#43 Garment of Change

Dear Jeanne,
What would you like to talk about today?

Find your center now. You know this place inside you. It is familiar and known; you recognize its calm and the perfect fit of it. Substantiate your place there, find your wholeness and your strength and your wisdom there in this time of change, and allow yourself to acknowledge the solidity of your being. As you become quiet in this center that you have trained and sculpted within you, know that you are on the right path, for this is your inner place of knowing and balance. Begin your day there and your next step will, assuredly, be correct.

Empty your mind, your head, your thinking, unplan your agenda for a few moments of calm, and in this place of emptiness find your deeper connection to your own inner voice. Without trying too hard, let it begin to have volume and tone, and await your knowing of its familiar call. It will not surprise you because you will recognize its familiar language and find its rightness to your liking.

Find this voice inside your calmness and begin to make your way forward now into trusting and proving your abilities to be daring, but with full knowledge of your direction because you have sat and contemplated long enough now, and the rightness of your next move is undeniable. Begin to put into action now the progress that has been pending and the growth that has long been awaiting your spirit and your humanness to catch up. Go back to the precipice now, having understood that life calls you to live it, and the energy dares you to take a step forward now in order to move out of your place of stagnation and to breathe new air and new life.

I urge upon you, those who have remained uncertain and hesitant, to take now your own hand and reach forward with it into the unknown that awaits, full of the rightness of your life, and dare yourself to follow that hand now into new experiences. See where this takes you. There is no going back anymore. Either you move forward with all that you have learned or you stay in your old place repeating your old habits, and replaying your old records, and playing over and over the same old films of your life that you already know so well.

Time now to create new life, to breathe new air, and to dare yourself to wear the new cloak of change that awaits you. There will always be time to contemplate as you move ahead now into energetic change. Change is necessary for growth, without it is there but repetition of old tunes, old wounds, and old ideas that have no life or hope left in them. Change requires daring, and daring requires trust. This you must begin to exercise and test and see what happens next as you step forward into new awareness. You will find that if you maintain awareness it will reward you with the ability to see clearly the signs in your life that lead you and point you in the right direction. If you dare to trust that you are ready for new life, then will you be open to new life, and it will unfold before you in ways unimaginable. Your daring itself will open doors, and your trust in yourself and the guidance that will come to your aid will prepare you well for future growth.

Take on the new garments of change now. Replace your old worn shoes and socks, spring into new life draped in the colors that suit you best, and drape yourself for good weather and fair skies ahead. Your traveling companions will delight in the change in you, and your company will be of the pleasant sort as you allow yourself the freedom to change with your new calm and your trust in your knowing to guide you correctly.

Are you ready to begin this journey today? Are you holding your breath before you leap? Are you afraid and quaking in your boots? Are you full of fear and trepidation for the unknown ahead? Well, Good! That is exactly what you should be feeling, even though you also find yourself in your calm. These feelings are present in order for your daring to take you by the hand and say, come on, we’re going anyway. And then will you discover that the first step wasn’t too bad and that change is good, and that you actually feel quite good in your new clothes, for they fit you perfectly, and the color of your spirit is the right color for you.

Look for your energy now, find it and feel it. Allow it to circulate and become known to you again as you experience its vigor and life inside you. It awaits to carry you forward with that daring, that trust, and that newness that you are draping yourself in. All these things combined will now allow your innocence to come forth and be present with your mature knowing self, and the two of you will find your way together now, as traveling companions, ready to take on the journey of your life in a different manner.

There will be challenges. Have no doubt that life will continue to be full of interesting challenges, but your new abilities, if you remain aware and spirit driven with clarity to guide you, will enable you to experience them differently and you will find that everything placed before you is a necessary lesson in your evolution. Stop often and question, so that you will understand and learn fully what you must, in order to be correctly guided. Ask for help when you need it, ask for guidance and ask for clarity when you need those things as well. But, most of all, ask yourself to be your guide now, and trust that this is possible, and know that you are fully capable of being present and spirit driven in your life.

Where is your spirit taking you now? Do you dare to go? Be daring, be bold, and accept yourself on this new adventure that is life beckoning you to live it fully now. Why not get the most out of it now, while you have awareness and clarity and guidance awaiting you? Why not give yourself this gift? Let go of the old resistances, the old worries, the old cares, and be now spirit driven, and spirit fulfilled. The times now are good for this, and your progress will be assured, as you trust your spirit to guide you on your way.

Do you not trust your guidance thus far? Do you not see the journey thus far as having gotten you to this place in life ready for more adventure? Free yourself now to the guidance of your own spirit. Shake yourself awake, and look around, and you will see those new garments of change are right there beside you waiting for you to put them on and step outside, the new you, beautiful and alive and ready for adventure. Go for it! You will not be disappointed. It is just your own life that awaits, and what can be scary about that? It will happen anyway, why not make the most of it, fully aware, alive, and cognizant of all that awaits? Pull aside the veils and step out now fully clothed in your newness, steady in your calm balance, with the voice of your spirit guiding you. Welcome to the world you, the new you. It’s nice to have you here!