#44 The Habit of Recapitulation

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today? Where do we go from here?

Feel the void around you that will last but a short time now. But also feel, deep within you, the changes that have come about as you have made your choices and acted upon the knowing and clarity you have recently gained. Do not hold yourself hostage if you have elected to stay in oblivion yet a while longer. That is your choice, and so must you contend with the decision of this election. But, if you have elected the path of growth and continued seeking of your internal and external resolutions so will you now begin to adjust to the energy flow you have elected to step into.

Feel yourself on this new journey, aware yet afraid, full of compassion, yet also aware that you must hold back in order for others to have their own journeys, aware of your place now on your path like never before, aware of your needs, your desires, your safety of self, in order to progress. Find consolation and the requisite safety within yourself now. Place upon your own shoulders all that you know and trust, all that you have learned, and present it to yourself as a gift that will travel with you. For your clarity, your awareness, and your understanding of your life have become as tracts in a guidebook that you have studied and put to many tests and seen the results of as we have worked these many months. Pack this trusty guidebook into your knapsack, and know that it offers what you need. Your journey now is well prepared, your knowing primed, and your trust flowing, so that as you step out into the energy of new life, arrayed in your new garments, so can you go forward with confidence in yourself to handle all that comes to cross your path or meet you as you journey.

Look not backwards now, except as necessary to investigate that which you have left undone or unclear or substantially buried. It is not a good idea to keep hidden from yourself anything that will hinder your progress or keep you from your full potential as a free spirit, fully awake, and able to continue in full command. To have needling issues, hurting your progress and keeping you physically and psychically attached to old ways, will not bode well for the traveler who wishes to go on to wholeness. Wholeness involves total knowledge of the self, followed by total emptying of the self. For how can you have wholeness if you carry things that block so that all is not revealed in truth and clarity?

The process of recapitulation that I have often spoken of is going to be a lifelong process, a habit that you must learn to utilize for your continued growth. It is necessary and essential in order to fully accept the self, and be able to travel forward with the self fully available as companion and guide. As you know, this habit of recapitulation involves pausing to investigate the past, whether of difficulty or a past of joy, a past of intimacy or a past of dispute, no matter the situation the recapitulation of it requires total openness and the ability to look at the situation differently as you have learned to do with every aspect of your life now. As you recapitulate and see your situations of the past differently so will you learn about yourself differently too. You will understand your actions, your decisions, and your consequences differently. You will begin to piece together your life with a new clarity, rewriting your adventures, with new truths and old truths firmly scripted together so that your life makes total sense. In this process do you unburden yourself and free yourself of old ideas, memories, and fallacies that have kept you attached and slowed your spirit progress.

Your spirit desires evolution, but it cannot succeed if strapped to old ideas and falsely accused or wrongly suspected of deeds not done or actions not taken. Your spirit also does not progress if tied to ancient deeds or full of regret for wrongs committed. Learn from everything in your life, do not dismiss even the past that weighs heavily upon your conscience for the things that have gone unnoticed or been heavily sorrowful upon your knowing. All events, whether good or bad, whether committed upon or committed by must, by necessity, be truthfully viewed and given to the self in all clarity and honesty so that amends may be made by the self, for the self to move on and grow.

If there remain unresolved difficulties regarding others it is the duty of the self to resolve those difficulties with the new knowing, and trust that the journey one is now upon is fully available and dedicated to truth, and wherever it leads so is it the right one. The right journey will be revealed as truth as you confront your truths and know by the resonance in your heart that you are on the correct path at last.

Feel now the energy urging you to grow, to take control and command of your spirit, that guides you to accept your place as not only a seeker, but a spiritual being who has gained immensely in clarity and trust. Use these new tools to be your own guide now. Accept your appointment with yourself. Take up your book of knowing, and in your new finery go forward, bravely, into the flow of new life. You will find your way as long as you remain truthful, honest with the self and in your dealings with others, as long as you travel with compassion in your heart and understanding for others also upon their journeys. You will do well if you maintain your commitment to growth, and to self-study as a means of remaining aware and always forward focused.

Question always your actions and look always at your direction to see if it is the right way to go. Question your heart, not your head. Find resonance with your spirit at every fork in the road, at every twist and turn of events, and at every step toward growth. Is this the way my spirit desires to go? Is this the right step for my spirit to take? Does this feel right? Does it fit my spirit? Am I comfortable in this action, or this job, or this possibility as a proper spirit decision?

Stay always in your spirit. Stay in your balance. Even if you feel drawn far from your spirit at times, recall your center and your balance, and what that feels like, and get back there again. Reassert yourself in this spirit-centered place, and look out from your calmness, and make your decisions from this place of knowing and spiritual resonance. In this manner will you find that your life will flow smoothly, and your direction will carry you to the truth of your reality, and the meaning of your life. Do not doubt that such meaning exists, for all upon that earth have impact and have meaningful lives. Perhaps yours has yet to be fully revealed but, if you are well on this journey of spirit, you can be assured that sooner or later will you understand the meaning of your life as it relates to the world, on earth, and in infinity too.

Seek always growth of spirit. Seek always truth. Seek always awareness, and you will do well on your journey. Your progress will not be hindered if you learn to flow with your life as a river flows through the earth, finding its way, energetically alive and alert as it seeks its way forward, always flowing and full of spirit, no matter what it comes up against. Be as water now as you join the energy flow now upon that earth. Flow with your spirit energy and you will do well.