#42 Step Back From the Precipice

Dear Jeanne,
I know a lot of people are heeding your messages and being challenged to make changes in their lives and their relationships. Do you have something to offer those who stand on the precipice gathering their courage?

Step back from the precipice so that you are in your calm and you do not fall or leap unaided by your knowing. You do not wish to tumble off or fly off as you wrestle with your petty tyrants, or fail to make the proper choices. This time of awakening calls not for abandonment of self, but inclusion of self and the ability of the self to participate fully in the next step you take in life.

When I speak of petty tyrants I seek to alert you to your own worst enemies and give you insight into how these enemies work, and perhaps even sabotage your efforts to grow. Do not become overwhelmed by them. Do not let them push you over the edge and do not let fear of them push you over the edge either. Remain calm, remain centered, and work diligently from this place of self-reflection in order to understand the truth of your place now in your life.

Do your petty tyrants exist in a past that no longer exists? Are you facing the real truth of now, and perhaps forgetting that time has passed, and things have changed, and you are also different now too? Step back or roll back a little now from your precipice where you perch ready to make a leap into change and evolutionary growth. Yes, I challenge and I dare all of you to grow, but I do not expect you to do so without first understanding and knowing why you must go forward. Investigate for a moment how you arrived here. Why are you standing here? What has driven you? What is the truth behind your recent actions? Have you been spirit driven? Have you enacted change lately from your spirit center?

This is your inner self that desires change, this spirit that drives you, but that also requires deep contemplation and inner knowing to be your guides as much as my advice and my teachings. You must follow, at all times, your inner knowing, even above the advice I urge upon you. Do not create a petty tyrant out of me, but place me firmly in your knowing where you want me and where I should be in your life. Yes, I offer much guidance and I have access to knowing that is hidden from those of you who reside among the veils upon that earth. But you have been lifting veils and seeing what lies behind them. You have been seeing and learning and understanding much at a very rapid pace. You are, ultimately, your own guide, and this you must begin to acknowledge.

When I present the idea of petty tyrant, and I ask you to become an intern, what I really ask of you is that you take full responsibility for your life, your past, present, and future, and I also ask that you put into practice more fully the ideas I have been teaching you. Become an intern in your own growth process in a hands on, interactive approach to your own growth by resolving issues in your life that hold you back, utilizing the techniques you have learned through my guidance.

In order to utilize my teachings and take on the challenges I offer, yet keep me from becoming just another petty tyrant in your life, must you take upon yourself full responsibility for your growth now and use me to your best advantage. This I offer. All my guidance is free and available, but you must use it wisely and maturely in order to benefit from it so that you evolve.

So, step back today a little from that heady place you now inhabit. Feel the energy that has had you in its grip, tossing you up and down, and swirling you in its vigor to wake you up. Calm down. Step back and look at yourself now, at this very moment, and discover where you really are as a result of your desire to evolve and your participation in this mission I have embarked on with you, and you with me. I do not wish to become just another petty tyrant in your life. Yes, I will continue to push. I will continue to cajole, and I will continue to introduce you, at a rapid pace, to many new ideas and new outlooks on life. That is my method to shake you up and wake you up. But, I also expect you to act according to all that you have learned, to remain open to my guidance, and to truly take in and contemplate everything you learn on a personal level, and see where all of this fits into your life, and your spirit orientation, on a daily basis.

I push you, but I also ask that you stop and look for resonance in your own life. I ask that you question everything regarding your own situation. I request that you ask yourself daily: what is the meaning of this for me in my life? You are in charge of your life, not me. You are responsible for your evolution, not me. You are totally behind your own growth, not me. I offer guidance. But, your own guidance is more important even than mine, for you are your ultimate guide.

In my efforts to guide you I do push you to accept new challenges, to change, to evolve, and to grow with your inner spirit because those things are the most important things I can offer you. But, you must be a pro-active spirit and a pro-active human being in order to fully benefit from any guidance I offer. I cannot do anything for you except offer challenge and point out to you the opportunities for growth as they appear in the energetic framework of the times you live in.

So, do not throw yourself forward simply because I say it is time to do so. I do not ask or desire blind allegiance to my guidance, that would be absurd. You must use your knowing and your own inner guide as much as you use my advice to find your way in your personal life. Your internship has begun in earnest. Become the wise intern I know you are fully capable of becoming. Question everything. See how it fits into your life. Question its relevance, and question its meaning, and question how it fits you in your day and in your life now. Not all of my advice may at first seem pertinent, but if you wait the resonance will come. But, will you connect it with what you know? That is the other question. Are you retaining your knowing, your awareness, and connecting it to the events in your life that are there to aid you on your journey?

I know that many people now upon that earth are being encouraged by circumstances, challenges, and urgencies, to come to terms with many things, both inside the self and as a result of decisions made in their lives. Both the inner self and the outer self are involved in this time of decision-making. And these two aspects of the self must now maintain their balance, and unite in friendship and conviviality in order to embark on the journey into this grand energetic force that offers itself to those who are ready.

Are you ready? When you have calmed yourself down, joined your two halves, and made your decisions based on your inner knowing firmly situated in your reality, then will you know when the time has come to make your leap and benefit fully from the energy that awaits. And, it will wait for you to get to that place of calm and of knowing a little longer. If you stand poised in contemplation, rather than jump headlong into it or abruptly choose an old path, it will know you are on the brink of accepting this grand challenge and its energy pull will not desert you. But, it will require that you commit fully to growth.

Hands await you. Do not worry. The energy abounds with helpers. This I can assure you. But know also that the old path still holds along its waysides the old helpers you have relied on all these many years. They too offer their old comforts and this I understand. But, are they not just your petty tyrants waiting to welcome you back into their grasp with talk of comfort that is little more than oppressive and routine? Do you not wish to engage a new energetic force that will grasp your fingers but lightly and allow you to steer your course, offering the careful guidance you need, but only gently and sparingly? For they know you are fully capable, you just need to practice your skills and continue to learn new ones as life evolves.

All of these lessons are good ones to learn as you travel your life. But, as always, I request that you stop often and look for resonance in your own life. Feel it, see it, experience it, and look constantly for the meaning of each day and you will do well on your journey. Continue your self-work, and your next step will bring you closer to understanding why you are now perched on the precipice and when the proper time for you to make the leap that will take you where you need to go next. Your leap may be a small hop or it may be a drastic jump, but either way must you see and understand its significance in your own life and appreciate it for what it gives you as you continue your journey. You will not go unaided. Trust this and you will do well.