#33 Habits

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for all of us today?

Where are you going with all of this? Yes, my messages guide you, you follow my advice, but why, and where are YOU going with all of this? Do you stop to think about your reasons for desiring change and for entering in to this contract with evolutionary change? Do you stop to wonder about your own deepest reasons, aside from my advice and urging?

When you contemplate the patterns in your life, your habits, your relationships, your tendencies, your fears, and your daring, what do you see? Do you see someone who desperately desires adventure whenever it appears to entice you? Or do you stop and think before you leap, before you grab at the desire before you and wonder, is it necessary, is it growth oriented, is it going to take me to the next level of understanding, will it enhance my awareness? Or, am I just following my wild side, my adventuresome side into oblivion with no real and redeeming value?

Why do I have the habits I have? What are they trying to teach me? I urge all of you to stop and quietly contemplate your lives in great detail during this time of assisted energy. Take the time to study yourself, find out who you are underneath all that you present to the world, and pay attention to the truths behind the actions you enact in your everyday world. Seek realness in yourself, in your habits, and in your interactions, for you will not be whole until you are truthful with yourself.

And, most importantly, do this contemplative act for yourself alone, not for any other in your life, but for your own growth and your own eventual wholeness. This activity of self-study ties in very succinctly with your learning of detachment. You will not be able to fully engage in active detachment until you learn the reasons for your own attachment to aspects in your life that have become routine and that you activate merely through habitual actions.

Do not underestimate any routine as being mundane and of no importance. Any activity that you habitually engage in is of importance as you study and learn detachment.

Do not reprimand yourself as you go through this process of self-study, for I do not advocate self-hatred, or anger, as useful. But, I do insist that you give yourself plenty of time to understand the full implications of your habits in your life and what they really mean to you in the context of your life, as you now understand it.

As you follow my guidance, as you learn to view your life in a different manner, and your own life from a new perspective, so are you being given the gift of new insight. This insight may not make much sense at first, but, as you repeatedly hear it, over and over again, for I do repeat everything in many different ways, so will your understanding grow, and eventually will you understand what I’m talking about at a deeper level as it suits your own life.

I urge, as always, that you take meaning from my messages as relating to your own life. As you read my guidance, ask always, okay, so what does this mean in the context of my own life? What is the significance of this message for me, today? Where am I in my life that I have received this message? Look for the personal meaning in your own life, and then look for the signs that will validate this message in your own life, for there will always be repercussions in your own situation of the meaning of my messages, but this you must look for, understand in your personal life, and understand how it fits in to your journey.

I urge that you continue to contemplate, deeply, the issues of habit and attachment in your life. Question everything you do. Ask why, and do I really need this? Ask for the significance of this habit becoming known right now; why am I being drawn to focus on this habit today? What am I supposed to be learning?

Allow the content of my messages to guide you. Utilize the skills of balance and centering that I have been teaching you. Use your new abilities of awareness and alertness to gain clarity in your life. Trust your knowing; trust the phenomenon that strikes you as most significant today, as being meaningful, and worthy of further work.

When I say work, I mean contemplation, deep pondering of the habits of the self. Look for the why, and search for the root of this habit. Discover in the process, not only the root reason, but all other activities that that reason has spawned, other little roots that have also grown out of that key root issue and become firmly embedded in your daily life.

We all have habits that keep us bound and incapable of growth. In spite of this knowledge is it the duty of the spirit to forge ahead, but not with blindness or with abandon, but knowing the truth and seeking resolution, so that not only distance is covered on a journey, but so that true growth is accomplished.

The energy now is ripe for true growth, for the revelation of truths, for realness, and uncovering of falsehoods, and the ability of the self to expose the lies that have kept one habitually spinning for little reason, is now upon you. Do not squander this time of self-confrontation. Are you in fact spinning your wheels; standing still in fact, though you have been expending tremendous energy? Or have you been careful and methodical in your energy usage in spite of the desire to push ahead unprepared?

This is a time of preparation now. I gather that you have decided to join in the energy of growth and evolutionary awareness. But, are you also following my guidance that you prepare well for this journey of growth? Clean your houses and organize your lives, inside and out, inside you and in the world that is around you.

Prepare your inner world and your outer world for this journey. It takes a lot of self-work, but this will lead to tremendous growth and a new sense of self worth! Not in the vain sense, but in the evolutionary sense, as you take yourself seriously, as you prepare for your life differently, with a new sense of control that will guide you as you go and not inhibit you, as old habits now do.

To become a warrior, one who knows the truth of the world, and is aware of all that it holds, and is ready to take on all that is yet to be revealed, must one be prepared for anything. This is what I am teaching you about and preparing you for, to become a true warrior in the world of that earthly reality and other realities. Your strengths must be revealed, accepted, and honed; your intentions set and allowed to grow to fruition; your abilities allowed to become as natural as breathing; and your trust in the self must be a firmly established and tight fitting aspect of your identity, with all of these aspects part of your new self.

A warrior flows with life, but a warrior also knows everything there is to know about life in order to choose well the next step that appears, the next path to take, and the next decision, based on his intent to grow and move forward with dignity and grace. A warrior takes nothing and leaves nothing, for a warrior desires only to learn from every experience and move on to the next, living with love and compassion and true gentleness for all that is encountered while on that journey.

It is not the warrior’s job to solve the issues of others, but it is the warrior’s job to teach all that he knows, so that others may access the same opportunities and learn what life is truly meant to be. Simply by his actions and his choices is a warrior a true example of growth and this is important to remember.

Not only by example, but also by our very energy do we impact others and the entire world around us. Do not be afraid to take this journey. Remind yourself that you seek, within your own life, to learn the ways of the warrior, that your time there may be well spent, not only for your own journey, but the journeys of those around you and the entire planet, as well. Remind yourself that your actions affect everything, and this is the reason for contemplation of the self, and the true desire for the evolution of the self.

As you grow others grow, and as others grow so does the evolutionary process continually advance. The reality of my words awaits you daily. It is up to you to seek their meaning in your own life, find the significance of my guidance for today in your own world, and in your inner world, and begin to more fully embrace the warrior’s way.

I do not mean to place upon you any form of army, or recruitment into a cult, or form of black magic, for when I mention warriorhood I do not do so in any form you are currently familiar with. My usage of the term is strictly individual, as are all of my teachings. To be a warrior means simply to live your life impeccably, to the best of your ability, fully knowing of the self and the world around you, and full of love and compassion for your fellow journeyers, no matter what stage or form they may be at. All things matter and all things have potential for growth, yet all things must grow at their individual rate. When I invite you into warriorhood I invite you in to discover your own potential, that’s all.

So, continue to contemplate your own potential and see where this takes you now. You may be surprised at what happens as these new ideas seep into your being. As I said, the energy now is ripe for such incubation and contemplation. See what happens! This is good for now.

A Note from Jan Ketchel

During the writing of today’s message I was aware that I was not capturing all that was being said. Normally the messages come in a mixed form of words and images, which flit by rather quickly, like a deck of cards, out of which the words flow. I want to embellish on two points based on the images that accompanied the words today. When Jeanne speaks of contemplating our habits she is not just speaking of physical habits, but also mental habits and habits of thought, such as old assumptions, untruths, or worry, or even too much attachment to the world around us. And the second point is that when she speaks of cleaning our houses, this is meant literally and metaphorically. She means for us to attend to our actual physical houses and responsibilities so everything runs smoothly in our lives, but she is also referring to our bodies as houses. By this she means keeping balanced and centered while at the same time keeping our selves physically healthy and fit. Remember, you should always look for resonance of the content of the messages, including these points, in the context of your own life.