#41 Petty Tyrant

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of us today?

I speak of internship today, of study of the principles of detachment and learning to be active in a new world. To become an intern in a new reality is the biggest gift now available to mankind. To learn to engage in practices long buried, but unique to humankind is what I mean when I speak of a new reality. All upon that earth have innate abilities, long buried and long denied, that now must be resurrected, and learned to be utilized, in order to grow in awareness and knowledge.

Study of the world you now live in is essential. Clarity of your own situation and your own reality from a new perspective is your first lesson as intern. Become aware of your life differently now. Note who exists in it as having important roles that will move you along to learn awareness, and recognize what those roles are and the significance in your life. Learn the meaning of petty tyrants, and the meaning of attachment to old ways, in order to enlighten yourself, and in so doing unburden yourself of old ideas that keep you bound in blindness and unawareness.

What is a petty tyrant you may ask? If you care to look it up in the dictionary, be my guest. But, my definition is much broader. For I determine a petty tyrant by how fiercely they hold on to you and seek to constantly feed off your energy, desiring your attention, your comments, and looking constantly for the means to hassle you and make your life miserable. This pleases them and makes them important and that is what they desire most, to be important in your life, the tyrant who wears the crown. And you become caught by the petty tyrant in the crown of power and neglect your own knowing as it becomes overshadowed by the needs and desires of your most hated enemy and your most diligent and unrelenting teacher.

Look on your petty tyrants as your master teachers. They seek to teach you the ways of detachment and warriorhood. Yet do they also seek to hold you fast to them so that your main focus becomes to spend your energy upholding their importance in your life. Do you choose now to learn detachment and become an intern in learning the means of growth and awareness? Or do you choose to continue to remain bound in servitude to those who seek to drain you of your energy for their own consumption?

In allowing the petty tyrant to gobble your energy do you deny yourself access to knowledge that is present and obvious, yet do you not have focus enough to notice because your attention is constantly drawn to distraction by the petty tyrants in your life.

What is a petty tyrant? What does it look like? What form and shape does it take? Human form, human shape, and human desires and needs of the best and worst kind are attributes of the petty tyrant. The most perfectly described human and the most despicable of human beings have equal opportunity to become a petty tyrant in your life. Perfection of attitude or perfection of despair, either extreme, or even much in between, is the sign of tyranny.

Look in your own life to discover the energy drain, the focus of your life. Where do you focus your energy? Who receives it most? Who continually asks for more rather than attend to their own needs and their own growth? Who continually asks for more, yet gives so little in return? Who refuses to grow?

Are you your own petty tyrant? This too is possible if you remain fixated in stagnation, unable to unleash your spirit, and caught in repetitive behaviors, attending to your big baby, rather than freeing your spirit into adulthood. Is your own inner child your biggest petty tyrant? Or do you allow someone else’s to destroy your growth opportunities?

Find the petty tyrants in your life and seek to discover what they teach you, what they are capable of doing for you in your growth. Study how you react to them as much as how they react to you. Bring your attention to your calm place of balance, your center, and from this place look coolly and keenly at all who intercede in your life and interrupt your own growth.

Next, look at your place in the lives of others. Are you not also a petty tyrant in the lives of those in your nearness? We all have the ability to be both tyrant and servant of a tyrant. We all have the ability to remain stuck in those roles or we may choose growth and clarity instead. I urge you to begin to examine your life outside of you now more closely to see where your energy is going. Find where your energy drains are and from your place of centering discover what this truly means.

This is beginning detachment on a far greater scale than previously experienced. This method of allowing yourself the freedom to truly step back and observe your place in your own life and the place you maintain in the lives of others is a significant step in learning detachment. Find your equilibrium and allow truth to enter your calm center as you see yourself in clarity now. As this clarity dawns upon you understand also that such clarity is going to be necessary to maintain in order to fully appreciate and notice all that exists waiting for your discovery.

So, today, begin to examine who or what exists in your life to truly act as your teacher, seeking to invite you to see life differently, and to learn detachment as an act of growth. In this lesson will you gain greater awareness of life as a journey, each of you on a separate journey, detached from even those you hold most dear. But, the question is are you allowing each other to take the ultimate and necessary journey or are you inhibiting growth for your own petty needs and desires, or because you feel you must attend to the petty needs and desires of those close to you?

Seek understanding of this concept of petty tyrant that you may already be familiar with but you will never be fully relieved of, for the petty tyrant’s job is to seek you out and discover where your weaknesses are and drain your energy through these weak points. See? This is how you train. This is how you learn awareness and become attuned to the mysteries and magic of life, the things that in true reality are available and commonplace, yet do you not have awareness of them in this way yet. I speak of knowledge that you have learned to dismiss or ignore as you are, continually, drawn away from your center, and your knowing, by the petty tyrants in your life.

Seek to destroy the connection to these tyrants. Seek to adhere to your inner calm and your inner knowing rather than constantly get drawn to fixation of them and the needs they express to you, making you see how important they are, and in so doing distracting you from your path, your truth, and your clarity.

With fewer attachments to the constant needs of petty tyrants do you allow yourself to see and experience your world differently. This will enable you to understand the meaning of the word warrior as someone who is learning to advance in awareness and learning to focus on spirit growth and truth of life and journey.

Stand alone now, as observer of life, both your own and those in your nearness. Do not judge yourself or others, but do seek clarity of you and your own situation, truthfully seeking to understand your place in the lives of others, and your job to allow others to take their own journey, so that you may free yourself to take yours. This is the biggest gift you can give yourself and others: remove yourself as petty tyrant and in so doing understand the meaning of petty tyrant personally in your own journey.

Find your calm and stay there. This is always step one as you undertake the challenges I pose to you. Continually do this and your internship will progress at a rapid pace, for your clarity will have the opportunity to be gained, and your awareness of truth will result.

Truth in all that matters, in all worlds, is the goal. Truth brings clarity, clarity brings awareness, awareness brings knowledge. Invite them in to your life one step at a time as you work your way through the process of your life as a warrior now. You are doing well. You are not allowed to hide anymore. Be brave and carry the flag of your crusade, your own peace symbol of inner calm. Allow others to experience this new you and your journey will become acceptable to others, even as you learn to accept it yourself.

Your guidance is assured. Your helpers are ready. Your place is secured for the next phase of your growth. Do not doubt this. Go forth with dignity and knowing that you are on the right track, but also with the knowledge that you are always learning and always available to growth in your daily life. What is today meant to teach you? What are the things in your life trying to point out to you today? These are the things that show you where you need to work and where you need to focus your attention. Find your petty tyrant, find your role as petty tyrant, and resolve to take on the mantle of intern as you grow on a daily basis. This is all good.