiding you. If you acknowledge the feel of it, then will you also be able to tap into it and allow it to take you forward on your journey, the only fuel you need.

Find your own vibratory resonance in this flow and you will find a good match for your personal energy body. This resonance, this personal match will be your guide and you will know that you are on the right track by the feel of this responding energy as it hums and sings to match your own spirit song.

Energy hums and sings; though you may not hear it with your ears your spirit will recognize it and know when it has met its perfect match. This will happen only if you stay in your center long enough to know well your own personal energy song. You may already know it well, or you may have had glimpses of it, or you may have not yet felt it clearly, but it does exist, and you will know it, recognize it, and desire more of it once you realize that it is your truth, your calm, and your balance and that it desires connection to you as well.

So, this energy balance is the next thing to cultivate from your place of calm physical and spiritual balance that you have been learning. Try to find this over the next few days and see if you can feel that great energy of change flowing around you, even as you can feel air and water flowing around you, and the whisper of your own knowing. Go deeper now and become pure energy in your meditation. You do not have to go anywhere with it. Just find it and feel it in you, and then find and feel it outside of you. This is good practice. For in the future will you need this understanding of energy in order to proceed on your journey into newness and to learn to trust that energy is life, and energy is all that matters, both on that earth and elsewhere. For energy affects everything, but how can you understand this if you do not experience first your own energy and then the energy around you? See where this takes you!