#34 A New Perspective

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for today?

Don’t try so hard to make things happen. Let the energy flow through you and guide you. As you contemplate and find your truth, and the place where you now stand in your life, let it be still in you. Let the knowing calm you, and look not to change too hard, with determination or defiance toward the self, but let yourself be guided by the energy that surrounds you. Allow yourself the ability to flow gently now into life, even as your intent is for change, and your focus is for growth. Intend, and allow the aid of assisted energy to be your partner now.

Find your balance and your calm today and await signs while you also pay attention to your inner truth. Yes, I know that habits are hard to break, and worry is incessant. I know that doubt can capsize you and the penchant to obsess can keep you swirling in bitterness, but do not fall into this if you can remind yourself that you are no longer available to becoming trapped, but instead are open to new thinking and new ideas.

Allow the new ideas and the new means of viewing life to pick you up out of your doubt and your discomfort. Allow a new vision to enter your life, your new calmer life, and rid yourself of the old thoughts and fears. Every now and then, a curtain of uncertainty will suddenly fall between you and your new vision, but this is merely an attempt on the part of the distracters, the outside interferers, to dissuade you from your path.

Acknowledge such darkness, but also dismiss it. Tell it you are no longer interested in being drawn into its dark outlook. Tell it you have changed now and your eyes and your soul see differently now. Swipe that curtain aside so that you once again receive resonance in your life, that thrilling hum of familiarity and excitement that has entered your life as you have ventured, under my guidance, to learn new things.

I believe that you will find you are much happier living in clarity and learning awareness, than if you go into darkness and ponder, over and over again, the same old ideas and remain caught and stagnant. Is it not more thrilling to be in lightness, and seeking truth and connection to your own spirit and your own energy, than stuck in old habits or obsessive thought patterns?

Look for the resonance in your life. Look for the light, for the path that will lead you continually into new thinking and new seeing in your life. Do my words guide you? Have you not had success of growth and new ideas as you have paid attention to my perspective? Do you not feel lighter, happier, and more eager for life as you have listened to my words?

I realize that there is always darkness hovering nearby to catch you unaware. This will happen, but look at it as necessary for future growth. As you feel the darkness pull at you question it as well. Where does it seek to take you? Why is it appearing now when you are feeling so good and positive and actually about to launch into new life? Why does the old stuff seek to distract you from your path?

Look at it as a gift, as a tool, and as a positive means of allowing for you to utilize your new skills of awareness, and the ability to shift with a change of direction by your intent and your desire for newness. Refuse the intrusion by stepping away from it and focusing on your new balance and calm, and remain in clarity and awareness rather than get drawn back into old despair. Test your ability to change, and test also your own desire to grow by questioning your growth, and the changes in your outlook so far, and the real concrete changes in your life as well.

You will constantly feel the pull of your old life and your old habits, but as you become adept at refusing, and stronger in your skills of detachment, so will you find that eventually will you no longer feel the pull so greatly, and instead your attachment to the energy in and around you will be easier to tap into and you will flow more smoothly in your life.

We are all on similar journeys, whether there upon that earth or in other worlds. We must contend with the residue of past lives and habits, even in my world, as well as our desire to remain in comfort and reasonable happiness. The problem of continual growth, of having to prod and push ourselves forward, is a constant chore. Even though I abide in abundant energy, and even though I am eager for growth, so is there also in my world the underlying darkness that seeks to distract and steal our attention and, in so doing, drain our energy. I remain focused on my growth, but even I may get lazy on occasion and caught in a slightly stagnant mode. But, as I have constantly trained my energy to move forward, so have I learned to quickly detach from outside influences that seek to feed off me. As I mentioned, I must be aware at all times, and usually my alertness keeps me safe, but I must confess that I still have moments of fallibility. I too am constantly learning, even as I teach you, and as I encourage you also to teach what you learn.

To safeguard against the distractions of these outside influences I seek always the balance that I also instruct you to reach in your own self and your own world. The more you work this balancing act, the quicker you will be able to successfully return to this place of calm centeredness. Practice it daily, until it becomes easy to shift back on track and remain alert to all that is around you.

Life is exciting and the energy that now flows upon that earth, though it is volatile at times, also has undercurrents of tender and gentle pushing that will take you to the right place in your life. Learn how the energy can be utilized in your own life. Seek to understand how you must learn to use it as well, for it exists ready for your attention. How will you choose to use it? To grow and change you, or to catch you off guard and hold you hostage in one of its whirlwinds?

If you stay in your calm center and look out from this place of calm will you realize that life can be viewed and partaken in in many fashions. Look at those in your life who choose to engage it with either total disregard of energy or are choosing oblivion, while others choose to step back and see it from a place of detachment. You can observe this in others so why not observe yourself? Where do you stand now? Are you on track? Are you calm and aware? Are you silently waiting to recognize the energy that is right for your own? Are you understanding the resonances in your life? Are you hearing the guidance that comes from inside you and outside you? Are you able also to hear the difference between that guidance and the old habits that seek to disrupt your peace and detachment? Which do you prefer today, the calm and detachment, or the covered veil of oblivion and unclear self?

Continue to look for balance, calm, and resonance in your life. Allow your spirit to guide and protect you and show you how to flow with the energy that is around you. Be firmly planted in your mature and knowing self and you will have access to this energy differently. If you are caught in an old place, then gently extract yourself, return to balance, and start over, looking, looking for your calm center and your spirit guide.

Change not your habits too drastically, but change your outlook, your perspective on how you view yourself and this will enable you to shift to a new place where your balance will return. Say to yourself: I’m different now, I don’t want or like this old habit, this old obsession, or this old thought, so I don’t have to engage it anymore. I can change myself simply by disengaging the old way of looking at my life, and look at my life as totally changed and open now to new possibilities. If I open to the possibility that anything can happen, then I offer myself the opportunity to, not only grow, but to begin to shift immediately, and that is good.

Be open to new ideas, new thoughts, and new energy, and you will begin to find that your distractions will have less room in your consciousness and your unconsciousness. Shift your focus and find that you will, as time passes, discover that your energy has shifted with your intent and it too is more open and eager for change. All of this is good. As you practice, so will you change, and change is good.