#37 Sail Your Boat

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for us today?

Be aware that time of culmination is soon upon you, that the energy that has been building and sweeping you into its powerful flow is soon to erupt. It will have consequences, but it will lead to resolution, both of purpose in life and purpose of spirit intent. Do not await this with trepidation, but do embrace it as energizing for your growth.

Focus your intent on growth so that this wave of energy does not spill you out of your boat into the icy water, but that your new skills enable you to remain steady, on course, and capable of handling the turmoil that will result. Calm your center of balance and remain firmly planted at the helm of your rig. Sail your way through the debris, the firestorm, the oil spills, and the blood spilled from bodies that will float past you. Do not leap over board, do not tip your vessel, do not exhibit inner turmoil, but remain calm and on course. This you are fully capable of, and this you must remember as you guide your boat through the storm and into the calmer waters that lie waiting ahead.

After the crash of this energy wave will there be dead calm. During the time of calm will there be uncertainty, but do not allow yourself to become confused or lost in that time of unknowing. Contain your internal knowing that you have learned, and remain focused on the journey that is your life, and wait and wonder where all of this is taking you. Await your next adventure with calm certainty that you will recognize the signs pointing you in the right direction, and when the time is right new energy will blow in and the moment will arrive for new action on your part.

Do not jump to conclusions or judgments during this time of turmoil or the ensuing calm. Read the signs in your life; remain balanced, remain firmly planted in your new knowing and you will navigate this energy phase well.

See what happens as this energy time that I have now been talking about abruptly shifts course. This is the time to note, to take up the challenge of riding with it so that you do not become swept up into the whirlwind of its fury and become buried in its undercurrents. Better to stay steady and afloat, utilizing all of your skills to maintain balance and direction. That you can do, for you have learned well the techniques of detachment now that will enable you to carry out this first real test of your progress.

In the calm that follows will there be clear insight and you will know what you must do, but take your time, sit with your knowing, for there will be no pressure to act quickly or rashly, but there will be plenty of time to act reasonably, and with calm intent and detachment, as you see in your life the next step in your journey unfold before you.

I do not mean to create fear or instability by mentioning this threat of violent energy, but I do mean to forewarn so that you are prepared to remain steady and firm in your knowing and your evolutionary growth. Be assured that calm will ensue, and time of contemplation will return. Be certain that life will return to some semblance of normal, but with a great shift having taken place, so that your outlook and your knowing will be firmly established and resonate more fully in your life now.

This spirit driven aspect of your life and your knowing will be firmly planted in your future as a result of the consequences of the energy culmination I speak of, and you will be well versed in your knowing so that your future will be quite visible and clearly presented to you.

Do not hesitate to take the path of spirit, for it is the most desirable and fulfilling, though the consequences of earth bound needs may appear to have great draw as well. The greater path is the path of spirit, of detachment, and of growth, for by its example will this path lead eventually to greater progress upon that earthly plane, and those who exhibit the path of spirit will be the ones who choose correctly for others to follow their example.

The future of the earth is uncertain at this point in time. In order for the earth to regain balance is it necessary for the inhabitants to regain balance first. There are many, many factions now at work to invite this human balance in this energetic and spiritual manner that I speak of. We are attempting to alert as many as possible to the need to reassert awareness and realign the spirit energy so that all energy upon that earth may be positively affected and reconnected in growth of an evolutionary sort.

Refocus now your own intent on positive energy and growth that will propel not only you in your vessel through the rough waters, but others as well. Your own focus on remaining calm and swiftly guiding your vessel with your knowledge, your awareness, and your skills of detachment will enable you to connect and interconnect energetically with others equally aware and alert.

Keep your focus on the intent of others on the same mission to remain in calm steadiness and each of you will have affect, both in your own life and in others around you. This energetic balance will reverberate and allow for many to achieve the calm that is also coming to greet you.

Keep this in mind as you travel now. Utilize your knowing, your intent, and your energy well. Maintain your balance at all times. And daily practice your centering, your meditation, and offer your emptiness in your beautiful bowl of intent.

You will be fine. All of this is good for growth and for evolution of man and of the planet too. See what happens. These are exciting times. You are surrounded by compassionate helpers. Keep this in mind. Your struggles are not in solitary confinement, but being shared by many in voluntary alignment with all who seek evolutionary growth.