#46 Into the Inevitable

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any advice for us all today? What is the state of the world energy now, and how does that affect our own decisions and choices?

The energy that swirls upon that earth, as I have said many times, seeks change among you as inhabitants and protectors, users and abusers of that great planet, but it also requests that you begin with change upon your own self, that you may affect greatly all around you as you confront your own truths. The energy does not swirl gently, but it pushes and asks for commitment and dedication to the things that really matter. It asks that trivialities be pushed aside like old playthings, and serious endeavors to change and face truth now be exercised.

Upon each of your shoulders is the need to decide a new path now. That is what the energy pushes for, invites you to do, and gives you no choice, really. For what choice do you really have if there is no going back, no option but to move forward into the inevitable? Even if you do not, at this time, choose change, it is coming anyway. Change is coming whether or not you elect to go with change in your personal life.

So, what are your options, to stay stuck, and await the inevitable smothering, as change blankets you and leaves you in continual fog? Or, do you choose to acquiesce to the inevitability of change, and greet it with excitement, wondering where it will take you? Do you hide now under the covers, or do you choose to stand boldly and accept the inevitable? Change will happen now no matter what you decide in your own life to do. Will you partake, or will you hunker down and pretend it is not happening? Will you go with the flow of life and this grand change, or will you sit like a rock in the stream while all energy flows around you?

The energy will flow past like water, anyway. Do you choose to engage and grow, evolve, and find new life? Do you choose to see where it takes you, both in your inner life and your outer life? Do you dare? That seems to be the challenge now at hand for all mankind: do you dare to clearly see and acknowledge the truth and ride the clarity of energy as the opportunity arises?

Even in your stagnancy will you be affected, have no doubt about this, for on a worldwide level is there now great changes to come, monumental shifts, and unexpected calamities that will affect all upon that earth. Do you choose to pretend that it is not so? Do you choose to lie to yourself and continue to uphold a fallacy that will keep you in oblivion? Or, do you choose now to observe with clarity, to accept the truth as it is revealed to you, and to make decisions based on what you know and your new outlook on life?

You have been offered not only this challenge, but you have also been challenged to take your new learning to a new level. Your awareness is greater now. Your ability to perceive your world, and the greater world, differently, has slowly been developing to a keen awareness that reality has many definitions and many layers. Do not forget what you know. Do not push aside your knowing spirit as you ask yourself the questions that will lead you to the right path. Do not be afraid. If you keep in mind that change is inevitable anyway, then your choice becomes one of deciding to flow with change or standing still against the change. The change is coming, that I guarantee. So, how do you want to conduct yourself, your life, your gathering awareness, during this time of change?

You have made a commitment to growth and evolution. Is it but half-hearted? Are you playing games? Are you dipping into the flow of energy with no real interest or total commitment? Do you seek to change or not? I guess that is the advice I offer today, to find whether or not your convictions are real and truthful, and whether or not you truly desire growth on many levels. You will have changes, opportunities, and much energetic help available over the next months and years. There has not been this example of energy exchange in a long time. The magnitude of this energy force is phenomenal, so watch out.

Uncork your bottle that holds in your true spirit. Allow the fear to be removed so that your choice is based on awareness, truth, and the reality of life, both your own and the life of the world around you. Change is inevitable. Find now your way to make it become part of your life with acceptance, excitement, and anticipation, and your journey will be less stressful and more flowing. Acquiesce to the inevitable and you will find that your journey will become even clearer and your place in life more defined. After all, is this not what you seek, your true purpose in life? Well, the door to reality has just opened, but it takes you making the decision to walk through it before anything can happen. If you stand there too long trying to decide you may be pushed through by an intense wave of energy anyway, or it may simply wash over you and leave you wondering what just happened? Either way will you find, that change has occurred.

Step into the energy now. Allow change to enter your life. Find the springtime of growth, your own springtime of growth. Participate in it fully with your inner knowing, your innate abilities now waking up and asking for light and water and nurturing cultivation in order to continue growing. Give yourself the gift of change, and you give yourself the gift of life and the opportunity for evolution on the spirit level.

Awaken. Find your inner spirit and coddle it, center it, balance it, and dare it now to step out into the air and the light and become your guide, your companion, and your new self. Feel the beauty of this new life you have inside you that wants to live and grow and take you where you need to go.

Do not read my messages and then forget about them, for then are you not actively learning and seeking growth. Let the words, the ideas, the propositions I pose become internally active, and allow them to resonate as your life progresses and unfolds. Do you not experience what I am suggesting? Do you not feel the energy? Are you reading the signs in your life? Are you training your awareness? My messages will be mere words unless you work them into your life as meaningful and helpful assistance to a life that is complicated, eventful, and often frightening. But, if you keep your awareness tuned to looking for resonance, eventually will you understand the significance of what I speak of.

I speak to the individual, but I also speak to the masses. I encourage you, as an individual, to grow and become aware of your inner world, but I also encourage you to become more aware of your outer world, when you are ready. For your inner world and your outer world must be in balance or your progress will be slow. You exist there, in that one level of reality that is earth time, but you also exist in your individual and your spirit realities. In order to become cognizant of all of those realities, simultaneously able to see the truths of all, and with the ability to see what is now hidden from your eyes that remain fixed on earth time reality, must you maintain equal balance in all your worlds.

This will happen, the feel of it will come to you in brief moments of clarity as you experience energy and resonance, as you read the signs and test their validity, as you become scientists of alternate realities, and as you remain focused on growth. You have learned balance in your life on one level, now extend it further so that your calm and your balance extend into your other realities. Calm your tensely muscled body, that is your vehicle, and allow your spirit release as you uncork it from the confines of that structured reality you call your world. Allow it to calmly explore as you maintain your balance. Take with you all that you experience and place it firmly in your knowing. Allow it to seek explanation in the terminology that you have been learning as you read my messages. Allow your inner knowing to trust what you experience as real, but also give yourself access to truth at all times, and let truth be your guide. Your experiences will become your truths, and this will be how you know that you can trust your decisions and your learning of awareness.

So, today I urge a little daring of you all. I encourage some bravery and trust in your new abilities to guide you and take you where you need to go, forward, into the inevitable. I’ll see you on the other side of the doorway.