#39 Illusion

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Do not get drawn into the forces of energy around you that seek to distract or impinge upon your knowing. Stay centered, and allow your inner calm to keep you on a path of spirit growth unattractive to the feeders who seek to drain you of your energy and feast upon your intent.

On the road to development and growth of spirit seek always inward and you will allow for direction to be spirit guided and in this manner will your path be acceptable and enjoyable as you travel. Do not get caught by trying too hard to make anything happen, for in this intent do you serve only to waste your energy, for this will not invite the proper use of energy but squander it in the desires of the body. With openness of intent do you, instead, give yourself the gift of free access to the connection to pure intent, which weaves its way throughout the atmosphere of earth and into the universe beyond.

With your openness to this connection, do you offer yourself the freedom of movement into new worlds and new experiences, both in your daily life and in other worlds as well. For with this openness do you allow your innocence and your knowing to guide you, and this is good. For innocence has no judgments and no preconceived ideas to clutter it and muddle it with distractions or possible influences to take you from your pure spirit focus. It is your attachment to the world that keeps you from enjoying this connection.

As you know, I do not advocate total disregard of the world you live in, for that would not serve you well or those around you, but in order to access pure intent must you learn that all that surrounds you in that world is but illusion, and yes, even as illusion must it be acknowledged and dealt with, but also as illusion does it offer you greater awareness of everything else that exists beyond that illusion.

This fact of illusion opens the door to greater understanding of the self and the world around you. Begin to look at your world differently now. If it is but illusion, energetic illusion, what then are you and those you hold dear, but also energetic illusion? See? You are all nothing but energy, vibratory energy that maintains form, and that form is what you have become attached to, but in reality are you capable of much more than maintaining that form. You are capable of dispersing that form into pure energy, but this takes much practice and understanding of how illusion and energy combine to create what you now know as reality.

Let’s start now with knowledge that now exists upon that earth, that man is but a form of energy solidified. Look at a cube of ice. Is it not but solidified water? And is water not much more than air compressed into liquid form and this, when freed of its earthly form, but pure energy? Do you not need water in order to survive? And what is water to you when you take it into your body, but oxygen and pure energy? You then consume energy, adding it to your own pool, in order to maintain a certain level that allows for life upon that earth.

Now, as you consume this energetic source, this water, imagine your own form taking on the properties of water, becoming liquid, and flowing into the molecules of air, of energy that is invisible to you, but exists nonetheless. As you begin to see that all things are energy can you also begin to see the self as energy, and beyond that can you also begin to see the potential you hold for growth and exploration beyond the illusion of that world that holds you in its form. If you take a glass of water and pour it out onto a tabletop, what happens to the water? It flows outward, freely, with no bounds and no barriers. This is what your own energy is capable of doing if you take away the illusions of the world, the body, the mind, and the constructs of life as you have been taught and learned to understand it.

If everything that you have thus far been taught about life, about yourself, and about the universe were removed, imagine the freedom your energy could enjoy. Imagine the boundless energy you would feel and experience as you freed yourself of all that now keeps you fixed and locked away in everyday life.

I offer this new view of life in order to give you a glimpse of possibility, in order to allow you access to a greater perspective, a new perspective on life, and your own life in particular. If you are but pure energy, do you not see the possibilities this idea offers you? Do you not understand the potential this holds? Do you not begin to see that if all is illusion, then all can change, simply by your intent to change?

This is what you can learn to do in your everyday life. In order to both live in that world and adventure beyond it with your spirit energy, can you begin now to change that everyday world so that it may align with your spirit intent, rather than continue to change your spirit world to align with it. Change your illusion by your intent so that it becomes more focused on allowing your spirit to have more freedom, and more access to your energy.

If you begin to shift your perspective of life as this unfathomable, solid, and unbending reality to nothing more than energy in the shape of everything in your life, because you see it that way, then can you use your knowledge of energy and intent to change it. Do you wish to sit in your solid chair and stare endlessly at the illusion of life as depicted on your TV screen? Or do you instead wish to dissolve all of that into pure energy and discover the possibilities that exist as you change the structures and the illusions in your life to meaningful energetic forces that seek to instruct and teach you how to grow?

If all is illusion, and thus all is but energy, what is all of this teaching you? If everything you encounter is meaningful, what do the things in your life seek to point out to you? Are you being shown the truth of illusion? Are you being asked to notice the direction your life could take? Are you being urged to look at life differently now? Are you noticing energetic phases in your life now more fully, and beginning to understand their significance?

What does all of this mean? How can you use any of this in your real life, your reality, your illusion of reality? Well, that is what we are doing as we daily live and interact with reality and with our growing awareness, we are learning what life’s greater meaning is. We are learning that energy is life, that energy is the life force, and that energy is what we must preserve and protect in order to evolve. Look on your own energetic force now as separate from the illusion of you, of your body, and of the world that surrounds you. Seek to find your pure energy source separate from the illusion of the world, seek this pure and innocent energy that is your spirit and your intent, and sit with it in calmness, and begin to know it more intimately now and, as you really begin to understand this aspect of yourself, allow it to guide you and direct you in your life.

I know I push you now to accept ideas that you may have preferred to avoid. For life on that earth can appear so real, so solid, and so necessary. But, in reality, you will all die, and what do you take with you? Nothing! Except your energy! Your life is your energy. Your energy is your life. Everything else is present for you to learn about this energy source. Do you choose to learn about energy, or do you choose to ignore the fact of its existence?

Feel your own energy differently now. Feel it not as heavy body gravity, but as light vibration, tingling inside you, eager for you to discover it and understand the potential that exists, awaiting your discovery. This potential means access to everything that exists outside of the body self and the illusion of reality as you have created it. Die a little every day from that illusion, and you will live a little more fully in this new spirit awareness.

A new balance will ensue and your reality will eventually become more spirit known, and spirit infused, and this will offer great changes as your new perspective will open you to new adventures and new views of life, and the freedom that is available to you.

Uncup your energy; break the illusions that you hold, and allow your energy to go exploring with me beyond the boundaries of your current reality. Give yourself this little gift of a spill upon the surface of intent and see where your energy wishes to explore. You won’t get lost. You are still wholly you, but you are freer and purer as a result. Give yourself this gift of freedom, a little at a time, and see what you discover and what you become aware of and how it offers you the gift of change of perspective in return. Allow your energy to guide you. Know yourself now more fully as pure energy. The time now is good for this, and when you understand yourself in this manner so will you understand better the force of that energy that I speak of that now swirls upon that earth and is ready to guide you and travel with you on a journey of growth and energetic evolution.

I hope this message will guide you further in your discovery of your own self and your place upon that earth and the meaningfulness of your energy as necessary and affecting all that is around you. Have understanding of your own energy now in a new way, and you will begin to understand all other energy as being pure and seeking to evolve as well, and perhaps you will view all of life differently, and this in turn will allow you to better understand what I mean when I speak of illusion, for life, as the illusion you now know, is energy trapped and unutilized for spirit growth. That’s all. Think about it, but not too hard. Instead, feel it, and find the illusion of life as simply a container, and a trap, holding your full potential until you are ready to recognize it and claim it as your own.

All of this is good. See what happens next in your life! Is it but another illusion? Or is it pure energy?