#38 Stormy Weather

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Take nothing for granted. There is now stormy weather, both upon that earth and intimately in the lives of many. Do not partake in life to your disadvantage, but do partake in quiet self-focused attention to details in your psyche and your life. Allow the disturbances in your life to teach you so that that which has been revealed will guide you properly and allow for growth. Do not dismiss anything as inconsequential. Do not allow there to be disregard of any aspect of life around you or inside you now during this time. Stormy weather will abate, but it is what you take with you from that time of turmoil that will allow you to evolve.

Insecurities abound, but this is not to be misconstrued as inabilities. Insecurities are merely reminders of your humanness and your learning state. To acknowledge that you are a pupil of life is to correctly place yourself so that you are ready to learn, and available to notice what comes into your life as meaningful and necessary.

As this energy force upon that earth finds refuge in action, whether inside you or outside you, do not become entangled in the fury of it, but quickly regain your place of calm, and look outward at your life and your learning so that you will understand and grow from this encounter with such forceful energetic imbalance.

Your own encounter with this energy may be minimal in your personal life, or it may be profoundly moving and revealing of underlying aspects of life that had not yet been uncovered for you. To lift off the roof and reveal what was underneath, to dig deep into your own being, or that of another, is the property of this energy that is beneficial, though at first you see and feel only destruction. If you experience little of this in your personal life look then outside of you and around the world, for you will see echoes of this energy as it reverberates now for many days until sense is made and balance regained.

Allow your own life and your own path to remain focused and in focus. No matter what approaches you during this time of great shift upon that earth remain cognizant of your steady path, focused always on growth. Aside from this technique of steady balance have you also learned many other helpful techniques in order to stay calm in chaos.

Maintain detachment, maintain awareness of truth, maintain alertness and knowing of your own direction at all times. These things will keep you focused on the greater picture, the long view of life as a journey and all that occurs as necessary. Even while you may feel attached, and drawn in to an abrupt aspect of life that had previously been outside of your knowing and your attention, so can you pull yourself out of it to regain balance and perspective aided by the new things you have learned about life and spirit and energy.

Reset yourself firmly on your path of growth again and again, and find your balance so that you are steady as you walk and less likely to topple of your own accord or be toppled by outside influence.

I do not mean to frighten, but I do mean to warn and to guide. You must remember that I have been talking about energy, building in waves, over the past few months. There have been times of lull and times of quiet, but underneath has there continually been a power storing energy that now is surging forth affecting many.

You may be one of the few who is only minimally affected, or you may be so focused on your path that its affect is minor, for your balance is keen and your skills advanced. But even so, do not disregard the affect this is having upon many others. For it is meaningful, for the earth and all of you who now exist upon it, and it will affect you eventually, in one way or another as the truth of the repercussions of this energetic time eventually are revealed. It may not be clear at first, but truth will out. Before long will there be clarity, and then will the consequences of actions become known and impact felt.

Continually find your own truth, and act according to your own spirit knowing. Actions of spirit will have impact as the collective energy of such actions counters the energy that seeks upheaval, and eventually that good energy of truth and of spirit awareness will calmly blanket the earth, weaving an interconnectedness that will aid and provide the necessary steadiness so that life can once again return to normalcy of a sort, of a new sort.

Once this normalcy returns will there be the added benefit of underlying truth now being revealed and never fully buried or forgotten, but instead laid as the new foundation upon which new life and new awareness may be constructed. This will allow for future growth with true spirit energy as the building blocks and awareness the compound that holds them together. This new material and this new mortar will do well as it replaces the old crumbling foundations riddled with imperfections and hidden flaws.

Stay now energetically focused. See what affect this time is having in your own life, your inner life and your outer life. Ride the energy with focus on spirit growth, and keep the knowledge always present that this is a time of awakening and growth for all mankind. Be alert to your own growth and point out to others the deeper meaning of this time of upheaval. For in pointing out the underlying truths do you enable others to participate in constructing a new reality, along with you and others, focused on spirit energy and spirit journeys.

This is good for life, good for spirit awakening, good for mankind, and good for evolutionary growth. Find your positive, your optimistic perspective, and you will find your own growth, your own learning, and put your new skills to work for you. Focus always on your future and you will do well no matter what comes to awaken you.

Contain your knowing. Pull it in to your center with you as you go deeply into balance and contemplation of all that you now are learning. Enable yourself. Take your power inward now and utilize it. Stay in your calm and you will do well. All of this is good. Stay spirit focused, stay spirit focused, stay spirit focused…