#40 A Leap of Knowing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of us today?

Free yourself of the bonds of humanness as often as possible. Uncork your vessel and allow your energy to flow unimpeded. As you have learned, so are you capable of much more than you have ever imagined. I speak of energy when I say this, your very own profoundly capable energy body.

As you deconstruct your life, as you shed your attachments to the past, as you work your way through your old deeds, your old problems, and your old habits are you also uncorking your energy from the bonds that hold it captive. In your blindness did you take on life and allow for layers of unknowing to block your energy from you. As you grew and experienced life did you also bind your spirit energy deeper and deeper inside you. As you made your way in that life so did you also lose sight of all that you once knew, and in so doing contain your energy far from its original source.

All mankind has this habit, the habitual practice of creating the world to suit his needs rather than the needs of the spirit. He does not allow the truth of the spirit to be known. He does not listen to the inner spirit, but instead listens to the voices of authority, dictating, over and over again, the same basic tenet, that man’s inner voice does not speak the truth and the only truth is that created by man, for the minds of men are made to conceive and produce the perfect belief system and the perfect path. But, this is not so. Is it not obvious that the inner voice of your own spirit is the only guide that you need? Is it not clear that what others construct may not fit, and is not meant to fit, your own energetic knowing?

Reconnect with your inner spirit as you connect also to the energy that now is being made available to you. Do you not see reverberations of this energy around you? Do you not hear of the desire to tap into the energy of intent and personal growth of spirit? Do not fall into the trap of following the flurry of activity that rides now this wave. Sit back and watch as the force of it takes many away from their own center and sends them off in search of wealth and riches that have little meaning for actual spirit evolution.

Sit calmly in your center and intend your own energy on its own journey. Allow it to seep out of the bonds of your humanness. Even as water flows and connects to other water so will your energy find the right energy to connect to if you remain in a state of calmness rather than a state of excitement. Yes, there is also underlying excitement that you may feel, but recognize this as excitement of spirit to finally be on this journey, and not excitement of desire, which will only contain you in your humanness. Seek now your way gently and slowly outside of your body and your ego, and the needs and desires of that capsule you call your self. Are you not spirit first? As spirit are you energy, and as energy are you connected to all other energy and all knowing, all knowledge that exists upon that earth and beyond.

As you allow a little of your energy to escape the rigid vessel that you have kept it tightly capped inside, let it test the waters of that energetic force. Let it be careful and slow to recognize when it feels right to take the leap. For now is the time to take the leap, but even so must your leap not be one of abandon, but one of calculated knowing and understanding of the desire of your spirit to explore further life and all that it offers. To throw yourself blindly into whatever appears to catch your attention is to lose sight, once again, of your own knowing, as you did upon your birth into that life.

Your spirit has now awoken you to the fact that you are fully capable, with diligent listening, to hear properly and clearly all that you must do in that life to proceed on your journey. You must allow this knowing to guide you, even as you now make your leap into the energy that flows and asks you to leave behind the old vessel of self and become once again an energetic spirit being, full of knowing and evolutionary potential.

See what is happening now in your own life. Are you being urged to make a leap that will take you off on a different path? Is that path right for your spirit? Or is it your ego that desires it? You now should know how your spirit speaks to you, how it quietly nudges at you, and how you have been learning to recognize it. In order to choose your next step properly, that will take you far in one direction or another, must you act from your calm center and not your excited thinking or outside self.

If you act from your calm knowing, then will your leap take you where you need to go. It may not be as big a leap as you suspect, or as your ego desires, but it will be the leap of knowing that will allow your energy to join the greater energetic source that desires only growth of spirit.

That world has much to offer, much to entice, and much that offers comfort. But how much do you actually need? Are your needs not adequately met? Even if you struggle, do you not find that you still have life, and you still progress day by day? Where are you really going in your life? What does it mean? What are your choices directing you toward? Are you listening to the right voice, the calm one that says, yes, this is the time to leap, but only in spirit? This is a time of spirit leaping, out of the confines of human bondage, and that, my dears, is where you must stay focused in order to tap into the energy flow I speak of.

Turn down the volume of the outside world, turn down the volume of the ego self, turn down the volume of others around you, and the desires of so many. They do not matter. The only thing that matters is to connect with your own spirit, to learn to understand how it speaks, to trust it, and then, to act according to its instructions. They may not be exactly what your outside self desires, but they will be what your spirit knows is right.

Take time now to feel the energy both outside and inside you. Sit with it swirling around you, as water swirls, as it invites, as it entices. Calm your center down, and await your knowing to speak clearly to you. It will tell you what you need to do next on your journey of spirit and evolutionary growth. It will not want to engage in the outside world, except to the extent that is necessary for your progress. Listen carefully, and you may even receive the gift of knowing, clearly and keenly aware of what awaits you, as you follow its guidance.

You are well trained now and ready to interpret your own inner guide correctly. See what happens as you first take the time to listen, then test the waters of knowing, then take the leap into your future, one step at a time, unbinding your energy and accepting it as your perfect guide.

As you await the results of your decisions and your actions, stay calmly centered and focused. Remember to act always now from this place inside you, this spirit center and you will do well. All of this is good. See where it takes you. You may be surprised!