#35 Be Spirit Oriented

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for humanity today?

Go deeper now still as this time of contemplation remains. Find your quiet and visit your edge, your precipice, your abyss. Look down into your own darkness and discover what lies hidden there that hurts you still, that harms your heart and your progress. Find the means to understanding why this is so and resolve the issue of it that seeks to hinder your growth. Go forward freed of your old burdens and unfettered by your ancient lives. Live now this life, and allow it to be fulfilled, that your future life may be growth oriented and turned outward and away from the self.

For that is the goal of life, you know, to eventually turn outward into pure energy and evolutionary growth rather than personal growth. Your time on earth is meant to prepare you for this eventual departure from the confines of human existence and allow you access to an unencumbered spirit that desires no attachments and no old worries and no desires of a human sort to keep it bound.

Find this time of growth, of contemplation, and of turmoil to be your nurturing and your education in real life purposes. This will enable you to spend your time on earth in meaningful pursuits and allow you also to solve many of the questions that now haunt your existence. Who does not wonder at the reason for life and the whys of that earth time? These are truly the questions seekers need ask as they ponder their individual paths and seek to understand the meaning of their lives.

This time of awakening, accompanied by positive energy, has not been upon that earth in such magnitude for many years. There have been other recent times of awakening, yet have they lacked the intensity of this one, for outside now is there much energy that seeks to partake and aid, though mankind has come far from trusting such aid. I speak of those of us who wish to guide, wish to be recognized, wish to be partners in the endeavors that are now being attempted upon that earth, to supercede the progress of evil and disharmony that have been building.

Do you not wish to trust and utilize our guidance? Do you not wish to accept our equally strong wish to connect and become known as helping and guiding entities? Have you not heard lately many stories of aid from out-of-body, unseen helpers, who simply appear, do what is needed and then recede? These helpers are sometimes called angels, though they appear in human form, but only briefly. Others do not appear in any form, but simply offer what is needed coincidentally, synchronistically. Energy is available in either manner, depending on the needs of the individual and the circumstances. All have had experiences, yet not all will acknowledge them. Examples of connection abound.

As you continue to work on your issues, as you dive further into your self, as you attempt to empty the self and become as empty vessels and go forward into life unencumbered by human needs and desires, so do I offer you the knowledge that connection awaits you, connection is prepared for you, and connection is purposefully placed in your path. Do not doubt this. This is your next challenge, to trust that this is so, and to begin to notice it, to greet it, to accept it, and also ask for it.

As your state of personal growth from needy inner child to mature disenfranchised adult matures, so will you be more accepting of the guidance that is offered. As you empty and become more spirit oriented, of the individual spirit, so will you find that such guidance will fit nicely into the balance of your life. You will discover that as your life changes, by the actions you now take, so will your acceptance of signs and guidance become familiar and acceptable behavior on your part. The desire for connection, as you progress, will allow for greater openness and you will find that you will flow easily into this new way of life, life as a spiritual being, less caught in the difficulties of life, and more focused on detachment from it and eagerness for spirit experiences.

Experiences will be your guide to understanding life, and your life in particular. As you gain in spirit experiences, so will you understand the journey that is your life, the journey you have already taken, and the journey you now embark on, and this will allow you to continue to experience all that comes into your life as part of that journey. This is evolutionary growth that you now partake in. This time of contemplation and deep meditation on the self is not a time of selfishness, but in fact a time of separation from self-importance. This cannot happen until you understand yourself fully. For how can you let yourself go, detach from all that you consider important about the self, if you do not understand why you have such ideas of the self. To contemplate and understand truthfully the journey you have taken is allowing you the opportunity to drop all pretenses, disengage from old habits, depart from old ideas that keep you bound to untruths and false practices, and allow you to empty yourself of all attachments to that life that inhibit growth of spirit. As you detach more and more, and discover all that you can live without, so do you open your life, your daily life, and your future life, to fully exploring the potential that you have no idea exists, until you detach from all that holds you in its clutches.

In my own case, had I not learned that death was actually freedom, would I not have progressed as far as I did in the few short years I lived upon that earth. Luckily, I embarked on spirit growth in the company of my dear Chuck, always exploring and seeking with him, and usually under his guidance, the potential that life offered, even in its veiled state and in its daily busyness. To learn to explore beyond the body, to understand that I had a spirit that could transcend a body that was slowly deteriorating, liberated me from feeling lost or robbed of life, because I discovered in my spirit work that I had vast potential and energetic life to carry out-of-body and on to experiences that made me realize that life on earth was but a small part of evolution, of life, and of eternity.

Do not give up on yourself. Do not push yourself so far that you wish to give up, but do push yourself to a point of acknowledging some truth about yourself, even daily, if you can handle it. Trust the process of emptying of the self, turning the self inside out and looking at all the things you have done, had done, and could still do. Know that they have all been experiences that were needed, and may still be, in order to bring you to a place of closure, and allow your spirit being to evolve next beyond earth, and into a new energetic level.

Look around you at the people you know. Who do you see who truly seeks spiritual growth? Who is on a path of spirit? Who seems to be ready to evolve into the next life this time upon that earth? Is this your last entry into that realm? Are you ready to finish with it and evolve into a new spirit entity that is capable of further growth?

As you look around you, at your family, your friends, your children, look at each of them as journeyers and look at yourself in this fashion too. Do you not clearly see the journey each of them has taken, or is taking? Do you not see the youth taking on as much life as they can get, for they need this before they can learn detachment. For how can you learn detachment if you have not yet experienced attachment? Are there ancient souls in your company who are now ready to progress into a new stage, no matter what age? Are there old people still unable to let go of the constructs of life that they have upheld and practiced to the frustration of the spirit? All of these practices in life are necessary. All of these journeys are necessary. With this knowledge can you begin to gain clarity on life as a journey, you can begin your own detachment proceedings, and allow yourself the opportunity to let others take the journey they must, and allow yourself to take yours.

I hope this will add vigor to your struggles. These suggestions are aids for you to utilize as you continue your self-work. As you begin to see yourself more clearly in the context of your life, so can you gain better awareness to accompany you in your work. See where this leads you next. We’ll catch up again soon. The road before you is wide open, expectant, and full of possibility. I invite you to continue your journey along it. See what happens next. You never know what will come along and where it will lead you, and if you are open to life, and those possibilities and impossibilities, so are you open to adventure and that is the beauty of it all. Go for it!