#36 A Beautiful Bowl

Dear Jeanne,
Many people continue to benefit from your guidance. What would you like to talk about today?

Today, I speak of merging your intent with the knowledge you have now gained, both the knowledge of self and the knowledge that I have imparted to you over these many weeks. Find your calm center, your balance, and in this place of quiet bring together all that you now know and understand, and allow it to sit quietly in your place of knowing. Allow it to filter through your cognitive process of acknowledgment that has been growing as a result of your experiences over this recent learning period.

You have now gathered, not only information that is beneficial to your growth, but also experience. This experience is the key, for it allows you to more fully understand, but also more fully accept the guidance that is offered. As your own life has begun to change as a result of your time of contemplation so have you seen resonance in your daily life, firm examples of my meaning of life and of the significance of that journey you are on.

As you have learned to trust my guidance so have you also learned to trust yourself more fully. With this double trust are you now more able and ready to embark further in your growth and your acceptance of my guidance. For, as you see its significance in your own life, as you feel more certain of your own role in life, and as you experience meaningful happenings in your life so does your trust continually blossom inside you. With this new bond of trust will you be able to grow exponentially, and with further guidance find your way in that life more trustingly, and more eager for what each new day will bring.

With this new sense of trust, with the new awareness you have gained about yourself and this process, and with your desire for continued growth so are you now able to tie together all of these things and make them work for you. This involves allowing yourself to trust all that you have learned, allowing yourself to firmly sense your place in life, and allowing yourself to involve your intent more fully in your daily life.

Intent also involves trust. It requires that you become ready to accept all that approaches you as necessary, and the knowledge that you are capable of attending to that which comes, seemingly out of nowhere, to interrupt your goals. Understand that nothing is interrupting your life; everything is placed before you in order to allow for growth.

Place your intent before you as an open bowl, a beautiful bowl in your hands, empty and ready to receive what you need in order to grow. This is intent, a desire for life and growth and challenge, a desire for all that is necessary in order for your life to be lived with awareness and with possibility.

As you hold your beautiful bowl in outstretched hands ask for it to be filled with all that you need right now, today, in order for your life to be fulfilling, meaningful, and growth oriented. Do not ask for wealth or commercial gain, do not ask for the things of that world that are unnecessary and directed at the desires of the body. But, do ask for emptiness of spirit in order to accept the gifts you receive. With emptiness of spirit I mean ego, I mean desire in any fashion. Simply ask with openness, as a channel, and you will receive the exact gift that you need today.

In order to send intent must you have emptiness of spirit in all ways, you must be plain and quiet in your body and your mind, and you must present your empty self as you present your empty bowl, awaiting all that will arrive in your life as your next gift of challenge, of help, of guidance, and of growth.

This concept of asking for nothing is, in essence, the act of asking for everything. It involves total trust in the ability of the self to take on life in a new fashion, with awareness, alertness, and total trust in the self now, in a new way. This new trust you have been developing over the past few months will not desert you, but will remain steady, for it involves many truths, and those truths will not disappear once discovered and planted in your knowing.

If doubt comes to haunt you and pull you from your path, I request that you find again your calm center, and revert to your newly learned truths and study what you have discovered, and look at your life as you have recently progressed. Speak your own truths to yourself and get back on track. Doubt will seek to distract you. It will seek to dissuade you, and it will seek to interrupt the flow of your life, but this is merely momentary if you remain fixed on your intent and the knowledge that life is meaningful and full of challenges that also have meaning, and the ultimate ideal life is to live fully in spirit with awareness and alertness. In your alertness, and with your new knowledge of life’s meaning, can you look at doubt as it seeps in as just another challenge to encounter, to study, and to place aside as you elect to continue on this path of spirit.

Find today your beautiful bowl, whether it be real or imaginary, place it in your hands, empty and awaiting the nothingness of your intent to embrace life and all that it has to offer. With this beautiful bowl always present in your life can your intent always be ready, and your growth always acceptable.

Trust the process of your life as it unfolds. Ask of yourself that you go forward always centered in your calm spirit knowing, and with openness and no regrets, but eager for life. Study continually the events in your life for their meaning. Find your way by knowing and understanding how your life itself leads you where you need to go if you trust that it is meant to be as it is, as it flows, as it daily unwinds and greets you with all that you need. Your beautiful bowl is always full of life, waiting for you to notice and waiting for you to trust it and live it to the best of your ability. Trust this knowledge, trust yourself, and trust your spirit to continually guide you, and you will do well.

All of this does require that you learn to detach from as much of that world that seeks to distract you from your center, but it does not require that you retire from that world. I ask always that you learn balance in both the world of your spirit and the world you now live in. But, I do ask that you allow your spirit to guide you now, and this will enable you to flow more easily, and detachment will become a simpler daily process, more naturally a part of your life as you grow.

So, stay spirit-oriented, focus on intent of nothingness, remain calmly balanced, and learn detachment from doubt and distraction as you work your balance, and your life, in a new manner now. All of this is good! See what happens next, for that is the most exciting aspect of life, awaiting what comes next. Remember always that you are safe, you are protected, you are loved, and you are strong and capable of accepting the gifts that will appear in your bowl.