#45 Forge a New Rivulet

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for us today, on this first day of spring?

Be open to everything now. Do not dismiss anything as being insignificant. Do not fall back into old patterns of doubt or stuckness. Now is the time of growth, not re-growth but new growth, for spring is the awakening time, but it is also a time of rejuvenation and newness. From the old roots now come new shoots never before seen or experienced, new life that has, as yet, not tilted towards the sun or felt the nurturing rains or the playful winds.

Allow your own spirit to feel and exhilarate in this newness that is not only all around you, but in you as well. Allow the new habit of awareness to seep deeper into your knowing. Be open now to all that exists in your world. Regard your place there and know, by your intent and your openness, that all that comes to you is wanting your engagement. Understand growth differently now. With your new awareness of otherness, of other energies and other factors as having not only significance but also power in your life, allow your spirit to remain open so that your awareness may flourish even as the wild oats and flowers do flourish.

I am merely suggesting that your awareness has grown to a certain keenness now and the loss of that keenness would be a shame at this pertinent time, a time of true awakening and eagerness for growth.

Are you not eager in your soul for springtime and the growth that it affords? Are you not ready to continue your practice of awareness, to notice and experience your life differently now? Take advantage of this beginning of new life all around you, to tap into the powerful energy of it. Realize, that even as dormancy has laid its heavy head upon the ground and kept life slumbering so has your spirit also resided in dormancy by the heavy head of life upon it. But now, the magic of the times and the energy that has been building inside the earth, and in your own spirit, requests that you allow it to burst forth now in its eagerness for new life.

Elect to ride the energy, as the natural world elects to ride it. Find yourself as new, and growing, as the flowers and the trees. Allow yourself to spread your wings and become as the birds flying to and fro, preparing their nests for new life. Prepare your own spirit daily for this excursion into and this explosion of new life. We have long been at work teaching and learning many new things. Now is your time of experience. Time to put you learnings to the test. Time to remain open, aware, and permissive, so that your world now opens its doors to new cognitive realities as you read the signs, notice the abilities you have developed, and continually allow your innocence to be your guide.

Your innocence is your root from which all of these things spring, if you allow them to. Your innocence is opening the door to the energy of spring, breathing in the fresh air, and wanting permission to step out and discover, perhaps for the first time, the unbelievable magic of new life.

I offer only the guidance for you to do this. I offer, but you control your decisions and your openness. Are you ready to continue now on your journey, ready to “see” what actually awaits you now? Take your innocence by the hand. For a few moments forget everything that troubles you and gently urge your innocence out the door. It’s okay now. Don’t be afraid. There is only a new fascinating life awaiting your exploration of it. That’s all, just a new life wanting you to notice it, experience it, and continue to grow from it.

Seek always your calm. Find your balance. Give yourself permission to trust all the signs that come to lead you on your way as being important, and necessary, but most of all, directly present for you and your attention. So, pay attention to them. They are there for you to notice, to question, to utilize, and to continually discover a new life unfolding as your awareness hones to a new sharpness.

Allow life to be magical and it will be magical. Allow your innocence to lead you and you will enter a new reality. Allow your knowing to speak to you and in your new awareness will you hear it more clearly. Allow your truth to be spoken and your seeing to be real. All of these things must you test and experience in order to grow, and now is as good a time as any to begin the test.

Unearth your energy. Release it now from its old shell. Let it burst forth as the energy inside the buds in nature do wish to burst forth. Give it freedom to be your catalyst now, and see what new life will develop from your central energy zone; your spirit and your knowing, that is.

Close your eyes a little while now and listen. What are you really hearing? Is it life, energy, spirit, and innocence that you hear as it wakes up and begins a new period of growth unencumbered by memory or fear, simply alive and bursting with energy? Give your own spirit the same energetic freedom now to take you on an adventure, whether it be a small one, an acceptance of a new self in the world perhaps, or a big adventure that will dramatically change your life. If you follow your spirit, your inner knowing, reading all the signs in your life as you turn your back on the old ones, so will you have enough guidance to choose wisely a new path.

There are many new paths of energy now opening up upon that earth. There is a river of life energy overflowing its banks, seeking connection, and offering progress for anyone who desires the challenge of forging a new rivulet that eventually will lead to a new river of energetic force. Find your rivulet, your new path of growth, now, while this energy bursts forth, and you will have success as you ride its positive charge that will carry you forward into newness. Allow your spirit the freedom to take you there, into a whole new world. You never know where you might end up, but believe me, it will be pretty incredible. That, I can guarantee. Everything now upon that earth points in the direction of growth and change, even drastic change. Are you ready for it?